Monday, August 12, 2013

Planes, Drunks & Jammies - A Perfect Weekend!

This weekend we took the Bambinos to see their first movie in the movie theater, Planes. To say I was excited was an understatement. Over a year ago, I'd told B they should make a movie like Cars but about airplanes because Bug loves cars and Peanut loves airplanes. When we found out there actually was a movie about planes coming out we decided that would be their first theater experience. I'd talked to the Bambinos about the movie all week. I knew they'd love it so I just couldn't wait.

We should have waited longer. Peanut talked through the whole thing. We couldn't even keep him quiet with a sippie cup of milk or popcorn. I should have known because he's very interactive at home repeating anything he hears on Bubble Guppies or Team Umizoomi. He stood leaning on the back of the seats in front of us repeating everything he could or injecting an, "Oh no!" Once in a while. I can't tell you how many times I had to tell him to be quiet.

B said if people got mad it was their own problem because it was a kids movie, but I still felt like everyone was shooting us dirty looks.

Neither Bambino weighs enough to keep the seats down so we had to use our leg to keep it down for Bug the whole time. He ate his weight in popcorn and then kept asking for "chocwate," I might have made the mistake of getting some chocolate crunch pieces to mix in with the "pawcorn." After the movie we went out for Mexican food but of course only B and I ate, Bug was too full and Peanut filled up on chips at the restaurant.

I thought the movie was just ok. I'll end up buying it when it comes out because Peanut loves airplanes but it didn't have any heart and soul like Cars did. I shouldn't compare it to Cars, but it's so hard not to when it's made by the same people and looks so similar. 

Saturday B and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Mariners game. Ken Griffey Jr. was being inducted into the Hall of Fame so it was Jr. bobble head night. I thought being there an hour before the game started would be plenty of time, but I was so wrong. The lines were so long - one line even stretched all the way down to Century Link Field!

We got at the back of one line and B and I started arguing because he kept telling me he didn't think we'd be one of the first 20,000 people in meaning we wouldn't get a bobble head, but I kept snapping back that he needed to think positive!

We were in front of some barricades when one of the employees came and told the guy managing the line that they were going to open the barricades and let people flood in rather than do long lines. It took three employees to try and get the barricade open when I noticed the other end was unhooked, I helped myself and said, "This one works!" as we rushed in. And we got bobble heads!

We made our way down to the bar where we made some new friends and ogled a guy wearing a leather man-purse when finally it was time for the ceremony to start.

We ended up being in the 4th row just past 3rd base near the outfield. All the people involved in the ceremony had their back's turned toward us but I didn't care, we were there and we got bobbleheads! Plus, the Mariners have something like the 2nd biggest screen (the biggest in baseball) so watching the video of it was just fine.

It was so cool to see Felix Hernandez, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson and "Mr. Mariner" Alan Davis, but I was most excited that Ken Griffey Sr. was there. I have memories of watching both Griffey's play for the Mariners at the Kingdome. I have a ball autographed by the whole 1990 or 1991 team somewhere, I need to find it.

After the ceremony, we went to get some food and a beer; when we came back, a guy was sitting in our seats. B politely told him he was in our seat when he said, "I think you're mistaken." We showed him our tickets when the guy realized he shouldn't be in seat 5 or 6 he should be in seat 16 at the end of the row.

He nicely left but we kept an eye on him 'cause shortly after he was doing the wasted wobble - you know the one, elbows propped on knees, face perched on hands, body wobbling back and forth with eyes closed. I know we've all been there once or twice. B got up and bought the guy a bottle of water which meant that they were best friends for the rest of the game. Seriously, B makes friends anywhere we go. Once the row behind us cleared out, the guy came and sat down behind us thanking B for "saving his a$$" (his words.) We talked through the rest of the game but we didn't care 'cause the Brewers won 10-0. The only thing that mattered is we watched Griffey get inducted into the Mariner's Hall of Fame and we got Griffey Bobbleheads!

The Bambinos were totally down for a lazy day, we played outside with the train table and Peanut couldn't stay away from the water table. I turned my back for one second and he and Bug were flinging water at each other using plastic shovels. They didn't change out of their pajamas until after dinner when we bathed them and put them right into clean jammies. They vegged out watching Thomas for a bit after their bath. At 7:30 when B said, "Ok guys it's time for bed," Bug promptly grabbed his blanket, and headed for their bedroom!

