Friday, January 31, 2014

A Thomas Third Birthday

This year's birthday party should come as no surprise. I think I've mentioned it on this blog but if you follow me on Instagram, you know the boys (Especially Bug) are obsessed with Thomas the Train. After pushing it back a few weeks, Bug and Peanut finally had their 3rd birthday party on Saturday and Sunday.

You read that right.

I was worried I might kick myself for it later, but we threw two birthday parties last weekend: Saturday's was for family and a few friends who know my family and Sunday's was for our friends. Between the two days we had close to 50 people and like I've mentioned a bajillion times, our house is not big enough for that many people at one time. And it actually turned out ok.

I still didn't get to visit with people at the family party as much as I would have liked, but that party seemed to end sooner so I blame the lack of time.

Last year, I started working on their party in November. This year, I was so busy with my Etsy shop that I started about a week  two weeks ago.

The boys were adorable as always, once I mentioned that we were going to sing Happy Birthday, Peanut started singing for the family - it's the cutest thing ever. When the song was done and the family clapped - Peanut did too. He sure is a joyful little one.

Shortly after cake we did presents and boy were they spoiled - both days.

Two parties turned out ok. Saturday was more of a mad dash than Sunday. It doesn't help that Boyfriend decided to paint a bit Saturday morning - don't get me started on that. By Sunday's party, we pretty much had everything done and just had to make stuff that wouldn't keep otherwise.

Everyone left a little sooner than I would have liked - I would have liked to visit more! But by the end of the day we had to happy and well loved boys.

I still can't believe they are three.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth Vol 3.

My first love: Teddy at their birthday party last weekend.
Yesterday morning, Peanut was in my bedroom while I was getting ready for work. Teddy coughed and Peanut exclaimed, "Toast's ready!"

Yes Peanut, Teddy does sound like the toaster. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Choose Joy

They say when you have kids, the parents are the ones who end up learning from the kids. I've finally realized just how true that is.

Peanut's been teaching me a lot lately. He's just a joyful little guy. First thing in the morning when I go in to get him out of bed, he pops up and greets me with a, "Good morning!" and a huge smile. I put him on the changing table where he happily chatters away and makes faces at himself in the mirror. If you ask him a question he'll respond, "Yeah," with a big smile and a hand clap or a small jump. If you ask if he wants to sing a song, he'll clap his hands and sing Jingle Bells or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every single time.

A year and a half ago at our family reunion, Boyfriend was DJing and Peanut was a good 100feet away from him. I remember watching Peanut giggle the whole way over to his Daddy, it was the sweetest, most heartwarming moment. And that's when I realized that Peanut lives with a song in his heart.

I've already shared my word for this year, but I think I'm also going to choose joy.

What lessons have your kids taught you?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lindsay Loves: More Hair and Eyes

I probably talk about my hair more often than is healthy, but I just can't help it. I got it cut again which I didn't realize I hadn't mentioned until people on Instagram started commenting on it.  Anyway, it makes sense that the first item I mention is a hair product.

I know I raved before about my heat protectant, but I think I love the Bamboo Dry Oil Mist more. Actually, I haven't used my other one since November so I don't even remember what it's like to use it. I do remember that if I get too much of my Marrakesh Oil in one spot, it ends up being greasy in that spot but that doesn't happen with this because it's a dry mist. There's no greasy feeling at all! This one's best for fine to medium hair which is totally me. I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it so it ends up being thick, does that make sense? I always have a ton of flyaways and my hair gets weird in the humidity so the fact that this helps combat humidity is a winner in my book. I could just be imagining, but I do seem to have less flyaways.

The other thing I'm absolutely loving is my Lorac Pro Palette. I've used it ever day since I received it at the beginning of December. It was the only think I purchased for myself on Black Friday and I'm so glad I did! I love palettes because they're pretty foolproof. This one has matte and shimmery colors that I mix and match for my perfect eye look. Up until I received this, I'd been using my Naked every day, but this one replaced it. the colors are super pigmented so a little goes a long way and you get a bit of fallout so do your eyes first. I have bazillions of Mac eyeshadows, but I always go back to this palette.

