Friday, January 17, 2014


Are you one to make resolutions for the new year?  I like to challenge myself to grow so I sometimes think of a resolution but usually I can't stop and think about them, they just pop into my head.

Why is that so many of my good ideas just pop up? Please tell me you're like that too. Whenever my boss asks me for an idea (which is often) I can't think of one on the spot but come up with something fabulous on my drive home, or in the shower, or changing a diaper.

Last year my resolution was to be a better boss. I can't say that I'm a fantastic boss yet but I know that wanting to be a better boss really made me slow down and think of the best way to respond to questions or comments from my staff. I don't know that they noticed anything was different, but I could tell there was a difference and that's what mattered to me.

So the other day I was cleaning when in popped the word simplify. I know it's a big thing in blogland right now to pick a word of the year and I wasn't going to participate but simplify keeps pulling at me. At the end of the year last year, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of  emails I was getting on my phone and more often than not I was deleting unread emails so I started there. I started unsubscribing. Most of the companies were ones I'd heard about through blogging and only signed up for them because I thought I needed to be in the know. But I don't. I'm ok with not being up on the biggest trends, the newest gadgets, the big new blogging thing (there's always a blogging thing, isn't there?) if it means that I'm not feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm ok with feeling like I'm behind.

The next thing I'm simplifying is our house. I'm really trying to live with what I love. I have a bunch of decor stuff that I'm just kind of eh about but I hold onto it because I've had it a long time or my mom's friend's cousin's great aunt gave it to me. But it's junk. I know that I feel better when there's less clutter in my house. Although you can't tell right now. I've started cleaning our spare bedroom and am slowly letting go of things. I know I will feel better when the bedroom is clean and it's less of a point of contention between B and me. Then, I can move onto other rooms.

 I never really got into Twitter but I spend a lot of time on Instagram (@Undomestic_Mama.) While I love the people who take the time to comment or like my photos, I found myself following too many people for me to keep up with. I'm not seeing the photos and posts of my very favorite people and that makes me sad. But I'm having a hard time unfollowing people - I feel guilty. We'll see how that goes.

Right now, I'm at peace with feeling behind and out of the loop, but I think in the end I'll feel connected and right where I need to be with the people I need the most.

Did you choose a word for this year? What are some ways you simplify? Will you join me in simplifying your life so we can all sing a collective Kumbaya at the end of the year?

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