Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's All In the Details: Thomas 3rd Birthday

You might have seen part of this last week as it accidentally posted then. Sorry.

Sunday's set up was much easier than Saturday's.

I shared this on Instagram already. Are we friends on there? Come find me!
I kept decor pretty simple - a little Thomas goes a long way in my book so I went with mostly red, white, blue and a hint of green -  but it was all up from the day before so we just had to remake the same food we'd made the day before.

That wreath took awhile but so worth it. It's so fluffy and full I want to make one for every month.
Coming up with food is always hard for me. Coming up with food relating to a train party is even harder so I broadened it a bit and tried to do some British inspired food since Thomas is British.  Actually, I stole the ideas my aunt used straight from my cousin's wedding shower: Chocolate raspberry sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches.

 The egg salad was a hit - both days. I thought for sure the chocolate raspberry would be gone first but who knew so many people like egg salad?

I was going to dip Oreos in chocolate to make coal when Boyfriend sent me this picture:

OMG yes! A million times yes!

Unlike previous years where I make pretty much everything, I was aaaalllll about shortcuts but still getting the same effect this year.

While B and I were making food, Peanut lounged on the couch in his new Thomas hat he'd gotten the day before. Why does he look 6 in this pic and not 3?! I can't believe how quickly they're growing. I feel like in just a few more years they'll be driving.

 I thought I was so clever coming up with the idea to make cotton candy into "steam stacks" (I came up with the idea all by myself and not from Pinterest!) who knew they would melt?

It wasn't even warm in our house! I made cotton candy a ton of times at Chuck E. Cheese's and it never melted. Of course, since this is the one original idea I came up with, I insisted we had non-melted steam stacks and was making the 2nd batch as people were showing up. The 2nd batch melted too, but it looked cute for a minute.

At least I got blog pics and that's all that matters, right?

Almost as fast as the egg salad, the chocolate logs disappeared. There's almost nothing better than chocolate and pretzels.

After the first few guests arrived, I suggested we put up the bouncy house which was a hit.

After awhile, the adults forced their children to come in because we were freezing our butts off watching them.

The boys holed up in their room playing with some new toys from the day before.

Unfortunately Sunday Boyfriend had to leave the party and help get my Grandma up. She'd fallen and my dad was pretty far away so B could get there first. We spent quite a bit of time sitting around waiting for him to get up but luckily my Grandma is ok an nothing is sprained or broken.

 After he finally got back (and a few guests had left) we did cake and opened presents.

 The boys tore into them so quickly that I really couldn't keep track of who gifted what so we're not doing thank you cards this year - oops.

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn't had anyone take a pic of all four of us so I jerry-rigged something.

After about 8 tries, we finally ended up with this one. Not my fave but it could be worse and the munchkins have the attention span of a gnat so I settled.

The boys ended the day exhausted...who am I kidding, we were all exhausted....they are so loved.


  1. This is great! You always do such a good job with parties. I've been missing your blog- but I'm finally getting back into the blog world! Glad to be catching up with your blog!

  2. Everything looks great!! My son never got into Thomas, but there are so many pinterest boards and ideas now (pinterest wasn't even around for him)
    The food is where I struggle keeping themed. I'm supposed to be googling ideas for our 'Tutu' ballet party this weekend. That and I'm avoiding making the tutus for the girls favors...wanna do it for me? Hehe

  3. That party looks so cute! I am never very creative with parties!I hope to change that this year as it will be her fifth birthday party! :-( I really do love this post though! I stripped reading all blogs for a while and am so happy to be back and more motivated than ever with my new blog!

  4. Absolutely amazing. Can you come up here and do my boys next party?! You seriously need to do this as a career!

  5. Looks like you did a fabulous job! I love the smoke stacks -- too bad they didn't hold up. :( Good job!

  6. Did you do the invite. We are doing a Thomas birthday for our twin boys 3rd birthday too! Love it!


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