Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finish The Sentence

1. I always pick Asian over
2. Look at the size of those...melons. I wish I had some.
3. I recently learned....the word jipped is actually gypped and the root comes from the word gypsies. Technically the word gypped could be considered racist.
4. Only when no one is I pick my wedgie
5. I lost my....
6. I was certain I'd be...a dance teacher. And marry rich so my kids could grow up with a Spanish nanny. Instead I have Rosetta Stone.
7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to....lick someone's toes. I hate feet. 
8. I just finished...photoshopping a pic of me and Golden Tate to post on facebook tomorrow.
If you don't know who Golden Tate is I'm not sure we can be friends

9. Why does everyone have to sensitive. It seems everyone has their panties in a bunch over everything now days.
10. It's very rare when I...have un-painted toenails.
11. If I were a dog...I'd be fat and sleep all day.
12. I don't Atheists.

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Urban Sledding

{Written on 2.18.14}

Sunday we woke up to snow! I felt like complete crap, but just had to take the boys out in it. Snow is a rare occasion in Seattle and it actually came on a weekend where we could enjoy it rather than stressing about driving in it.

They boys were so amused and obsessed with watching it fall. Peanut kept exclaiming, "It's snowing!" in that happy little way that he says things. 

I bundled the boys and myself up like Randy from A Christmas Story whereas Boyfriend wore only jeans and a Seattle Staple - fleece. When I asked if he was cold, he said the same thing as always, "I'm from Alaska." Never mind that he hasn't lived there in 24 years.

We started out playing in the front yard for a bit where Peanut was having a blast throwing snowballs at B. He let out a few of those really deep, body-shaking giggles which I love.

Peanut jumped right on to my sister's  near-pristine sled, but when B took off he lost his balance and couldn't get back up. He really was Randy. While I laughed my head off, (what is it about people falling that's so funny?!) B helped prop him up better and we placed Bug behind him.

B pulled them around the neighborhood a bit before we decided to head over to the nearby elementary school. The small hill I thought they could go down ended with a fence at the bottom so we decided to let them go down the bigger hill. Luckily, there wasn't really enough snow for them to go fast - they loved it!

Peanut went over and over and over while Bug decided to sit out every once in awhile. He preferred to just run around and people watch.

I think it's safe to say they loved the snow.

Because Bug has the attention span of a gnat he told me he wanted to build a snowman while Peanut was being pulled around by B on the sled. I got as far as rolling up the base when he decided to run after Daddy and Peanut. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I may have overdressed the three of us because even though I wasn't running around, I was sweating. We decided it was a good time to head home but not before I went all paparazzi and took a million pictures of Peanut helping B pull the sled. That little boy's soul will warm the coldest of hearts.

Classy neighbors, huh? Shocker!
 We call sledding on the sidewalks "urban sledding."

We played in our front yard until close to nap time. Peanut and I both ganged up on B and pelted him with snowballs. When one accidentally went down his fleece he finally admitted it was cold. I guess that Alaska blood doesn't protect from snow in your clothes!

Once inside, we offered hot chocolate to both boys but Bug declined and asked for pretzels instead. Once they went down for their nap, B and I passed out on the couches as well. Playing in the snow really takes it out of ya.

Also, my girl  Holly is having a $75 Target giveaway! Make sure you go over and enter.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lindsay Lately

Lately I.....

Haven't felt like blogging. I'll share the reason this week (no, I'm not pregnant!)

Checked out a new church with a friend I haven't seen in awhile - it was so great to catch up! The church was a dud.

Realized I'm a little hip-hop with hippie tendencies. 

Met with a florist to discuss me helping her out with wedding florals because she's pregnant and due right in the middle of wedding season.

Agreed to work with another wedding planner this year - I'm so excited to help her business grow.

Decided I want to take graphic design classes next year. I want to make my Etsy shop even better.

Have been on a decorating tangent - and on a budget too.

Realized I need to take Etsy more seriously. Or quit my job (not happening yet!) I have probably 12 designs that are half-finished.

Figured out that I'm more creative than I give myself credit for. I've always been good at math and "rules" but I crave more creativity in my life. I think that's why I've been loving decorating our home.

Come to some realizations about Boyfriend. I'll blog about that soon too.

Realized that I don't like to be put in a box - it stifles my creativity. When my boss says, "I need 3 creative ideas for ____ by 2pm." I come up with nothing. I feel a lot of pressure and imagine myself  in a box with the top quickly closing down on me.

