Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Weekend's Complete Without a Clown Nose

I think all weekends should be three day weekends, but I don't want to work 4 10's, just 4 8's :) Who's with me?

I didn't have three days off, but I could have used one!
Friday night, I finally got to watch Silver Linings Playbook...and I fell asleep. Boyfriend was so upset because as it ended, I woke up and asked, "Was it good?" .....The stinker won't tell me!

I'd been talking about watching it forever, we (teasingly) argued over whether or not it was a chick flick and now he won't even tell me who was right. I've been watching it in snippets when the Bambinos are napping in between doing other stuff.

Saturday we attended a friend's birthday party. It's funny how our parties have changed in the last few years. This group of friends is the one that B went to WSU with and WSU's known as the party school so you know these people know how to party!

Except, nobody was doing shots, no one was drinking spodies from a watermelon (which may or may not have happened at the annual Potholes trip 4 years ago. Not by me of course. I refuse to share germs with that many people.) Instead of shots and shotgunning beers, there were four different families that now have kids. Four different families that were in various states of, Oh he's poopy, she needs to eat, don't touch the cat, oh you want some water? Or spouting some other variation of parenthood's  many truisms. Boyfriend did make the birthday girl, Melissa, a tequila bottle necklace but when we left a little after 7, she hadn't even cracked it open yet.

I shared this on Instagram already but Sunday I was a busy bee. It seems the procrastinator in me always feels compelled to be active on Sundays. I woke up and made the Bambinos blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then, I made turkey bacon wrapped egg muffins, biscuits and Chelsea's Girlfriend Cookies. And I did two loads of laundry all before 11am.

After the Bambinos napped, B went to his softball game and we stopped by my Grandma's.
It's so fun watching them pound on the piano I pounded on when I was little. They're a little more creative than me and use their cars :)
It's fun to see them watch for family members out of the same glass sliding door that I used to feed squirrels out of.
Pretty sure Little Lindsay is screaming bloody murder
 After we'd hung out at my Grandma's for a bit, my sister agreed to go with us to Boyfriend's 2nd softball game so I'd have help wrangling the Bambinos at the fields.
The only problem was, we showed up 15 minutes before the game ended. It's ok though because it was kinda cold out.  Of course Seattle is nice all week and cloudy on the weekend.

After the game, B suggested we go to his fave place, Doofers. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, would you expect anything less? 

By the time we got home, it was pretty much time to get the Bambinos ready for bed, but not before we had fun with clown noses!
Gosh I just love those little guys. 

How was your weekend? Fill me in!

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Friday, April 26, 2013


"Don't be alarmed," were the first words I heard when I picked up the phone Wednesday afternoon. Immediately, my stomach dropped.

"I might need to take Peanut to the doctor, we were playing in the bouncy house and he hurt his arm. Now he won't move it and whimpers whenever I  try and touch it," Boyfriend explained.

Never having to take the Bambinos to an unscheduled Dr. visit, I wasn't sure if we could just show up so I told B I'd call the pediatrician and find out if we needed to go to the doctor, urgent care or the ER.

The receptionist I talked to said she'd have a nurse call me back, after what felt like forever and with thoughts of a tiny cast or sling in my future, the nurse finally called and said yes, he needed to come in.

I called B who already had everything ready and just needed to pack up the Bambinos and told him to head to the Ped's office. Our normal one wasn't in so we'd be seeing a different one and I'd meet them there.

I didn't hit too much traffic so I arrived maybe 10 minutes after they did; walking into the lobby was one of the saddest sites I've ever seen. Peanut was sitting  in B's lap with his right arm draped over B's and a pained look on his face. He didn't even greet me with his usual happy, Mama!" Bug was running back and forth between the two big fish tanks running commentary in his high, little voice.

Sadly, B talks with his hands so I had to keep reminding him to not move his arm the slightest bit because each time he did Peanut would wince. Not being able to take my baby in my arms was the hardest thing, I just wanted to scoop him up and protect him.

