Monday, December 16, 2013

Pissed And Unimpressed

I'm pretty sure this takes the Santa pictures cake.

I'm not entirely sure that Peanut was scared of Santa - I think he's more pissed at me. He'd been drinking water in line so when it became our turn, I took his cup away and he was frustrated. "C'mon, you're going to sit on Santa's lap," I told him.

"No fank you," he replied as he leaned away from me holding his hand. Meanwhile, the lady taking pictures and Santa were both really nice to Bug pointing out that Santa's suit is the same color as Bug's car so that he wouldn't be scared.

To speed things up,  I scooped Peanut and put him in Santa's lap. We were deciding between this photo and one where Peanut was looking at Santa and crying, but I wanted one where we could see his face.

Bug, however, was utterly unimpressed. There were three of us trying to get him to smile and in all 6 pictures they took, he looks like this. I love it. 

The minute pictures were over, Peanut was just fine. Okay, maybe he was a little scared of Santa then. He told Santa thank you for his candy cane and even told him he wants a "Buzz Wightyear" for Christmas.

I thought we'd be past the age where they'd be crying over Santa, like they did last year. But so far, their first Christmas is the only photo where someone's not crying. Santa was awesome though and we'll definitely be returning to this one next year.


  1. Ha ha ha. That was basically how our pictures would have turned out if I hadn't sat with them in the picture. lol. And is this at Factoria Mall?? That's where we got ours done :)

  2. Omg this just cracked me up. I showed LoLo and he loved it!! Lol

  3. Omg this just cracked me up. I showed LoLo and he loved it!! Lol

  4. Oh my god, this is hilarious!! I love it!!


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