Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today You Are You, That Is Truer Than True. There Is No One Alive Who Is Youer Than You!

To the say the boys had a fantastic 3rd birthday is an understatement. They woke me up bright and early on Friday with smiles from their cribs. How lucky am I that they're still in cribs?!?

I snagged my camera and waited for the munchkins to notice the gimongous balloons I'd tied to their high chairs....it took for.ev.ver.
Once Peanut finally noticed he claimed the Thomas balloon.

Two hours later I let them watch a T.V show...

He insisted on taking it to bed with his and picked up right where he left off after nap.

I'd been planning on taking them to the library's story time but mom of the year over here didn't check to make sure they actually had a story time. I told B we'd wait for him to do something fun and he got right to work finding fun place to go. While at work. I was the one who took the day off but he did all the work.

I baked both of them a small cake because no one knows better than me how much it sucks sharing a birthday with someone else. You never get your own cake....at least I was 25 before I had to start sharing my birthday.  Don't get me wrong, I think it would be so dope to have a twin...but it still sucks sharing your birthday.

We didn't go all out and get any huge presents this year, it was mostly books, puzzles, the Mary Poppins DVD, etc. I pushed their birthday party back to later in the month so I know they'll still be getting plenty of stuff then....plus, not buying a big present after Christmas gives me ammunition to convince B we can get them something bigger in Spring/Summer. 

B found some really cool play places, so we went to check one out but I was unimpressed. We headed to Wiggle Works which is basically something straight out of Candy Land. It looks like something the candy queen upchucked.

How cool is this...thing? It's like a small water bed and my boys were all over it all day.

We pass this place all the time when we get the boys' hair cut and I always thought they would love the the balloon room. Every time we'd pass by it their eyes would light up and they'd get these big, silly grins on their face. They'd be rooted in their spot and would refuse to move until we drug them away.

Once we got inside, they bolted for the balloon room and hated it. It might have been the air blowing in their faces at warp speed, or it might have been the 50 other minions running like a banshee that they were completely overwhelmed, but they bolted for the door after about 10 seconds. It wasn't until we'd been there for over an hour that they finally went back in and had fun.

Finally, after Bug was completely flushed from all the running around, and I might have forgotten that his jeans were fleece lined, we decided to get food. Bug pouted all the way out the door.

We headed to Red Robin because it's close and cheap but I thought it would be fun to have the birthday song sung to them. B convinced me otherwise and I have to say that was probably the right decision. Peanut was sitting next to me and was a little hoodlum the whole time. First, he threw our stack of napkins under the table, then it was the crayons and kids menu. Two different times he tried to take my napkin off my lap and throw it under. Luckily it landed on my foot both times. He's so quick that I barely had time to react and stop him and he's at that point right now where when we try to discipline him he thinks it's funny. We need to figure out someplace else to channel the speed and tenacity because he is determined.

Once we got home, it was time for bed and Peanut picked back up right where he left off: with his Thomas balloon. BTW, Bug says, Bune," and Peanut says "Bawoon," how cute is that?

I'm trying to think of some kind of tradition we can start for birthdays; if you have any good ones, please share! I love traditions but am not that great at coming up with them.


  1. They are so unbelievably cute!! Looks like such a fun birthday! And so nice you had the day to spend with them!

  2. What cute boys. I hated that in school. I had to share a cake with some other students celebrating a summer birthday. It was like that every year in Elementary until Junior High. We never celebrated Birthdays.


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