Friday, January 10, 2014

A 3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Bambinos,
I cannot believe you two are three! I've been horrible at keeping track of your growth on this blog (and I'm kicking myself for it!) but just like I would have said every update, had I been keeping them, this age is my absolute favorite. 
Your 2nd birthday. You've grown so much!
The biggest change for you this year, has been the amount you've been talking. You went from these little babies who could only say hardly anything to these little boys who are speaking more and more complex sentences. Just yesterday morning, while getting you out of bed, Bug told me that Dusty Crophopper's propeller is broken and Dad can fix it. Usually, when I turn on the light, Peanut will tell me, "I need da white off," because he take a few minutes to wake up like I do.

The other day, Peanut was drinking water when he said,  "Mmmm...that was pretty tasty." I laughed and asked if it was tasty. As Peanut set his cup aside he said, "I know that for a fact." I don't know where you get these things from but it's hilarious. The absolute best thing though, is when you guys look at me and say, "I wuv you, Mama." It seriously melts my heart and almost brings tears to my eyes.

This year you have become obsessed with Thomas. Bug would wear the same Thomas shirt every single day if I'd let him. He insists on wearing Thomas socks most days and constantly repeats, "How 'bout da Thomas ones," while getting dressed. His face lights up over Thomas apparel.

You guys love playing Thomas too. It's always such a drama when you play with your trains, usually Bug's yelling, "Ahhh! Wook out!" while Peanut's screeching, "There's a cwack in the twack!" The train table was one of the best things I've ever bought you. You play with it all day long, all year long: in the summer we drag it outside onto the deck and let you play under the pop-up tent, and now it's in the middle of the house because we have no where else for it. Between Santa and family, you own almost every Thomas character there is.

I'm not entirely sure why, but you guys like to have every single train out which causes quite the pile-up. Literally. Peanut will shove all the trains into Knapford Station causing one big cluster of derailed trains. Last weekend when Aria was over, I was talking to her mom when I noticed Bug had not only piled all the trains, but also all you airplanes and anything else that had been out. Between three little kids, there were a lot of toys out so there was one big stack on the table. It reminded me of the King's toys in Aladdin

The two of you are developing quite the imagination. Just three nights ago, Bug and I played Peter Rabbit, crawling around on the floor for a good 30 minutes. It warms my heart the way he kept saying, ""Wets hop to it, Wi'wee," (Lets' hop to it, Lily,") as he handed me the red trains to pretend like they're strawberries and we were on a raid.  I love when you guys are playing Peter Rabbit and trying to get "rabishes" (radishes)  or when Bug is on the floor scooping his hand in front of him over and over while grunting, "Ugh....ugh..." like he can't get the radishes.

You guys are so smart. I was astonished one day when  Peanut glanced at the bottom of one of the stacking cups and said, "Dats a oc'aon," I thought it was just a lucky guess but correctly identified the other shapes too: pentagon, hexagon, circle, triangle and square. He knows almost all of his letters, out of alphabetical order. I didn't realize it was a big deal for someone who wasn't even 2 and a half, but our friend Melissa (a teacher) said she knows kindergartners who can't even do that. Both of you can count to 20 correctly, most of the time. Occasionally you leave out numbers but not often. You know all your colors too.

Peanut still loves to dance and sing. A few weeks ago I caught him mimicking the ballet moves on Bubble Guppies, even ending the dance on the floor just like they did. For Christmas, you got Buzz and Woody dolls from Santa and it's not unusual to hear Peanut belting, "You got fraaaaan inme," I finally got it on camera this morning!Often times, while sitting on my lap, I'll rock back and forth while softly singing a song with Peanut. I love that it's something we do that no one else knows about while we're doing it. When I quit rocking Peanut nudges me along, he loves to rock.

Both of you guys are the most tenderhearted little guys. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd share my love for Lilo and Stitch with you. It'd been a while since I'd seen the movie, so I forgot how sad it could be. Bug turned to me and said, "He's sad." I confirmed that Stitch was indeed sad when suddenly tears are welling up and Bug lets out a little cry. After it happened a 2nd time we turned to Toy Story which is a little happier. If one of us is hurt, Bug says, "I kiss it," and kisses wherever our owie is. Peanut loves to give hugs and kisses. We hold hands sometimes too. If Bug is upset, Peanut will rub his back saying, "Is ok," or, "Wha's wrong bruddah?" I love knowing you will always have each other's backs. I hope you two are as close as can be.

