Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Straight Out the Bambinos Mouth Vol. 5

A few weeks ago, Teddy was sitting by me scratching an itch. Bug walked over and said, "He got bees, Mom. "

Fast forward to Feb. 28th. I got Bug up first, changed his diaper and put clothes on him. I then got started on Peanut when to no one in particular I hear Bug say, "I got bees."

It took me a minute to register so I look at him and asked,"What did you say Bug?" When I notice that he's moving his head and shoulders in that way that you do when your neck itches.

"My neck got bees, Mom." And then I died laughing while I tried to explain to him that he didn't have fleas. Poor Peanut was still laying on the changing table with his pants halfway up while I tried to stop crying.

The day Bug got "bees."

Hide and seek has become an almost daily occurrence at our house.  The boys are still getting the hang of hiding so usually Boyfriend or I will help them. One night a few weeks ago, we were all playing when Peanut said he wanted to count so the remaining three of us all rushed to hide in our bedroom: Bug on the floor at the side of our bed, Boyfriend behind the door and me in the corner between our two dressers. We sat there what seemed like forever when finally B went out to investigate and noticed that Peanut was also hiding under our dining room table. The game doesn't work so well with everyone hiding.

Sunday was a day of sunshine after a crappy day of rain on Saturday. B and the boys played in the bouncy house while I worked on some Etsy stuff. While taking a break, I went out to join them so B and I laid in the bouncy house while the boys jumped. In an effort to tickle, B started poking me when he exclaimed, "Oh no, Mom's got bees!" as he poked my side.

"I don't have fleas!" I retorted. Peanut then leaned over onto me, looked at me with his big eyes and asked, "Do you have ladybugs mom?"


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