Monday, December 2, 2013

Gone Too Soon

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he is mourned. With the untimely death of Paul Walker on Saturday, I, like the rest of the world, was devastated.

Paul Walker was my ultimate crush, my one "hall pass." My love for T. I. is only surpassed by my love for Paul Walker. He had the ruggedly good looks of Paul Newman - blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, and a smile that made my heart melt. I was determined to meet him one day.

I still stop changing channels whenever Varsity Blues is on, cringing when he hurts his knee. I love to hate him in the Skulls, I cry every time I watch Eight Below and I can recite The Fast & The Furious forwards and backwards.

But today I mourn the loss of a genuinely good guy. I cried when I found out he'd died Saturday night, and I cried yesterday when Boyfriend showed me the video of the crash that's all over the internet. To cry over a celebrity's death may sound silly but when that celebrity is tied to so many of your favorite teenage/young adult memories, you almost feel like a little piece of you has died too.

Many people didn't know how much charity work her was involved in. In a time when celebrities are being chastised for keeping most of the proceeds of their charity auction *Kim Kardashian* Paul Walker found a need and filled it. 

“Paul wasn’t someone who would just write a check and lend his name to an organization; he was the heart and soul of Reach Out WorldWide. Paul was the first one in and the last one out, he led by example and his hard work and dedication inspired everyone who had the privilege of working with him. He led one of the first teams into the hardest hit areas of Haiti and traveled to Chili to bring water, medical aid and hope after the Earthquake and Tsunami. He ran a chainsaw clearing debris and helping people get back into their homes during the hottest days after the tornadoes in Alabama… Some people play a hero, Paul was a hero. Paul was an honorable, hardworking, dedicated, respectful man with a humble spirit who shared his blessings with those who needed it most. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to work with, learn and look up to someone who walked the walk.” - JD Dorfman, Reach Out Worldwide

He seemed like such a good guy that could wrap you up in a bear hug and make your day instantly better. I imagine that he's never met a stranger as everyone was a friend to him the moment they met. He seemed like the kind of guy who just loved. When people like Tyrese, T.I., Ludacris, Vin Diesel and many others are torn to pieces over his death, that shows you what kind of person he was.

Via. This one kills me. Every time I look at it, I tear up. The anguish on Tyrese's face says it all.
More than anything, my heart goes out to his 15 year old daughter. Having lost my favorite uncle unexpectedly at 14, I can only imagine how difficult this must be for her. Death is never easy, but when it's so unexpected and you don't get to say goodbye or come to terms with it over time, it's that much more difficult. I've prayed for his daughter and everyone else that loved him countless times in less than 2 days.

If he had died on set at a movie, it would have made more sense though it wouldn't hurt any less. He loved speed and did many of his own stunts. He owned some of the cars from the Fast franchise. He died in a Porsche a short distance away from his charity event to support the Philippine disaster. As Boyfriend said to try and make me feel better, "He died doing what he loved." 
He left behind such an amazing legacy. That legacy lives on in his fans, his charity, and most importantly his daughter.

I'm still going to meet him. I know he'll be in Heaven greeting me and all his other fans with that brilliant white smile and open arms.



  1. So, so sad!! He was such a good guy! And so handsome!

  2. This made me so incredibly sad!!! He was definitely one of my all time celebrity crushes. But more than that, from what I read, he just seemed like a genuinely good guy. Such a tragedy :(


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