Monday, September 30, 2013

We're Going To Portland

I've mentioned over and over how anal B is. It came as no surprise when a few months ago he admitted that when he was little, he'd hole up in his room for hours on end, separate all his LEGO® bricks by color and build "masterpieces." That explains so much.

When he found out we were having twin boys with a big smile he exclaimed, "I can't wait to play LEGOs with them!"  His excitement hasn't died down either; just yesterday when we were getting the boys' hair cut, he perused the toy store attached to the kid's salon and muttered, "One time they had a Space Needle one, I should have bought it because I haven't seen it since."

And, don't forget that he was a LEGO® "minifigure" (that's not so mini) for Halloween a few years ago

We're going on a family vacation to Oregon soon, so I applied to attend LEGO® KidsFest in Portland and was accepted! The funny thing is, I applied mainly because I thought of how thrilled B would be, with the boys as an afterthought because they mostly play with the big  LEGO® Duplo bricks and not the small ones yet.

Seriously, look at this amazingness. We have some very Cars obsessed twins who will be excited to see this. I think the only thing that could be better is if the event also has Thomas the Tank Engine. They are ob-sessed with Thomas right now.

I've always been in awe of people who have the creativity to pull things like this off.  If Boyfriend ever gets out of radio, I totally think he should work for LEGO® he's really good at engineering stuff like this whereas I  would have no clue. Maybe I should ask B to make a LEGO® structure of me, how cool would that be?! Or maybe just a bit creepy.

I was already excited for our family vacation together (our first one!) but the more I read about LEGO KidsFest Portland, the more excited I get for this part of our trip! I cannot wait to watch B's child-like excitement as he gets to share his love with our boys.

I guess tickets for this event sell out quickly so if you're considering purchasing tickets, do it soon!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Humps My Humps Her Lovely Camel Lumps

What a whirlwind this weekend was! Boyfriend was asked to work at the last minute (okay so really it was Thursday but still...) which totally put a cramp in my plans to go to the fair, but I like when Boyfriend makes money.

Since Boyfriend had to work, I got him back by going thrifting with my mom - and sending him pics of everything I wanted. I passed up a coffee table - which my mom bought - still giving her the side eye on that one - and ended up with a ginormous chest of drawers. I have big plans to paint this baby.

Never mind that it doesn't match the style of anything in my house right now. I have plans to slowly make our house into a "big girl house" over the next year or so. And show you what a wreck it currently is.

When did my boy get so big?!
After the boys napped and we stuffed our faces, we headed out to the fair. Right away we cruised to the humongous slide because I just knew the Bambinos would love it. B took Bug while Peanut and I waited with the stroller. Apparently Bug said it was scary but wanted to go again in the end.

When it was Peanut's and my turn, he fussed as I went to the back of the line, "I swide...I swide," he kept repeating. I explained that we had to wait in line but to a two year old who doesn't understand turns and patience very well...I was just happy the line moved quickly. The girl at the front thought Peanut was Bug so she didn't measure to make sure he was tall enough which is good because I  think he would have barely squeaked by the height requirement.

After walking up 486380291 increasingly swaying stairs lugging Peanut and our two burlap sacks and then having visions of the stairs detaching from the platform yes I know I'm crazy we made it to the top. After a little effort we made our way down.

"Woah!......Woah...woah!" Peanut cried at every bump; by the end of the ride I was cracking up. He wanted to go again but it already cost us $14 for the four of us to ride it and Mama's not willing to spend that much money on just a big slide.

We did let them go on a car ride which ended up a bust because they weren't even big enough to see over the padded steering wheel. I couldn't get good pics until they were right beside us and by that point it was too late.

After stopping for strawberry shortcake made out of scones we happened upon the camel rides by accident. I wanted to ride the camels last year and didn't get to, so I made B cough up some cash so we could do it. B hates animals bigger than him (horses, cows, camels, elephants) so I agreed to go and both boys said, "Yeah," when I asked if they wanted to ride. The four of us patiently waited for our turn, but Peanut decided to cling to Daddy instead so only Bug & I went. Bug didn't seem too impressed but I got to check one thing off my bucket list. 

