Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let Me Tell You Something....


When I say that I want dark wood floors in our house, the correct response is not "Oh no, you don't. They're show dirt, you'll be cleaning them all the time." The correct response is, "Oh that would look nice."Guess what! You won't be cleaning them so don't worry about it.

When I tell you I want another child but B isn't so sure, the correct response is not, "What if it's twins?" The correct response is, "That's cool," "When do you think you'll try?" or a plethora of other answers. Guess what! The sole reason he's not sure about another child is because he worries about our finances if we have another set of twins.Thanks for pointing the possibility out to him.

When I tell you that B is afraid we'll have another set of twins, the correct response is not, "My so-and-so had twins and then she had another set....18 months apart." The correct answer is, "That rarely happens naturally." Guess what! Every time someone says that (even strangers) I want to stab them in the eye - you're slowly diminishing my chances. We have no idea about the status of your so-and-so's uterus so those multiple sets of twins could have been conceived through invitro or other help and not naturally. How 'bout you tell us about the 30 non-sensational friends who had twins and then just one baby instead of your one sensational story.

When I tell you the names I like are Ethan, Brayden, and all kinds of other boy names the correct answer is not, "Oh no, not Ethan! There's a ton of kids in _____'s school named Ethan, I like the name Fin." The correct answer is "Those are good names." Guess what! We did name our child Ethan, he's one of the best things to ever happen to me and you love him anyway. The next time...oh there will be a next time....we've decided not to even share names we like with people because we don't want opinions.

When I say I want a bigger car, maybe a hybrid SUV, the correct answer is not, "Get a minivan! They're great." The correct answer is, "Oooh do you know what kind?" Guess what! We've been battling over a bigger car for years now. B insists that when we need a bigger car we get a minivan (only because the doors open by remote - how stupid of a reason is that?) and I'm absolutely against a minivan. 

Can you tell I'm feeling sassy today? There's certain people in my life that mean well but keep giving opinions that are directly against everything I want or hope for....don't they know they should always agree with the woman?


  1. If it helps, the chances of you having another set of twins is slim. I saw a family on Opera once who had twin boys, twin girls, then twin boy/girl and they said the chances of that happening naturally twice were like 1 in a thousand and it happened 3 times. Basically, they were total anomalies.
    Also, I'm a big proponent of not sharing baby names for that reason :)

  2. lol LOVE THIS POST. i WISH i could tell people these exact things!

  3. Yes! I am experiencing this SO much more now that I am pregnant, and I think it will only get worse once the baby is born. My mom is the worst. She didn't fuss about me much at all before I got pregnant. Now when I complain about morning sickness she tells me I should "relax and enjoy it" (um, who in their right mind enjoys feeling sick for months on end?). We are fostering a dog who has turned out to be the sweetest little perky pup ever. When I told my mom we are considering adopting her permanently, my mom said "I KNEW you weren't going to be able to give her up." Basically saying she was just waiting for me to fail. Finally I called her on it last week. I told her that there are a lot of things I want to share with her about my pregnancy and parenthood, and she will probably not agree with some if them. But if she wants me to keep sharing with her then she needs to be supportive rather than constantly critical.

  4. I love your blog

  5. Everybody has an opinion!!! I get sick of that stuff, too. Guess what? I would love dark wood floors in my kitchen. We went with light wood and it shows EVERYTHING. I really regret it.

  6. I was chuckling to myself as I was reading this, because I can SO relate. We've been talking about getting an SUV for a very long time (we finally did a couple days ago...yay!) and every single time we mentioned it to other people, someone would suggest a minivan (I am totally opposed...we have ONE child for heaven's sake). And I totally agree on the name thing. I HATED hearing people's opinions. IF we have another child, we won't be sharing the name ahead of time. :)

  7. I can't stand when people do things like this! It happens all the time. I wish it was socially acceptable to slap people and tell them to fuck off!


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