Am so undecided about if I want to cut my hair shorter or grow it out.

Have become a little forgetful. Two times in the last year I've left my phone somewhere. One was at Lupe Fiasco and the other was yesterday when I met with the florist at Top Pot donuts. Thank goodness someone turned in my phone both times.

Am still struggling to find my personal style. I like the layered look but button-ups under sweaters just don't feel right. Today I'm wearing a thin blue shirt under a fake leather jacket and feel much better. I guess maybe my style is a little more edgy? Is that what you would call it?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Last week was a shit show. After three weeks of everyone else in the house being sick, that bug going around finally caught up to me and everyone knows that moms don't get sick days.

Ok, that's not true in my case. B is so helpful all the time and so understanding when I'm sick that he'll let me do almost nothing other than laying on the couch watching the boob tube. He doesn't even complain that I'm not cleaning.

After intense sinus pressure all day Monday and into Tuesday morning, I decided to call in sick at work. I don't even remember the last time I used a sick day on myself so you know it's bad when I do.

Bright and early at 5:45 Tuesday morning I hear Peanut and Bug yell over the monitor, "Mom! Open da door!" from their cribs.

Oh hell no.

It's way too early to be up. They usually wake up around 6:30 what were they doing awake already? And why were both of them awake that early?

In calmer, less sick times.

I went into their room, gently laid them back down, tucked them back in and very softly said, "It's too early to get up," and then left the room so as not to stimulate them too much.

As I shut the door, the waterworks started. Peanut was pissed. You'd think I took away his chocolate or something.

Ok fine.

I went back in, crawled in his crib and cuddled him hoping he'd go back to sleep. As he adjusted to mold his body into mine, we laid there peacefully while Bug drove his trains on the end of his crib.

"You want my blankets, mom?" He asked as he dropped his blankets from his own bed into Peanut's. I gently said,  "Thank you" still trying not to stimulate them but knowing we probably weren't going back to sleep.

After a few minutes, he asked, "You want my bed mom?"

Great. Now he feels left out.

One of my biggest parenting struggles is trying to not make the boys feel like they're favored by one parent so I climbed over the edge of Peanut's crib and into Bug's. He was super excited to have me in his bed, and I still hoped he would settle down and lay down with me, but instead he grabbed the edge of his crib and exclaimed, "I can jump!" while proceeding to jump as hard as he could in bed.

Peanut followed suit so there I was, bouncing around in my 3 year old's crib at 6am with the worst sinus pressure I'd had in years while my two 3 year olds shriek and jump as hard as they could around me.

Still holding out hope, I climbed out of the crib and settled in to the recliner hoping they'd stop jumping and just play in bed while I dozed off.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

They talked and asked me questions for the two minutes I sat in the recliner until I finally gave up, got them up and fed them while we waited for my mom to come over.

The minute she showed up, I gave her quick instructions and rushed into my bedroom where I shut the door and passed out for another 4 hours.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When He Wakes He WIll Move Mountains

{Sorry if you've already read this, it accidentally posted the other day}

It seems that, as parents, sleep is the ever eluding element we constantly chase. We accept that as new parents our bouncing bundle of joy will disrupt our previous life waking at noon, working out, and day drinking.

Or maybe not.

Maybe parenthood encourages day drinking.

I will say that without a doubt the best thing I've done to make my life as a twin parent easier is to get my boys on the same schedule.  And we were still are sticklers for the schedule.

I've written a lot about breast feeding, and I've mentioned before that I felt like an ever revolving cow the first night the boys were on the outside. I think I had 20 minutes between feeding the 2nd one before the 1st one wanted to eat again. Learning to tandem feed was like striking gold. I struck gold learning to give them liquid gold (sorry I had to.)

We always fed the boys at the same time (and still do) and always put them to sleep at the same time (and still do.)

As babies, it went like this:One child wakes up to eat, wake the other one. It probably seems counterintuitive and goes against the whole "let the baby sleep" thing but this is the best way to buy yourself some time to get things done. And the nice thing is, babies sleep a lot so if you wake one, he'll go back to sleep easily.

We also always put the boys down for naps and bed at the same time - even if they weren't exhibiting signs of tiredness.Maybe one fell asleep before the other, but the other one always quickly followed. They got used to being out down at the same time every day, their bodies adjusted to being laid down at  that time and they adjusted to become tired at that time. Honestly, we kind of lucked out on this one, they kind of just wanted to sleep at the same time.

