Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We're Too Old to Celebrate NYE

Bear with me while I play catch up for a bit. With everyone in my house being sick these last few weeks and then the holidays, I took a little longer of a blogging break than I anticipated.

Our NYE was super chill. I had to set up for my work's party again like I do every year, but this year I chose not to earn extra money while working the party too. My favorite part of my job is watching big events coming together and hanging out at the Experience Music Project beats being in the office any day. I shared photos on Instagram, if you're ever in Seattle you should check it out, the EMP is a pretty dope place...and it beats being in the office any day. 

I showed up at home to find Boyfriend washing his truck while it was sprinkling. I've mentioned at least a dozen times that he's very anal and clean but even he admitted what he was doing was weird. As I got settled in, I heard great big, belly laughs coming from the boys. Athey always do when B's outside, the boys climbed onto the back of the couch to watch when he "sprayed" them with the hose. I love when they let out those big, deep, laughs like that.

I'd gotten a coupon that expired on NYE for Papa Murphy's, so while I was at work, he picked up the pizza....I didn't realize it was for two larges and two mini murph's from Papa Murphy's. And, I might have just randomly piped up with, "Murph," throughout the night. I'm sure that wasn't annoying at all.

We didn't know what a mini murph is but basically it's a personal pizza kit. B decided it was easiest to let the boys try it out on the living room floor....he's such a good daddy.

 The boys were interested in the sauce for a bit but Bug quickly lost interest but Peanut was interested in the pepperoni too.

Bug looks up to no good.
After we gobbled pizza, we decided it would be fun to have a pajama party and watch a movie. We let the boys stay up past their bed time and of course when we asked what movie they wanted to watch, they said UmiZoomi. We vetoed that and explained we were watching a movie. I wanted something we haven't watched over and over but I'm super careful about what we allow them to watch so we figured Winnie the Pooh would be safe.

Because we're old, I was the first to doze off for a few minutes - I just can't help it, I get so warm cuddled up next to one of the boys. Next B fell off for a few minutes...we both fell asleep before 7:45! Told ya we're old.

After the boys went to bed, we vegged on the couches watching one of those year-in-review type TV shows. Again, we both snuck in some shut-eye for a few minutes and then I forced B to stay up until midnight. When the boys woke up at 6am the next morning, we were both pretty exhausted and we still had to go to my Grandma's for our annual dinner lunch of cornbread and black eyed peas...although now that I think of it, there wasn't any cornbread.

How was your NYE? Please tell me you did something more interesting than I did.


  1. LOL! I think that about sums it up, especially for the age of your guys ;) Since our twins just turned 5, we actually made a plan and stuck to it - we went to a 'fancy' dinner at Outback at the ripe old hour of 4:30 pm! Got home by 6:30, put their pjs on and watched youtube videos of Dubai's fireworks and last year's times square ball falling. We toasted with champagne, they toasted with juice and we got them to bed by 8:30. We watched a movie and stayed up until 12 ourselves. I don't understand the people who try to make their kids stay up until 12?! Our 8-year-old niece face-timed us at midnight!! I guess we'll see how that feels in a few years...but dinner out as a fam of four on NYE was super cute/fun. We even got complimented by the couple next to us for our kids' good behavior and for us trying to teach our guys table manners. Welcome back to the blogosphere!! :)

  2. We have never tried those little pizzas, but that looks like fun for the kids!! We actually stayed out this New Years, and I payed for it with exhaustion the next day! Good call on staying in and vegging! Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll ask where some good places to go are! Maybe we can meet up!


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