Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Day We Met Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

So this happened:
I'd bought Macklemore tickets for December 12th the minute they went on sale in Seattle. But, I was lucky enough to score tickets and a backstage meet and greet for December 10th so I took Boyfriend the first day and my sister the 2nd time.

Boyfriend rarely gets excited about seeing concerts with me anymore, but Macklemore's the biggest thing to come out of Seattle since Nirvana so we were both super excited. Plus, B DJs so he kind of looks up to Ryan Lewis, I think.

Boyfriend was so cute because on the way there he told me that before he picked me up at work, he changed two or three times trying to decide what to wear. If I haven't mentioned it enough, B's a sneakerhead and really relates to the song Wings so he wanted to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear....and still rep Seattle at the same time.

He's so cute.


  1. Yeah, again, I'm an idiot for not knowing he was a white dude. I love him, but had never seen him!., so, Jason told me he was white and I didn't believe him. Even after he showed me the videos, I still didn't!! I love them though, so jealous you met them!! Jason is too!!


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