What are you loving? Is there anything I should definitely try out?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Richard Sherman & Bandwagon Fans

The game winning pick via

So the big talk of the town is how the Hawks are going to the super Bowl and Sherman's post-game interview. I have a lot of opinions on it, but I really like this mom's take on it so I'll leave you with that....and don't get me started on the cheap shot from the 49ers sidelines. My friends rewound the DVR 3 times to make sure we saw what we thought we saw. Of course Harbaugh is defending him, it looks like a clothesline to me.

So a funny thing is happening in Seattle. Usually, there's people calling out other fans as bandwagon and acting like they're not as much of a fan because they're new or they can't have intelligent conversations about the game.

I remember watching Seahawks and Mariners games in the Kingdome. I had an adult-sized Largent jersey that I'm devastated over my mom getting rid of it who knows how many years ago. How cool would that be now?!? A totally vintage Largent jersey. My favorite song for awhile was the Brian Bosworth song. Hey I was 4, leave me alone. I've always rooted for the Seattle team. When the Sonics turned into the OKC Thunder, and the Mariners have been on a....10 year?....losing streak that left us with the Sounders and the Seahawks. I don't get soccer. I still go to Mariners games but pretty much all my energy is put into the Hawks.

As much as I love the Seahawks, I wouldn't be able to have an intelligent conversation with you about them. I don't always catch the false starts and the off sides. I get confused about what a cornerback does compared to a fullback. Does that make me any less of a fan? Does that mean I shouldn't wear my Hawks gear (or Mariners or Sounders) with pride? I get the spirit of the game, I get wrapped up in the excitement and the intensity of our teams and I see when players like Marshawn Lynch break away with the ball for a Beastly 98 yard touchdown. I am a fan.

Let me say this: thoughts are energy. The more people that think happy thoughts about the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, no matter how long or short they've been a fan, the more energy there is to make it happen.

So let's all hold hands, sing kumbaya and think happy thoughts. Go Hawks!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The New Year's Challenge

This year, I came up with a challenge. I challenged Boyfriend to a friendly competition. I have a bad habit of biting or splitting my nails (anyone know what helps your nails to not peel?) and he picks the ingrown hairs on his head after he shaves it so if one of us catches the other picking or peeling, that person has to put a dollar in a jar. At the end of the year, whoever's cup has the least amount of money gets to keep both cups.

We're going to Hawaii next year so I had visions of hundreds of dollars in the cups and fun activities funded by them but my cup has $5 in it and his has....$1.

Womp womp.

Nothing has been added to my cup since January 3rd and nothing to his since our birthday. I'm not giving up though. At least my nails are a little better than they had been.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Are you one to make resolutions for the new year?  I like to challenge myself to grow so I sometimes think of a resolution but usually I can't stop and think about them, they just pop into my head.

Why is that so many of my good ideas just pop up? Please tell me you're like that too. Whenever my boss asks me for an idea (which is often) I can't think of one on the spot but come up with something fabulous on my drive home, or in the shower, or changing a diaper.

Last year my resolution was to be a better boss. I can't say that I'm a fantastic boss yet but I know that wanting to be a better boss really made me slow down and think of the best way to respond to questions or comments from my staff. I don't know that they noticed anything was different, but I could tell there was a difference and that's what mattered to me.

So the other day I was cleaning when in popped the word simplify. I know it's a big thing in blogland right now to pick a word of the year and I wasn't going to participate but simplify keeps pulling at me. At the end of the year last year, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of  emails I was getting on my phone and more often than not I was deleting unread emails so I started there. I started unsubscribing. Most of the companies were ones I'd heard about through blogging and only signed up for them because I thought I needed to be in the know. But I don't. I'm ok with not being up on the biggest trends, the newest gadgets, the big new blogging thing (there's always a blogging thing, isn't there?) if it means that I'm not feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm ok with feeling like I'm behind.

The next thing I'm simplifying is our house. I'm really trying to live with what I love. I have a bunch of decor stuff that I'm just kind of eh about but I hold onto it because I've had it a long time or my mom's friend's cousin's great aunt gave it to me. But it's junk. I know that I feel better when there's less clutter in my house. Although you can't tell right now. I've started cleaning our spare bedroom and am slowly letting go of things. I know I will feel better when the bedroom is clean and it's less of a point of contention between B and me. Then, I can move onto other rooms.