When we were finally called back to the exam room, the nurse asked a few questions and said most likely Peanut's elbow was dislocated. Apparently it's really easy to do because little kid's bones don't have the balls on the end like ours and it's actually really common.
Trying to distract him with the bead toy. Look at his poor right arm resting on B's.
As the nurse walked out of the room, Bug wanted to follow so the doctor was greeted by Bug laying on the floor having just finished a mini fit because he wanted to go back to the fish.

After asking what happened, the doctor agreed that most likely his elbow was dislocated so he moved it just two times and it popped back in. Peanut cried and the doctor explained that he wouldn't realize he could move it yet, but as soon as he did the doc would know his diagnoses was correct and we could all leave.

He moved his hand just a tiny bit to which B said that's more than Peanut'd been moving it for a while. Not even two minutes later, I asked Peanut if he wanted to go to Mama, he reached his arms out for me, and we were all relieved to know that he was better. B passed him to me and my little Bambino rested his head on my shoulder and gave me the biggest hug. As I squeezed my little Peanut, I was so glad the whole ordeal was over.

Even though I wasn't even there when it happened, I kind of, not completely, blamed myself for the whole thing. You know why? 'Cause just that morning I was telling a co-worker that I wanted to build up my savings account because I knew that eventually I'd have to take one of them to the emergency room. I know it's not my fault, but the memory of our conversation earlier did pop in my head really quick.

To celebrate his bravery, I treated them to mini Blizzards (and myself to one too! I tried the chocolate covered pretzel one and it was de.lish.ious) And then B went to softball practice. 

I'm happy to report that Peanut is perfectly fine. Wednesday night you wouldn't even know that just hours before his elbow was dislocated. And yesterday we did a lot of playing in the bouncy house and back yard.
sneak peak of a post for next week :)
I know that this is the first of probably many unexpected injuries, but I hope this is the worst of them. It's so tough having to helplessly stand by and watch your child in pain. As a parent you want to hold and protect them and promise them everything will be ok. It's hell when you can't.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Etsy Faves & A Little Throwback Thursday

It's funny how coming across an old toy can take you back to a special time and place isn't it? I remember specifically playing with a lot of these. I remember snippets of my day, what I was feeling, who I was with, what game I was playing....it's kinda crazy.

I totally remember playing with one of these. I don't remember if it was mine or if it was at my Grandma and Grandpa's, but I specifically remember the sound it made. It was like the wheels made a winding sound when it was pulled or pushed. This jalopy makes me happy. I almost want to buy this for the Bambinos even though they're probably too old for it already. Can I just buy it for myself?

 *Update, after getting on facebook, I know I owned it, you can see the wheels.

I remember having one of these when I was little. I'm not sure if I played with it much, but I had it.

I don't think I played with this much, but I remember owning one of these when I lived in Eastern Washington. I remember holding the yellow knob so it would play slower or kind of warped. I'm actually kind of surprised I remember that :)

I was sooo excited to find this online. I've compared modern doctor's kits to this one and actually took one back to the Disney store because I didn't think it was as cool as the one I had when I was little. I remember playing with the stethoscope, especially. I used to invert the ear pieces all the time, I'm not exactly sure why. Or, I used to talk into the foam of the stethoscope thinking I'd be able to hear myself a lot louder. And I remember squeezing the blue bulb of the blood pressure cuff to make the needle move as fast as it could.
I can't remember if I actually had this but it would make sense if I did since my dad works on airplanes. It's so funny that this is how Little People used to look. I had no idea these were Little People until I started favoriting things on Etsy. I would totally buy this for the Bambinos....but sadly it's been sold already.

These. Oh how I loved my skates. I'm not sure if I got them for Christmas when I was 3 or my 4th birthday (since they're 9 days apart) but I LOVED these.
I think this was my 4th birthday?
I'm not sure if I used them outside much or only inside on our carpet or in our kitchen, but I loved these skates. I even tried to tell my sister, who wasn't even born yet, about them last summer when I was looking for roller blades for myself.

What toys do you remember from your childhood? Do you still own any of them?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seahawks Gear....Can It Be Game Day Already?

Shopping the Nike website the other day, I got just a teeeny bit excited for football season. I don't even attend games every year, but we've always made it a point to go to Doofers to watch the game as a family or with friends so I look forward to that tradition.

