Friday, January 3, 2014

A Birthday Letter To Boyfriend

Our 26th & 32nd birthday

Dear Boyfriend,

Who would have known that when we took that picture five years ago from tomorrow that we'd be where we are today?

Five years. 1,826 days. So much has happened in that loooong short amount of time. There were some break ups, a lot of make ups, a pregnancy, two wonderful children, some promotions, some vacations, laughs and a lot of fun times. You've brought me some of my deepest heartache but also my deepest joys. After I bombed our first date, I never thought we'd be where we are today.

I'll admit, at first I thought you were hot....and I liked that you were into sneakers too. And then when we actually started dating I was attracted to your fun-loving attitude and how easily the conversation flowed....and you looked cute DJing. Now, I'm attracted to you because you're an amazing father, your getting to be a better boyfriend every day, you're loyal, hard-working, you have a huge heart, you're open-minded and you look good in a softball uniform :)

I know the relationship stuff has been an adjustment for us and we kind of did things backwards: getting pregnant and then moving in together. Through it all, you've been loving, patient and kind. You've loved me through my flaws and kindly kept your cool while I get used to living with someone of the opposite sex too. Thank you for not giving up.

I see the way our boys' face lights up when you walk into the room. They loooove their daddy. I know you were so completely freaked out when I got pregnant but you are seriously the best dad these boys could ever ask for. You're so hands-on and goofy with them and even when you "lose" your temper, you're so calm that any other parent would be impressed! Most of all, you allow them to be kids and to express who they are which I think is the most important thing of all. Thank you.

Happy Birthday to US (tomorrow) I hope you enjoy your our day.

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  1. So sweet!!
    Happy birthday to B, and happy birthday to YOU!! I hope you guys have a wonderful, memorable day!


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