 I never really got into Twitter but I spend a lot of time on Instagram (@Undomestic_Mama.) While I love the people who take the time to comment or like my photos, I found myself following too many people for me to keep up with. I'm not seeing the photos and posts of my very favorite people and that makes me sad. But I'm having a hard time unfollowing people - I feel guilty. We'll see how that goes.

Right now, I'm at peace with feeling behind and out of the loop, but I think in the end I'll feel connected and right where I need to be with the people I need the most.

Did you choose a word for this year? What are some ways you simplify? Will you join me in simplifying your life so we can all sing a collective Kumbaya at the end of the year?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Day We Met Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

So this happened:
I'd bought Macklemore tickets for December 12th the minute they went on sale in Seattle. But, I was lucky enough to score tickets and a backstage meet and greet for December 10th so I took Boyfriend the first day and my sister the 2nd time.

Boyfriend rarely gets excited about seeing concerts with me anymore, but Macklemore's the biggest thing to come out of Seattle since Nirvana so we were both super excited. Plus, B DJs so he kind of looks up to Ryan Lewis, I think.

Boyfriend was so cute because on the way there he told me that before he picked me up at work, he changed two or three times trying to decide what to wear. If I haven't mentioned it enough, B's a sneakerhead and really relates to the song Wings so he wanted to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear....and still rep Seattle at the same time.

He's so cute.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today You Are You, That Is Truer Than True. There Is No One Alive Who Is Youer Than You!

To the say the boys had a fantastic 3rd birthday is an understatement. They woke me up bright and early on Friday with smiles from their cribs. How lucky am I that they're still in cribs?!?

I snagged my camera and waited for the munchkins to notice the gimongous balloons I'd tied to their high took for.ev.ver.
Once Peanut finally noticed he claimed the Thomas balloon.

Two hours later I let them watch a T.V show...

He insisted on taking it to bed with his and picked up right where he left off after nap.

I'd been planning on taking them to the library's story time but mom of the year over here didn't check to make sure they actually had a story time. I told B we'd wait for him to do something fun and he got right to work finding fun place to go. While at work. I was the one who took the day off but he did all the work.

I baked both of them a small cake because no one knows better than me how much it sucks sharing a birthday with someone else. You never get your own least I was 25 before I had to start sharing my birthday.  Don't get me wrong, I think it would be so dope to have a twin...but it still sucks sharing your birthday.

We didn't go all out and get any huge presents this year, it was mostly books, puzzles, the Mary Poppins DVD, etc. I pushed their birthday party back to later in the month so I know they'll still be getting plenty of stuff, not buying a big present after Christmas gives me ammunition to convince B we can get them something bigger in Spring/Summer. 

B found some really cool play places, so we went to check one out but I was unimpressed. We headed to Wiggle Works which is basically something straight out of Candy Land. It looks like something the candy queen upchucked.

How cool is this...thing? It's like a small water bed and my boys were all over it all day.

We pass this place all the time when we get the boys' hair cut and I always thought they would love the the balloon room. Every time we'd pass by it their eyes would light up and they'd get these big, silly grins on their face. They'd be rooted in their spot and would refuse to move until we drug them away.

Once we got inside, they bolted for the balloon room and hated it. It might have been the air blowing in their faces at warp speed, or it might have been the 50 other minions running like a banshee that they were completely overwhelmed, but they bolted for the door after about 10 seconds. It wasn't until we'd been there for over an hour that they finally went back in and had fun.

Finally, after Bug was completely flushed from all the running around, and I might have forgotten that his jeans were fleece lined, we decided to get food. Bug pouted all the way out the door.

We headed to Red Robin because it's close and cheap but I thought it would be fun to have the birthday song sung to them. B convinced me otherwise and I have to say that was probably the right decision. Peanut was sitting next to me and was a little hoodlum the whole time. First, he threw our stack of napkins under the table, then it was the crayons and kids menu. Two different times he tried to take my napkin off my lap and throw it under. Luckily it landed on my foot both times. He's so quick that I barely had time to react and stop him and he's at that point right now where when we try to discipline him he thinks it's funny. We need to figure out someplace else to channel the speed and tenacity because he is determined.

Once we got home, it was time for bed and Peanut picked back up right where he left off: with his Thomas balloon. BTW, Bug says, Bune," and Peanut says "Bawoon," how cute is that?