I have an old Branch jersey that I wear, but....can I have this stuff too?

This one's completely impractical, but I could rock it under a hoodie or a jacket.

Have I ever shown you what a shoe whore I am? I mostly live in heels but have a decent sneaker game too. I would love to add these to my collection. They're Nike IDs, so I'd do 'em just like this. 

The worst thing is, I didn't even go to Nike's website to look for Seahawks stuff, I was actually looking for a new pair of workout shoes. But I'd take any of these three things too. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peanut Crazy Shake's {Video}

Both Bambinos LOVE the TV show Team Unizoomi. Thanks to B, I think that's replaced Bubble Guppies as their favorite. Every time the Crazy Shake song comes on near the end, Peanut gets down and dances. For once, I was actually able to capture it on camera.

Please ignore the mismatched jammies, he'd been home with Dad while I got MixxedFit Certified.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

MixxedFit Certified!

Saturday the biggest thing we did was go to B's first softball game. The rain and Bug's fits cut our time short but we couldn't let B have his first game without showing up!

It was cute 'cause every time Peanut saw the ball he'd say "Baseballs," (for some reason everything is plural right now,) and every time the fans slapped he'd put throw his whale or car behind him and clap too. He's Daddy's #1 fan :)

Eventually, Bug wanted out and there was no way I was about to chase two toddlers around so Bug ended up doing this limbo move more than once to try and get under the stroller bar. The 3rd time he did it, I finally decided it was time to go home. It was sprinkling anyway.

I didn't share this on the blog last week, but I got MixxedFit certified yesterday. MixxedFit was invented by my Zumba instructor who listened to her student's needs and started incorporating toning into her classes. It's not Latin-inspired at all, so it's not as difficult as Zumba can be and we dance to popular songs. Being certified means that after I pass an audition I can teach MixxedFit.

Since I've only been attending classes since February and had to take three weeks off when we had the dreaded cold, I don't really have plans to try and teach in the near future, but it would be fun to know I could if I wanted to. There's a round of auditions in May but I'm not sure I'm going to go.  What I wouldn't mind doing is assisting classes at the studio I go to. I'm not sure I'm confident enough to actually teach classes yet :)

For me, it was more about just putting myself out there and doing something for me. I have HUGE rejection issues and I've never done anything where I thought I could be rejected or fail. But yesterday I attended class, put myself out there and started conversations with people I'd never talked to before. I'm pretty proud of that alone.

Yesterday I also took a really cute video of Peanut, but Youtube was taking for.ev.ver to load so I'll share it tomorrow.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth Vol. 2

It's no secret that I think I have the cutest Bambinos ever. A few people at work had kids after me so they'll ask about the stages the Bambinos are in and I always describe this one as "fun." Part of what makes it so fun is the things they say.

Every weekend I make a simple breakfast like pancakes or waffles or something. On Saturday, B made small, lemon cupcakes which both Bambinos loved. So Sunday morning when I asked, "Do you want pancakes for breakfast?" Both Bambinos got excited and replied, "Cupcakes!"

Sunday afternoon, I was weeding the front yard when I went in for a drink. As I sat on the front porch taking a break, both Bambinos  decided to sit with me while B weeded. Our neighbor, Chuck, and his wife came home and started talking to B. Suddenly Peanut points at Chuck and yells, "A Man!" with great conviction. I'm not sure why I was embarrassed, maybe because I could see him pointing out awkward traits in people down the road but he kept doing it and I kept trying to explain, "Yeah, that's Chuck, say 'Hi' to Chuck." Then he turned cute and pointed at me saying, "Mamas," and pointed at B saying, "Dadas." Like he was trying to tell Chuck who we were.
Wednesday I had my yearly exam. (Ick!) I stopped by our house real quick because my sister was coming with me, so I wasn't bored in the car (nice sister) and needed to drop her car off. As we were leaving, Peanut started to cry, so NeeNee (my sister) said we could bring him. B thought it would be weird taking one and not the other so we took Bug too. As I was carrying him toward the doctor's office, suddenly I realized he was saying "Ah! Oooh, a purple," as we passed the purple flowers, then as we came upon some tulips he said, "Ah! Ohhh, a yewwow. Ah! Oooh, a red." His little intake of breath each time was what got me smiling. It's so fun exploring the world again through the wonderment of a child. They haven't yet learned to take anything for granted. I love that.