As toddlers it goes like this: We eat meals as a family. One child asks for a snack, we give them both one. One may not be as hungry as the other and that's okay! He just doesn't finish it and we don't force it. For the most part, we give snacks on a rough schedule too, so they never really have to ask for them.

We still put the boys to bed at the same time, no matter what. Unless they're sick. The sick one usually sleeps cuddled in my arms on the couch. Both boys go down for a nap at 11am and sleep until about 1pm. If one wakes up before the other, I try to sneak in and get the one without waking the other. But, our floors creak so usually the sleepyhead gets woken up anyway.

We put them both down around 7:30pm and read a story or two so they are completely relaxed and winding down a little before 8pm. Sometimes after 8 we still hear one talking in his crib over the monitor but we leave him in there until he falls asleep. They both wake up around 6:30 in the morning leaving me with a few hours before I go to bed to do stuff and then a little time in the morning to shower before they get up. People make comments about how my hair and makeup is always done and that's why - I know how much time I have until they want up and out of their cribs.

Sticking to a schedule was a lifesaver! Think about it: you follow roughly the same schedule every day. You wake roughly at the same time every day, you eat meals at roughly the same time every day and go to bed at roughly the same time every day. When your schedule gets wildly out of whack your body pays for it. Babies thrive off schedules. They do well when they know what to expect. If you give your child a bath every night at 6pm and then put them to bed after, their body begins to expect bedtime after a bath.

My boys were wonderful sleepers and I think a large part of it was due to the schedule. I have a friend whose little girl is a little younger than the boys and she doesn't sleep well at all. My poor friend has barely slept in almost three years and now she's expecting another baby in the Spring. I am not judging at all as I know people have to do what works for them and their family, but after 2.5 years, her little girl still is not a great sleeper and her mama is exhausted. I feel so much for my friend and a small part of me wonders if a strict schedule would have been good for her daughter.

So, back to the schedule. Here's what our day looks like:

6:30am - Boys usually wake up. Sometimes it's later. They're content playing in their bed until 6:45 or 7am.
6:45-7am - Get up, change diapers, cuddle, etc.
7:45a-8am - Breakfast
8:30am - breakfast is done. Playtime!
10:30am  - snack
11am - nap
12:45-1pm - wake up from nap
1-1:30pm - lunch
2pm  - lunch over. Playtime!
3:30-4pm - small snack before dinner
5:30pm -dinner
6:15-6:45pm - small snack for dessert (sometimes)
7:15-7:30pm - bedtime routine
7:50ish - bedtime routine finished, kisses given, I love yous spoken. Lights out

You can tell by the schedule that a lot of things happen within a certain time range. Usually. Obviously things happen and the schedule gets disrupted, but I know that for us, staying on the schedule is easier for everyone. We leave weddings early or make plans for me to drive separate so I can take the boys home from an event because we've learned that letting them skip naps or stay up late makes us all pay for it later. You don't want to see my boys when they haven't napped. We had the worst meltdown ever on the way to Oregon because of a missed nap. It was epic.

I honestly think twins are easier to get on the same schedule than having two children close in age, but that's a different post for a different day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's All In the Details: Thomas 3rd Birthday

You might have seen part of this last week as it accidentally posted then. Sorry.

Sunday's set up was much easier than Saturday's.

I shared this on Instagram already. Are we friends on there? Come find me!
I kept decor pretty simple - a little Thomas goes a long way in my book so I went with mostly red, white, blue and a hint of green -  but it was all up from the day before so we just had to remake the same food we'd made the day before.

That wreath took awhile but so worth it. It's so fluffy and full I want to make one for every month.
Coming up with food is always hard for me. Coming up with food relating to a train party is even harder so I broadened it a bit and tried to do some British inspired food since Thomas is British.  Actually, I stole the ideas my aunt used straight from my cousin's wedding shower: Chocolate raspberry sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches.

 The egg salad was a hit - both days. I thought for sure the chocolate raspberry would be gone first but who knew so many people like egg salad?

I was going to dip Oreos in chocolate to make coal when Boyfriend sent me this picture:

OMG yes! A million times yes!

Unlike previous years where I make pretty much everything, I was aaaalllll about shortcuts but still getting the same effect this year.