I'm trying to think of some kind of tradition we can start for birthdays; if you have any good ones, please share! I love traditions but am not that great at coming up with them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A 3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Bambinos,
I cannot believe you two are three! I've been horrible at keeping track of your growth on this blog (and I'm kicking myself for it!) but just like I would have said every update, had I been keeping them, this age is my absolute favorite. 
Your 2nd birthday. You've grown so much!
The biggest change for you this year, has been the amount you've been talking. You went from these little babies who could only say hardly anything to these little boys who are speaking more and more complex sentences. Just yesterday morning, while getting you out of bed, Bug told me that Dusty Crophopper's propeller is broken and Dad can fix it. Usually, when I turn on the light, Peanut will tell me, "I need da white off," because he take a few minutes to wake up like I do.

The other day, Peanut was drinking water when he said,  "Mmmm...that was pretty tasty." I laughed and asked if it was tasty. As Peanut set his cup aside he said, "I know that for a fact." I don't know where you get these things from but it's hilarious. The absolute best thing though, is when you guys look at me and say, "I wuv you, Mama." It seriously melts my heart and almost brings tears to my eyes.

This year you have become obsessed with Thomas. Bug would wear the same Thomas shirt every single day if I'd let him. He insists on wearing Thomas socks most days and constantly repeats, "How 'bout da Thomas ones," while getting dressed. His face lights up over Thomas apparel.

You guys love playing Thomas too. It's always such a drama when you play with your trains, usually Bug's yelling, "Ahhh! Wook out!" while Peanut's screeching, "There's a cwack in the twack!" The train table was one of the best things I've ever bought you. You play with it all day long, all year long: in the summer we drag it outside onto the deck and let you play under the pop-up tent, and now it's in the middle of the house because we have no where else for it. Between Santa and family, you own almost every Thomas character there is.

I'm not entirely sure why, but you guys like to have every single train out which causes quite the pile-up. Literally. Peanut will shove all the trains into Knapford Station causing one big cluster of derailed trains. Last weekend when Aria was over, I was talking to her mom when I noticed Bug had not only piled all the trains, but also all you airplanes and anything else that had been out. Between three little kids, there were a lot of toys out so there was one big stack on the table. It reminded me of the King's toys in Aladdin

The two of you are developing quite the imagination. Just three nights ago, Bug and I played Peter Rabbit, crawling around on the floor for a good 30 minutes. It warms my heart the way he kept saying, ""Wets hop to it, Wi'wee," (Lets' hop to it, Lily,") as he handed me the red trains to pretend like they're strawberries and we were on a raid.  I love when you guys are playing Peter Rabbit and trying to get "rabishes" (radishes)  or when Bug is on the floor scooping his hand in front of him over and over while grunting, "Ugh....ugh..." like he can't get the radishes.

You guys are so smart. I was astonished one day when  Peanut glanced at the bottom of one of the stacking cups and said, "Dats a oc'aon," I thought it was just a lucky guess but correctly identified the other shapes too: pentagon, hexagon, circle, triangle and square. He knows almost all of his letters, out of alphabetical order. I didn't realize it was a big deal for someone who wasn't even 2 and a half, but our friend Melissa (a teacher) said she knows kindergartners who can't even do that. Both of you can count to 20 correctly, most of the time. Occasionally you leave out numbers but not often. You know all your colors too.

Peanut still loves to dance and sing. A few weeks ago I caught him mimicking the ballet moves on Bubble Guppies, even ending the dance on the floor just like they did. For Christmas, you got Buzz and Woody dolls from Santa and it's not unusual to hear Peanut belting, "You got fraaaaan inme," I finally got it on camera this morning!Often times, while sitting on my lap, I'll rock back and forth while softly singing a song with Peanut. I love that it's something we do that no one else knows about while we're doing it. When I quit rocking Peanut nudges me along, he loves to rock.

Both of you guys are the most tenderhearted little guys. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd share my love for Lilo and Stitch with you. It'd been a while since I'd seen the movie, so I forgot how sad it could be. Bug turned to me and said, "He's sad." I confirmed that Stitch was indeed sad when suddenly tears are welling up and Bug lets out a little cry. After it happened a 2nd time we turned to Toy Story which is a little happier. If one of us is hurt, Bug says, "I kiss it," and kisses wherever our owie is. Peanut loves to give hugs and kisses. We hold hands sometimes too. If Bug is upset, Peanut will rub his back saying, "Is ok," or, "Wha's wrong bruddah?" I love knowing you will always have each other's backs. I hope you two are as close as can be.