Our only decent family picture. How cute is my pregnant co-worker?
He's got the one finger touch down.
 The only other thing we wanted to do was the petting zoo. Peanut was not interested at all in petting the animals, he was just happy we let him run free for a minute. Bug had fun at first but became too preoccupied with the sawdust on his shoes, "Too dirty," he whined, "My shoe dirty!" That kid hates being dirty. I hope he's not as anal as his dad. So we waited out the rain in the petting zoo and then headed home.

Sunday we went to B's mom's house for her birthday. After food and this family tradition they have called "Wacky Cake" we all walked to a nearby school. I think the adults had just as much fun playing on the toys, throwing footballs and shooting hoops. Or at least I did.

Once we walked back to the house to say goodbye and packed the boys in the car, they threw a fit, "Want go park!" Bug yelled suddenly and Peanut cried bloody murder half the way home. Seriously, we pulled over to make sure he wasn't hurt or sitting on a toy car or anything. He was fine, just a little melodramatic.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayers For Baby Harper

This mama is living my biggest fear.

Lora is a mom to twin girls and her baby boy, Harper, came Sunday night - 13 weeks early. He weighs 1.9lbs and is expected to be in the hospital until December. I was terrified my whole pregnancy something like this would happen to my babies so I can only imagine what Lora's family must be going through. My heart breaks for Lora.

Lora's maternity leave will expire long before her baby comes home.

Harper wears the tiniest diapers folded in half - that's how small he is.

Baby Harper can use your help.

Some other bloggers have set up a fund to help with medical bills or anything else the family needs. They have a goal of raising $1,000 but I think we can do better than that. I'm sure we will do better than that. 100% of the money goes straight to Lora's family.

If you cannot donate, please pray for them. A former classmate posted this conversation with her almost four year old the other day:

If we all pray together we can lift Harper's family up like wings on water. I know I pray for them every time I get a chance, I hope you will too. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

No One Shuts Up The 12th Man

So....if you haven't heard, the Seahawks Stadium broke the World Record for loudest stadium - and beat the 49ers a**.  The cool thing is, the fans broke the world record without using noisemakers, it was purely the voices of our fans. And I was there.


Sort of.

Sunday, B DJ'd in a tailgating spot just like he did last year. This year he asked me to tag along and we invited a few other friends.

The two guys in the top right I met that day. They're from Nashville but were visiting an acquaintance of ours.  I really hope to see them again someday, I spent practically the whole time talking to Ron.

My step sister and her husband have had season tickets for years. They used to be really involve in Josh Brown's charity before he was traded so they stopped by to see us. Can you believe that as of last week they've been married for 18 years?! They're another one of my parenting/marriage role models.  It was fun getting to hang out with them although by the time they showed up I might have been a little too talkative :)

But anyway, how cool is it that they got to be inside and help break the world record? Once the game started, we tore down and went to the Hawks Nest where it was way to crowded and I felt like I was breathing in everyone's must. I hate stale air so once I went to the bathroom we left and got food at some place I don't even know the name of.

We got home and I fell asleep while B watched the game. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to watch any of the game but the most important thing is the Seahawks won!  It feels good to have a Seattle team doing well.

And that my friends is the last of my weekend recap on a Friday. I said on Instagram that I'd be reviewing some products but I'll definitely be doing them next week. (Love finding new products!) And, I'm finally putting together another giveaway. As Vickie Genvalson says "Wooooo hoooo!"

See ya next week!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Want Cows

These last two weekends have been filled with sports. And the zoo. But mostly sports.

We started out the Saturday before last at our first Sounders soccer game. B and I had never been and got to use a guy at work's tickets so we were looking forward to our first match. We were a tiny bit nervous 'cause we were told that section was really rowdy and would hassle us if we didn't sing along and do the hand motions and stuff but it really wasn't that bad.

The next day, we decided to go to the zoo: as I got the boys up from their nap, this happened:

Me: Do you want to go to the zoo?
Boys: Yaaay!
Me: They have a baby giraffe.
Bug: Horse?
Me: And we can see elephants
Bug: And sheep.
Me: And tigers.
Bug: Horse.
Me: You know we can see those animals any day, are there any exotic animals you want to see?
Bug: I want cows.

So we trekked around looking at all the different animals and finally saw the cows at the end....I'm still trying to figure out why cows are at the zoo but oh well.  When we finally left around dinner time, we decided to head to Red Mill Burgers because I keep hearing about how good it is. Of course, the boys kept saying, "We go zoo?" #facepalm.