Peanut has the best sense of humor. He always has. He's usually a pretty happy little guy that loves making people laugh. He's always been that way. You sure do make us laugh! When Aria was over the two of you were chasing her around when all of a sudden, Peanut held up his hands and said,"Woah woah, whatsamatta Honey?" We love making faces in the mirror together. He loves playing hide and seek because we always jump and laugh when he pops out of his hiding place. There is seriously nothing better than your faces lit up in laughter...except maybe your hugs.

Our biggest challenges this year have been that Bug whined for a good portion of it but is getting much better. He still cries when he doesn't get his way but is still easily distractable. Bug throws toys so the toys go on time out every so often. These last few days, eating has been a struggle because he refuses to eat anything. Even when we make foods he likes for dinner, Bug's been refusing and I feel bad letting him wait to eat when he's hungry enough so I end up offering a sandwich, banana or some other food just to get something in you. I hope this is a short-lived phase.

Peanut picks on his brother quite a bit. It's usually nothing too serious and we stop it before it even happens. Sometimes it's just a small nudge with his foot, but Bug doesn't like it and freaks out. Unfortunately when we try to discipline him, Peanut just thinks it's funny. One time, when he hit me I asked if he wanted to make me cry and he started crying instead. Guess who felt horrible about that one? I know that when Peanut is acting out he wants attention so usually if I ask if he wants a hug, he'll come over and sit on my lap, letting me cuddle him. I cherish those moments.

I also love when I'm getting ready for work and Bug says, "Mom! I want a hug." I stop what I'm doing and spend a few moments cuddling. I don't care if I end up late for work.

Bug has finally started being a little less of a Daddy's boy. You two still love your Daddy, very much so, but he doesn't flip out every time Dad leaves the room anymore. I love that you two are close to your Daddy, but I was secretly a tiny bit jealous so I'm happy that  Bug will choose to sit on my lap rather than always choosing Dad over me. It also gives Peanut a chance to spend time on Daddy's lap once in a while too.

When I said it was time to go, Peanut cried immediately.

This year we took our first family vacation and went to the Oregon coast. It was amazing, fun, relaxing, and Peanut fell in love with the ocean. He was devastated when we needed to leave. I can't wait for all the things I'm planning to do with you: Hawaii, Disneyland, collect heart-shaped rocks, and creating awesome memories as a family. I hope that we have a close, open relationship. I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything no matter how uncomfortable it is.

We took you to your first baseball game this year. You were more interested in driving your cars on the seats than the game, but that's ok. You sure look cute in your M's shirts though! Peanut talked all the way through your first movie and you both loved the big slide at the fair - Buggy and I even rode a camel! Mostly, we played outside and ran through the sprinkler this summer. You two love being outside, just like I do. I hope you always love it.
I think the water was a little cold, but he kept going back for more.
You love to play "Unda da covers," and jump on our bed. You love the bouncy house we got you last year on your birthday and we've even set it up inside the garage when it wasn't nice enough to play outside. Unfortunately, the bouncy house is also the reason Peanut dislocated his elbow. You love cars, planes, trains and anything that goes. You love to watch Bubble Guppies, UmiZoomi, Thomas and Paw Patrol. We've watched Toy Story and Cars more times than I can count and today we're introducing you to Mary Poppins. I hope you like the movie as much as I did when I was little.

This week Bug has started asking, "Do you want to play trains, mom?" And I always say yes. I know that one day you will not always want to play with, or even be seen with me so I relish these days while I can. I will always play trains with you, watch your sporting events, cuddle on the couch with you, take care of you when you're sick, hug and kiss you through your broken heart, I will always be there for you.

I guess maybe I should write updates about you a little more often so this isn't so long next time, huh? You've taught me and Daddy about the truest, purest form of love. Before you were born, Daddy and I were two people who loved each other very much but you two made us a family. Like our favorite book, I Love You So says, I love you way WAY more than you know.

Happy Birthday,



  1. Happy third birthday to the little cuties!! That seems so far away for us, but I know that time just flies. Congrats on raising such cute and sweet little boys.

  2. Happy birthday boys!!
    I love this post! I love seeing the kids grown, and can totally relate to this. It's amazing, exciting and sad at all the same time! Sad, only cause I don't want time to go by too fast!!


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