Peanut has the best sense of humor. He always has. He's usually a pretty happy little guy that loves making people laugh. He's always been that way. You sure do make us laugh! When Aria was over the two of you were chasing her around when all of a sudden, Peanut held up his hands and said,"Woah woah, whatsamatta Honey?" We love making faces in the mirror together. He loves playing hide and seek because we always jump and laugh when he pops out of his hiding place. There is seriously nothing better than your faces lit up in laughter...except maybe your hugs.

Our biggest challenges this year have been that Bug whined for a good portion of it but is getting much better. He still cries when he doesn't get his way but is still easily distractable. Bug throws toys so the toys go on time out every so often. These last few days, eating has been a struggle because he refuses to eat anything. Even when we make foods he likes for dinner, Bug's been refusing and I feel bad letting him wait to eat when he's hungry enough so I end up offering a sandwich, banana or some other food just to get something in you. I hope this is a short-lived phase.

Peanut picks on his brother quite a bit. It's usually nothing too serious and we stop it before it even happens. Sometimes it's just a small nudge with his foot, but Bug doesn't like it and freaks out. Unfortunately when we try to discipline him, Peanut just thinks it's funny. One time, when he hit me I asked if he wanted to make me cry and he started crying instead. Guess who felt horrible about that one? I know that when Peanut is acting out he wants attention so usually if I ask if he wants a hug, he'll come over and sit on my lap, letting me cuddle him. I cherish those moments.

I also love when I'm getting ready for work and Bug says, "Mom! I want a hug." I stop what I'm doing and spend a few moments cuddling. I don't care if I end up late for work.

Bug has finally started being a little less of a Daddy's boy. You two still love your Daddy, very much so, but he doesn't flip out every time Dad leaves the room anymore. I love that you two are close to your Daddy, but I was secretly a tiny bit jealous so I'm happy that  Bug will choose to sit on my lap rather than always choosing Dad over me. It also gives Peanut a chance to spend time on Daddy's lap once in a while too.

When I said it was time to go, Peanut cried immediately.

This year we took our first family vacation and went to the Oregon coast. It was amazing, fun, relaxing, and Peanut fell in love with the ocean. He was devastated when we needed to leave. I can't wait for all the things I'm planning to do with you: Hawaii, Disneyland, collect heart-shaped rocks, and creating awesome memories as a family. I hope that we have a close, open relationship. I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything no matter how uncomfortable it is.

We took you to your first baseball game this year. You were more interested in driving your cars on the seats than the game, but that's ok. You sure look cute in your M's shirts though! Peanut talked all the way through your first movie and you both loved the big slide at the fair - Buggy and I even rode a camel! Mostly, we played outside and ran through the sprinkler this summer. You two love being outside, just like I do. I hope you always love it.
I think the water was a little cold, but he kept going back for more.
You love to play "Unda da covers," and jump on our bed. You love the bouncy house we got you last year on your birthday and we've even set it up inside the garage when it wasn't nice enough to play outside. Unfortunately, the bouncy house is also the reason Peanut dislocated his elbow. You love cars, planes, trains and anything that goes. You love to watch Bubble Guppies, UmiZoomi, Thomas and Paw Patrol. We've watched Toy Story and Cars more times than I can count and today we're introducing you to Mary Poppins. I hope you like the movie as much as I did when I was little.

This week Bug has started asking, "Do you want to play trains, mom?" And I always say yes. I know that one day you will not always want to play with, or even be seen with me so I relish these days while I can. I will always play trains with you, watch your sporting events, cuddle on the couch with you, take care of you when you're sick, hug and kiss you through your broken heart, I will always be there for you.

I guess maybe I should write updates about you a little more often so this isn't so long next time, huh? You've taught me and Daddy about the truest, purest form of love. Before you were born, Daddy and I were two people who loved each other very much but you two made us a family. Like our favorite book, I Love You So says, I love you way WAY more than you know.

Happy Birthday,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We're Too Old to Celebrate NYE

Bear with me while I play catch up for a bit. With everyone in my house being sick these last few weeks and then the holidays, I took a little longer of a blogging break than I anticipated.

