Thursday, February 27, 2014

Urban Sledding

{Written on 2.18.14}

Sunday we woke up to snow! I felt like complete crap, but just had to take the boys out in it. Snow is a rare occasion in Seattle and it actually came on a weekend where we could enjoy it rather than stressing about driving in it.

They boys were so amused and obsessed with watching it fall. Peanut kept exclaiming, "It's snowing!" in that happy little way that he says things. 

I bundled the boys and myself up like Randy from A Christmas Story whereas Boyfriend wore only jeans and a Seattle Staple - fleece. When I asked if he was cold, he said the same thing as always, "I'm from Alaska." Never mind that he hasn't lived there in 24 years.

We started out playing in the front yard for a bit where Peanut was having a blast throwing snowballs at B. He let out a few of those really deep, body-shaking giggles which I love.

Peanut jumped right on to my sister's  near-pristine sled, but when B took off he lost his balance and couldn't get back up. He really was Randy. While I laughed my head off, (what is it about people falling that's so funny?!) B helped prop him up better and we placed Bug behind him.

B pulled them around the neighborhood a bit before we decided to head over to the nearby elementary school. The small hill I thought they could go down ended with a fence at the bottom so we decided to let them go down the bigger hill. Luckily, there wasn't really enough snow for them to go fast - they loved it!

Peanut went over and over and over while Bug decided to sit out every once in awhile. He preferred to just run around and people watch.

I think it's safe to say they loved the snow.

Because Bug has the attention span of a gnat he told me he wanted to build a snowman while Peanut was being pulled around by B on the sled. I got as far as rolling up the base when he decided to run after Daddy and Peanut. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I may have overdressed the three of us because even though I wasn't running around, I was sweating. We decided it was a good time to head home but not before I went all paparazzi and took a million pictures of Peanut helping B pull the sled. That little boy's soul will warm the coldest of hearts.

Classy neighbors, huh? Shocker!
 We call sledding on the sidewalks "urban sledding."

We played in our front yard until close to nap time. Peanut and I both ganged up on B and pelted him with snowballs. When one accidentally went down his fleece he finally admitted it was cold. I guess that Alaska blood doesn't protect from snow in your clothes!

Once inside, we offered hot chocolate to both boys but Bug declined and asked for pretzels instead. Once they went down for their nap, B and I passed out on the couches as well. Playing in the snow really takes it out of ya.

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