If only bed time were always that easy.

After they went to bed, B caught up on Franklin & Bash while I worked on some prints for Erin and my etsy shop.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Excited. Not Excited.

One of my good friends, Erin, is about to have her first baby in a few weeks. Talking with her about her pregnancy reminds me of my own feelings regarding the Bambinos' birth.

Would I be a horrible person if I admitted I wasn't excited for them to be born?

Being pregnant was such a weird, special time for me. It was something uniquely mine and the Bambinos'. No one else in the world could understand exactly what my pregnancy was like. I've mentioned before that I didn't love being pregnant, but I loved feeling the Bambinos move around inside me. I knew I would miss that feeling more than anything else. I loved feeling them push against my insides and knowing that no one else knew what it was like to have these twins inside of them. I loved knowing that no one else knew what it felt like when every single day a breech Peanut got hiccups and his feet jolted against my hips.  I loved knowing that they were safe and protected in there. I knew that in the timeline of their life, the 38 weeks they spent inside me was such a short time so I wanted to relish the time I had with them in that way.

But at the same time, I couldn't wait to meet them. I slept maybe only three hours the night before they were born I was so filled with anticipation. I constantly wondered what they would look like, what their personalities would be like, if we would have a close relationship as they got older, if I could be the best mother in the whole wide world.

I wasn't excited for the Bambinos to be born because I was selfish. I wanted them all to myself because I knew sooner or later I'd have to share them with so many people. And I know they're lucky to have so many people that love them but for just a little while I wanted them all to myself. It was like I had a special little secret that no one else knew. I loved that.

I was excited for the Bambinos to be born because I was so excited to be a mother. I was excited to kiss them and cuddle them and love on them. I was excited to teach them things, and shape the people they become. I was excited to attempt to be the best mom in the whole wide world.

Now, we have such a special relationship. Both boys know they can always come to me when they need cuddles. I stop whatever I'm doing to hold them and squeeze them because I know all to soon those moments will be few and far between. I'm the story reader and the tickler. I'm the one who tells Peanut it's okay to cry if he tries to hold it in, I'm the one who insists Bug uses his words when he tries to get away with whining. I'm the one who will chase them in circles around and around the house because our house filled with their giggles is the best thing ever.

I hope to be the one to share secrets with them. I hope they come to me with absolutely everything. I hope that as they get older we get closer and closer. I hope we can find activities that are uniquely ours. Something that Peanut and I enjoy doing without anyone else and something Bug and I enjoy without anyone else....or maybe all three of us enjoy something together. We already have inside jokes that I hope only grow and multiply as they get older.

My excitement far outweighed my selfishness. The experiences I've had withe them "on the outside" far outweigh the specialness of them being inside. In these two and a half years, they've enhanced my life more than I could ever imagine. I hope I'm doing the same for them. I'm far from being the best mother in the whole wide world, but I'm trying.

I've been updating my Etsy shop, I'd love for you to poke around and take a look.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wrangling Chaos

It just occurred to me yesterday that I never shared our family pics with you even though we got them back almost a month ago. We had them taken in June and the weather was wonderful! You never quite know with Seattle at that time of year.

The same photographer that took our pics last year showed up at our house bright and early to start shooting our family. I'm in love with the lifestyle photoshoots people do so I worked like a madwoman to redecorate our living room I was worried because a lot of work needs to be done on the house, but Barbie captured the good parts so well :)

I love this one because it is so my boys. I can almost always find Peanut standing on the back of the couch....and Bug is sometimes not too far behind.

 Why are boys always blessed with long eyelashes? Mine are pretty long but I'd kill for thick ones like they have.

This one shows how happy Peanut is in the morning. He takes after his daddy by being a morning person. It's not unusually for him to be smiling, bouncing and dancing first thing in the morning.

I love this one so much.

Peanut was not trying to hold still. It's not my favorite pic, but she did a great job capturing the best parts of our house. 

After we did a few photos at home, we headed out to Coulon park which is close to our house. 

I was going for an Abbey Road type of thing with us marching instead. We often get the Bambinos to do what we want by marching.


 They wanted to be near the water, not where they were supposed to be.