Our NYE was super chill. I had to set up for my work's party again like I do every year, but this year I chose not to earn extra money while working the party too. My favorite part of my job is watching big events coming together and hanging out at the Experience Music Project beats being in the office any day. I shared photos on Instagram, if you're ever in Seattle you should check it out, the EMP is a pretty dope place...and it beats being in the office any day. 

I showed up at home to find Boyfriend washing his truck while it was sprinkling. I've mentioned at least a dozen times that he's very anal and clean but even he admitted what he was doing was weird. As I got settled in, I heard great big, belly laughs coming from the boys. Athey always do when B's outside, the boys climbed onto the back of the couch to watch when he "sprayed" them with the hose. I love when they let out those big, deep, laughs like that.

I'd gotten a coupon that expired on NYE for Papa Murphy's, so while I was at work, he picked up the pizza....I didn't realize it was for two larges and two mini murph's from Papa Murphy's. And, I might have just randomly piped up with, "Murph," throughout the night. I'm sure that wasn't annoying at all.

We didn't know what a mini murph is but basically it's a personal pizza kit. B decided it was easiest to let the boys try it out on the living room floor....he's such a good daddy.

 The boys were interested in the sauce for a bit but Bug quickly lost interest but Peanut was interested in the pepperoni too.

Bug looks up to no good.
After we gobbled pizza, we decided it would be fun to have a pajama party and watch a movie. We let the boys stay up past their bed time and of course when we asked what movie they wanted to watch, they said UmiZoomi. We vetoed that and explained we were watching a movie. I wanted something we haven't watched over and over but I'm super careful about what we allow them to watch so we figured Winnie the Pooh would be safe.

Because we're old, I was the first to doze off for a few minutes - I just can't help it, I get so warm cuddled up next to one of the boys. Next B fell off for a few minutes...we both fell asleep before 7:45! Told ya we're old.

After the boys went to bed, we vegged on the couches watching one of those year-in-review type TV shows. Again, we both snuck in some shut-eye for a few minutes and then I forced B to stay up until midnight. When the boys woke up at 6am the next morning, we were both pretty exhausted and we still had to go to my Grandma's for our annual dinner lunch of cornbread and black eyed peas...although now that I think of it, there wasn't any cornbread.

How was your NYE? Please tell me you did something more interesting than I did.

Monday, January 6, 2014

30's The New 20

I barely put any thought into turning 31. Last year, I was kind of freaking out over turning 30, and people kept telling me 31 is harder because then you're officially into your 30's, but I didn't really think about it much.

Since Boyfriend and I have the same birthday, I didn't plan to do much. I wanted to use a Groupon for Korean BBQ and go see the movie Hours with Boyfriend. BTW that movie is not showing anywhere near me and it's driving me crazy! I don't want to wait until it's on video to see it. It was when we were hanging out at home on NYE that B suggested we do something. We decided on a bar close to our house because they have good french fries (seriously, that's why I suggested it) we sent a quick text to our friends: "He guys we decided last night to celebrate our birthday on Saturday at JP's by our house. We're starting a 6 because we're old and can't be out late..." not thinking many people would show on such short notice but they did!


We planned on walking to the bar even though neither one of us wanted to get trashed - we just thought it would be better not to drive but my dad ended up dropping us off ( how weird is that!)

I'd decided I wasn't going to do any shots no matter how many people offered (our friends like shots) but nobody even offered so I was able to stick with beer all night. I stopped drinking about an hour before we left so I felt fabulous the next day. It's always the mixing of alcohols that does me in.

Oh yeah, I cut my hair again on Friday too.
People ended up coming out that I've never ended up hanging out with at a bar before so it was good to get to know some of B's friends in that atmosphere rather than kids parties.Of course I forgot to take pics until after my girlfriends left but I did get video of kareoke-ing Ice Ice Baby. He's got a dance down and everything :)

Sunday was a pretty chill day, just like Saturday was before we went to JPs. Even though neither one of us were hung over, we didn't get home until midnight and the boys wake up early so I got up and let B sleep in. Once he woke up, he let me take a two hour was glorious.

I'm committing myself to eating better starting today so my "last meal" yesterday was Mexican food. Tell me someone else thinks that way too - when you know you're eating healthier you carefully choose what you're going to eat and go all out. Wish me luck!



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