Red Mill was pretty good, but I got just a basic burger so I didn't it was amazing or anything. It reminded me a lot of Dick's (where Macklemore filmed part of his White Walls video.) Maybe I wasn't blown away because I thought we were going to a brewery and this was definitely not one. They have another location that I think does include a brewery so we'll try that one next time. Even thought Red Mill wasn't what I expected, I would still go back. 

I already wrote way more than I intended to, so I'll write about this last weekend (the other half of our sports weekends) tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me during my sporadic blogging!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

I had a much different post planned for today but I don't think I've written this story down so I want to try.

My alarm clock went off. Our local hip-hop  station, KUBE was playing, but there was a lot more talking than normal. In my grogginess I heard something about a plane but I hit snooze thinking it was all a dream. My dad works on planes so I thought somehow that had eeked its way into my subconscious.

My alarm clock went off again and I finally woke up. KUBE's DJ was saying something about a plane hitting a building when I came too and bolted up to turn on my TV. Every single channel was covering the tragedy. I watched as the 2nd plane hit and they started calling it what it was - terrorism.

My 18 year old brain tried to wrap around the possibilities. Why would someone want to fly into the World Trade Centers? Why New York? Who was responsible for this? There was a heaviness in my heart even though I didn't yet fully grasp the magnitude of the situation. It wasn't until I started thinking about all the innocent lives lost and the people who would have to live without them that I lost it.

Not knowing what else to do, I went to work at my retail job in the mall. The mall was eerily quiet and still. The air was filled with sorrow rather than the managers' normal banter back and forth or morning, Hellos.

My manager and I opened Wet Seal like we always did, but neither of us wanted to be there. I wasn't sure what, but I felt like there was something else I should be doing. My manager, Rita, called the district manager who already hated to fly and was stuck in Arizona. Rita was given permission to close the store when we noticed most of the mall was making the same choice.

Over the next few days, as more and more details were released about the tragedy, people started holding signs of support on one of the busiest street corners in our city. A few people turned into more turned into close to a hundred. For about a week, we'd gather on the corners at night after school or work to wave, and yell, dressed in red, white and blue encouraging cars to honk as they passed by. We screamed words of encouragement and loyalty. I'll never forget the masses of flags waving from those street corners, flapping from car antennas and anywhere else they could be affixed.

Our curbside gatherings did absolutely nothing to support those who actually experienced the tragedy but it was one way that people from all walks of life and different backgrounds could come together in a show of support and solidarity for our country. I've never been more proud of where I was from than on those nights following the tragedy.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Haven't Blogged In A MONTH!

The other day, someone pointed out to me that the last time I was absent from my blog, I was pregnant. I'm definitely not pregnant, so let's catch up on the last month:

I worked four weddings in three weekends, with one being a 450 person wedding and the other a 650 person wedding. I don't think I even know 450 people - not ones I'd invite to my wedding at least.

I was pretty much a single mom while B was gone for a week in Washington DC for his softball league's World Series. Everyone at work kept asking if I was going to go with to which I replied an emphatic, "No!" Sitting in the heat & humidity watching him play softball didn't sound like my idea of fun, but after receiving texts of pictures he'd taken and the sights he'd seen, I'm just a tad jealous now. I definitely want to take the boys when they're old enough to appreciate. 

While he was there, it was the 50th anniversary of MLK Jr's march in Washington D.C. - what a cool time to be there! Sadly, Boyfriend didn't get to participate in the festivities because they were on the ball fields. 

Once Boyfriend got home, we watched Olympus Has Fallen; it was a pretty good movie, but I'm glad I waited to watch it until after he got home.

While B was gone, our weather turned cool enough to wear my new fall boots, but that didn't last long as it's supposed to be close to 90 today and tomorrow!

I shared this on Instagram (@undomestic_mama) already but last Thursday B replaced my car battery and then my alternator on Saturday.  I'm so grateful he knows about cars because he saved me over $200!

All in all, it's been a busy month and when something seems too overwhelming I avoid it which is why I haven't been blogging - there's too much to talk about! But, I'm going to do my very best to get back into the swing of things. And, I've got a giveaway happening next week - my blog turned four in August and I completely dropped the ball.


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