While B and I were making food, Peanut lounged on the couch in his new Thomas hat he'd gotten the day before. Why does he look 6 in this pic and not 3?! I can't believe how quickly they're growing. I feel like in just a few more years they'll be driving.

 I thought I was so clever coming up with the idea to make cotton candy into "steam stacks" (I came up with the idea all by myself and not from Pinterest!) who knew they would melt?

It wasn't even warm in our house! I made cotton candy a ton of times at Chuck E. Cheese's and it never melted. Of course, since this is the one original idea I came up with, I insisted we had non-melted steam stacks and was making the 2nd batch as people were showing up. The 2nd batch melted too, but it looked cute for a minute.

At least I got blog pics and that's all that matters, right?

Almost as fast as the egg salad, the chocolate logs disappeared. There's almost nothing better than chocolate and pretzels.

After the first few guests arrived, I suggested we put up the bouncy house which was a hit.

After awhile, the adults forced their children to come in because we were freezing our butts off watching them.

The boys holed up in their room playing with some new toys from the day before.

Unfortunately Sunday Boyfriend had to leave the party and help get my Grandma up. She'd fallen and my dad was pretty far away so B could get there first. We spent quite a bit of time sitting around waiting for him to get up but luckily my Grandma is ok an nothing is sprained or broken.

 After he finally got back (and a few guests had left) we did cake and opened presents.

 The boys tore into them so quickly that I really couldn't keep track of who gifted what so we're not doing thank you cards this year - oops.

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn't had anyone take a pic of all four of us so I jerry-rigged something.

After about 8 tries, we finally ended up with this one. Not my fave but it could be worse and the munchkins have the attention span of a gnat so I settled.

The boys ended the day exhausted...who am I kidding, we were all exhausted....they are so loved.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let Me Tell You Something....


When I say that I want dark wood floors in our house, the correct response is not "Oh no, you don't. They're show dirt, you'll be cleaning them all the time." The correct response is, "Oh that would look nice."Guess what! You won't be cleaning them so don't worry about it.

When I tell you I want another child but B isn't so sure, the correct response is not, "What if it's twins?" The correct response is, "That's cool," "When do you think you'll try?" or a plethora of other answers. Guess what! The sole reason he's not sure about another child is because he worries about our finances if we have another set of twins.Thanks for pointing the possibility out to him.

When I tell you that B is afraid we'll have another set of twins, the correct response is not, "My so-and-so had twins and then she had another set....18 months apart." The correct answer is, "That rarely happens naturally." Guess what! Every time someone says that (even strangers) I want to stab them in the eye - you're slowly diminishing my chances. We have no idea about the status of your so-and-so's uterus so those multiple sets of twins could have been conceived through invitro or other help and not naturally. How 'bout you tell us about the 30 non-sensational friends who had twins and then just one baby instead of your one sensational story.

When I tell you the names I like are Ethan, Brayden, and all kinds of other boy names the correct answer is not, "Oh no, not Ethan! There's a ton of kids in _____'s school named Ethan, I like the name Fin." The correct answer is "Those are good names." Guess what! We did name our child Ethan, he's one of the best things to ever happen to me and you love him anyway. The next time...oh there will be a next time....we've decided not to even share names we like with people because we don't want opinions.

When I say I want a bigger car, maybe a hybrid SUV, the correct answer is not, "Get a minivan! They're great." The correct answer is, "Oooh do you know what kind?" Guess what! We've been battling over a bigger car for years now. B insists that when we need a bigger car we get a minivan (only because the doors open by remote - how stupid of a reason is that?) and I'm absolutely against a minivan. 

Can you tell I'm feeling sassy today? There's certain people in my life that mean well but keep giving opinions that are directly against everything I want or hope for....don't they know they should always agree with the woman?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth Vol. 4

Because I never want to forget....

Peanut says, "Polka docks" instead of polka dots.

Bug has started asking,"Do you wanna play trains, mom?" And I always say yes.

Peanut sings his own rendition of Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells - it's the cutest thing ever. Jingle Bells sounds more like, "Jingle Baows," and he claps his hands slowly while singing, it reminds me of a bluegrass version. I'll have to post video.

Lovebug says, "Tum," instead of tongue. "I stick out my tum."

Peanut hasn't said it in a while, but he used to say, "You sit on my lap," as he'd be climbing on to mine.

Bug says, Carunction site as in Goodnight Goodnight Carunction Site


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