Monday, January 6, 2014

30's The New 20

I barely put any thought into turning 31. Last year, I was kind of freaking out over turning 30, and people kept telling me 31 is harder because then you're officially into your 30's, but I didn't really think about it much.

Since Boyfriend and I have the same birthday, I didn't plan to do much. I wanted to use a Groupon for Korean BBQ and go see the movie Hours with Boyfriend. BTW that movie is not showing anywhere near me and it's driving me crazy! I don't want to wait until it's on video to see it. It was when we were hanging out at home on NYE that B suggested we do something. We decided on a bar close to our house because they have good french fries (seriously, that's why I suggested it) we sent a quick text to our friends: "He guys we decided last night to celebrate our birthday on Saturday at JP's by our house. We're starting a 6 because we're old and can't be out late..." not thinking many people would show on such short notice but they did!


We planned on walking to the bar even though neither one of us wanted to get trashed - we just thought it would be better not to drive but my dad ended up dropping us off ( how weird is that!)

I'd decided I wasn't going to do any shots no matter how many people offered (our friends like shots) but nobody even offered so I was able to stick with beer all night. I stopped drinking about an hour before we left so I felt fabulous the next day. It's always the mixing of alcohols that does me in.

Oh yeah, I cut my hair again on Friday too.
People ended up coming out that I've never ended up hanging out with at a bar before so it was good to get to know some of B's friends in that atmosphere rather than kids parties.Of course I forgot to take pics until after my girlfriends left but I did get video of kareoke-ing Ice Ice Baby. He's got a dance down and everything :)

Sunday was a pretty chill day, just like Saturday was before we went to JPs. Even though neither one of us were hung over, we didn't get home until midnight and the boys wake up early so I got up and let B sleep in. Once he woke up, he let me take a two hour was glorious.

I'm committing myself to eating better starting today so my "last meal" yesterday was Mexican food. Tell me someone else thinks that way too - when you know you're eating healthier you carefully choose what you're going to eat and go all out. Wish me luck!



  1. Sounds like you guys had a nice birthday weekend!!
    We totally had our LAST MEAL yesterday!! And some chocolate cake to go with it!

  2. Hah! Yes, we also do "last meals!" We always call it "the last goodbye!" (And then two days later we eat something else, also known as "the last goodbye!") Haha!


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