Bug says everything in such a soft, high-pitched voice I miss half of what he says most of the time. I really need to make a concerted effort not to talk to anyone while I'm carrying him so I catch all of what he says. He's quite funny if you actually listen.

Yesterday Boyfriend was DJing an event and I attended so my sister was at our house watching the Bambinos. I got a text from her that said B was in the bedroom after taking a shower. Running after B into the bedroom, Bug was saying, "Come back here my Daddy....come back here.....come back here...Hey! Come back." The love that child has for his daddy is un.real.

And I might of teared up a tiny bit reading her text.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Legit : Etsy Faves

I'm still trying to process my thoughts on the Boston Marathon so let's engage in some fluff shall we?

I've been loving a lot of things on Etsy lately. My most favorite thing right now is this
But in white.

I already have the perfect place for it.
I love my custom silhouettes, but my brain can't handle the even number of things on the wall. I would hang the hello sign above them. It's the first wall you see walking into my office so I think it's a cute, friendly greeting for my co-workers.

I'm also in love with this print.
Isn't it funny? This speaks straight to my '90's loving heart.

I wish B had a proper man cave and not just the garage 'cause I would get this in a heartbeat. Except, I think this is the only colors it comes in and I'd want different ones.

And, I don't even like yellow but I would get this in a hot second.
 20 years later (20 years!) I still love this movie. And I still love me some Benny.

 What's even cooler is they even have an acrylic sign version in their store. If only I had a place to put it.....

Funny side note, my boyfriend before B was Filipino and I don't think he'd ever seen the movie. Naturally, he didn't understand why I'd say this all the time so one time in a huff he responded, "Why do you say that all the time? You're killing me, Bigs!" and then I died laughing. And then we broke up shortly after.

Apparently this Etsy store is my fave 'cause everything I shared today is from the same store. I've found so many cool things lately, maybe next week I'll share some toys.

Speaking of Etsy, I changed my shop name, check it out.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

I can't. I just can't.
Thank GOD for the helpers. 

I hugged my Bambinos tighter than I thought possible last night.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Eat Drink And Be 40

Last Saturday, B and I met up for our friend Big Dan!'s 40th birthday. It was at this newer place in Seattle called Von Trapps and I actually had a lot of fun.
Big Dan!'s wife, Jenny, rented a side area and bocce court so I learned to play bocce and indulged in cider or three or four two.

 It'd been a while since we'd seen this group of friends so it was fun to hang out, try out a new place and just have some fun.
B and the birthday boy.
This little Mama had a baby in January and we haven't really seen her since then so it was fun catching up and talking babies. We're the only ones of this group of friends who have babies so it's fun to finally have someone else to talk to about mom stuff.

I'm not sure why B wasn't in this picture but the three girls he went to high school with (the one on the end was his prom date, I think) and the guys were added in throughout the years. I think it's so cool he's still friends with people in high school since I talk to no one but the guy who used to be my best friend. 

 Big Dan!'s (you have to say it with a lot of enthusiasm, it's a joke from Labor Day a few years ago) thing was wearing a go pro all night. I imagine most of the video was pretty boring, but we kept teasing that he should somersault down the bocce court with this ball and see what happens. 

 Von Trapps typically stops selling these big huge boots at 10pm, but somehow someone convinced our server to bring Dan one so a bunch of people ended up sharing it. I just kept thinking of all the backwash in that thing. No thank you!

We ended up leaving shortly after this happened 'cause I ended  up super tired and almost fell asleep at the little bar B and I were sitting. Maybe it was the fact that I got up early with the Bambinos or it could have been the cider since I haven't been drinking for a few months but I ended up falling asleep in the car and B thought it was so funny taking pictures of me (I sleep with my mouth open.)

I'm so glad we found a sitter (thank sis!) and went to Dan's birthday, we always have a lot of fun with these friends

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