 I had a cute little banner hung behind us and we were going to have a "pimik," as Bug says, but we struggled so hard to get them to sit still.

Finally we gave up and tried to change locations in the park.

I'm loving the wall color behind us - it's just an Ivar's Restaurant!

I told B not to let the bubble wand be visible in the photos. And what do you see in almost every single photo? B's hand and the bubble wand or at least the bubble wand. Is anyone really good at photoshop?

I was worn out after the session. It was constant, "Come over here," "Stay over there," "Look at the camera," "B make sure they can't see your hand," "Sit down that's not safe...." Last year was so much easier because only Peanut was walking and he was still pretty unstable. It was easy to put them somewhere and know that's where they'd stay.

Last year we were able to get me alone with both boys and with each boy individually. B did the same thing and then we did family pictures. This year, we got some bad ones of B with both boys but we didn't even attempt me with them.

 The other thing I would change is I wouldn't have worn the white cardigan, I like the colors I chose for everyone to wear and then there's this stark white blob which also did nothing for my figure. I should have at least belted it.

I think next year we'll do photos in our home; some of my favorite pictures from this day are the boys just being themselves at home. Maybe by then we'll have a cute bedroom and the backyard will be landscaped a little better so we will have plenty of options.

If you want to see some of the "good" pictures, check out my facebook page.

And, pretty please go check out my guest post on Sarah's blog today. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Parenting Role Models

I feel like everyone should have parenting role models. I mean, I'm sure people take a little bit of their parenting style from a lot of different people but I feel like every parent should have at least one couple that they look up to and think, Yes! They get it. They're great parents.

I want to let my children learn from their own mistakes like my dad did. I want to protect my children at all costs like my mom still does did. But the parents I think I look up to the most are my Aunt Stacey and Uncle Jerry.

Like any parent-child relationship I'm sure they have their growing pains, but my aunt and uncle have raised two amazing boys. We stay with my aunt and uncle every time we got to Eastern Washington now so I get to witness the relationship they have with their boys on a daily basis while we're visiting.

They have such an open, loving relationship. The older of the two boys often goes to his mom for help with his relationships, his friendships or advice about a tough situation. Their dad is teaching them the value of hard work and not being handed on a gilded platter every single thing you ask for. After watching TV together, they'll often look up more about the subject they just watched so they're continually learning. My aunt is teaching the boys to stand up for themselves and not let people take advantage of them. I've watched my uncle play countless hours of HORSE or PIG or have dunking contests with them. Their home is seriously filled with so much laughter.  I think what impresses me most is how mature and responsible my cousins are, especially the older one.

Seriously, the kid was only 15 when he wrote this at Mother's Day. Besides making all of us tear up, it made me realize that he's learned gratitude. He's learned not to take anything for granted - especially his mom.

This speaks volumes for my aunt and uncle's parenting style since often times moms are the person who just does things without asking for anything in return: cooking, cleaning, tutor, chauffeur, cheerleader and a million other things.

My aunt and uncle support their children. They go to every single sports game (and sometimes coach!) no matter how far away it may be (sometimes 1.5 hours each way.) They tell them on a daily basis that they're good at things and help build their confidence. They give them consequences when they mess up. They have a good balance of I'm Your Friend But I'm still Your Parent. But most of all, they treat their children with respect. They don't talk down to them like they're children who don't know anything. They answer their questions with age-appropriate answers. They've let their children know that they can talk to them about anything and ask questions about anything. They let them make up their own minds and form their own opinions.

Recently my cousin was given the opportunity to attend an event in San Francisco. While visiting Stanford, they did this exercise where a statement was read and people had to line up with one end being that you agree with the statement, the middle is neutral and the other end is you disagree. As people argued their position, the students were allowed to move along the line. The statement read was something about gay marriage and there was one (clearly gay and out) boy standing on the agree end, my cousin and a few others were in the middle and a bunch of the students were in the disagree end. My cousin ended up taking the first step and went over to the agree side to take a stand and argue the agree with gay marriage side. Eventually a few other students ended up on the same end while everyone else pretty much stayed on the disagree end. At an age where so many kids give in to peer pressure and don't stand up for what they believe in, I was really proud of my cousin when I heard this story.

