Monday, February 3, 2014

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth Vol. 4

Because I never want to forget....

Peanut says, "Polka docks" instead of polka dots.

Bug has started asking,"Do you wanna play trains, mom?" And I always say yes.

Peanut sings his own rendition of Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells - it's the cutest thing ever. Jingle Bells sounds more like, "Jingle Baows," and he claps his hands slowly while singing, it reminds me of a bluegrass version. I'll have to post video.

Lovebug says, "Tum," instead of tongue. "I stick out my tum."

Peanut hasn't said it in a while, but he used to say, "You sit on my lap," as he'd be climbing on to mine.

Bug says, Carunction site as in Goodnight Goodnight Carunction Site

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