This last time we visited, I just kept wondering exactly what they do to keep such an open relationship. In a time when it seems like so many kids are texting/sexting, hiding things from their parents, avoiding talking about big issues and generally disliking their parents, neither of my cousins seem to do any of these things. My aunt and uncle must be doing something right, I hope I can follow in their footsteps.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Have You Ever Seen a Drunk Unicorn?

What a great weekend we had! Friday night, we attended our first gay wedding. The weather was crappy so the picnic and ceremony part was cancelled. B didn't find out until he'd already come to work to pick me up so we had an impromptu date and went to dinner.

After dinner we headed to the grooms' house for the reception. They had a caricature artist who asked us to be their first "victim" How funny did it turn out?! I think it only somewhat looks like us, but I smile every time I look at it.

The reception was so fun! A few guys from Benny's softball team were there and we had the best time goofing off and making jokes with them. He's going to DC with them in a few weeks for the Softball World Series and I just know he's going to have a blast.

Saturday my cousin Jess was in class learning to become a midwife so Jess' sister Adrienne and mom (my Aunt Theresa) were staying with Jess' son, Silas. After being cooped up in a hotel for four days, Aunt Theresa was more than happy to meet up with us at a nearby park and let Si run.

 It's not until we're around younger kids that I realize how much the Bambinos are growing. They were fearless climbing up things, going down slides, running across on of those shaky bridge things - it makes me happy but so sad at the same time. They even did a great job sharing their new Thomas train with Si.

After about an hour and a half all three boys were pooped and slowing down so we parted ways and headed to a birthday party.

I never realized what a big back yard our friends Brian and Melissa have.

There are a bunch of secret "gardens" for the kids to run and play in; the Bambinos had a blast running after the big kids.

The adults had way too much fun with animal masks.

And we kept the Bambinos up way past their bedtime which we paid for yesterday. All the adults kept mentioning how well behaved they were for being up so late, but I knew there'd be repercussions.

Sunday morning, we met up with friends for Seafair brunch. We planned on watching the hydroplane races at Doofer's, but Bug was completely melting down. First he wanted his shoes off, then he wanted his socks off, then he wanted out of the high chair to walk around but he didn't want to put his shoes back on, so he cried. When my children are crying in the middle of a restaurant I know it's time to take them home. They never cry like that.

I took the Bambinos home and put them to bed while B stayed to visit a little more with Erin, Rachel and Rachel's son, Owen. Eventually Bug woke up, proceeded to wake up his brother and then B and Erin came back to our house so we could all go to Seafair.

I haven't been to Seafair since I was 6 years old so I was super excited and hoped the boys would be too.

The shuttle we took dropped us off right by a fire truck so Bug hopped right in whereas Peanut was still trying to wake up from the nap he took in the car.

Poor Erin, we're always trying to find her a nice, single man (know of anyone?) so I insisted we wear hydroplane hats. What better way to draw attention to her. But, after a while, we realized the hats made us feel like it was 95 degrees and not 85 so we deflated them and shoved them in the stroller. 

Seafair's never complete without the Seafair Pirates but I didn't take into account how scary a man with a gravelly voice getting in your face might be, even if he's trying to give you some treasure. Look at how terrified Peanut looks.

As soon as I realized he was scared I hurried us away, cuddled him and wiped the tears from his eyes. Poor little guy.

We ended up with Pit Passes so we went down to the pits where we got to see the hydroplanes up close. A guy from the Navy boat gave the Bambinos a Navy hydroplane that they haven't let go of yet. The first thing Peanut said to me this morning was, "Good morning, I dropped my boat," as he pointed to the space between the wall and his crib.

In the pits we also got a pretty good view of the Boeing Air Show, but only stopped to watch for a few minutes as it was getting entirely too hot and I wanted to go to Bahama Breeze for dinner.

At dinner we had the best server. If you're in the area and you go to the Tukwila Bahama Breeze at all ask for Tyler- he's seriously good. After a long, full day, we came home to play with trains and hydroplanes for a little while before it was time for bed.

After the Bmabinos were read to and kissed, B and I started watching Philadelphia on TV when I fell asleep. When he woke me to tell me to go to bed I thought it was close to 3am or something like that but it was only 9:45pm. Oops. I guess I needed my sleep, I think I even fell asleep before 8.

How was your weekend? I want to hear all about it!

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