Monday, November 4, 2013

The Halloween That Wasn't

Thank goodness my work loves Halloween!

After slaving away for hours on the boys' costume, we didn't even end up using it. Bug got sick again the night before Halloween. I thought we'd gotten over being sick a few weeks ago. So now we have a sad little Thomas the Train sitting in our garage waiting for their birthday.

All my creativity had been sucked out of me for the boys' costume so I didn't come up with the idea for mine until 4:30 on Tuesday when I posted this video on my facebook page. Really, it came down to me having a black dress, the little dog purse and red shoes already. The only thing I had to buy was red gloves, the cigarette holder, fake fur and white hair spray. I spent less than $20 on my costume. Score!

B, on the other hand, knew what he was going to be for weeks. He'd decided to be the Geico money man and had finished gluing the money on his costume the week before Halloween (overachiever.)

He tied for 3rd at our Halloween party, the girl who got first had a pretty great costume and there was a lot of competition this year...and our newish neighbors probably think that we're crazy. B was running up and down the street in his costume when they came out their front door. And some other neighbors came out to see what he was doing - but those ones know we're loco.

A lot of the older people didn't know what she was, we had to show them! She still ended up with first though.
How amazing is my sister's makeup though? Since her hair's short right now, she decided to go for Urusla and she went. for. it. I hate when people decide to do a theme and don't go for it all the way, so I was thrilled she chose to do this makeup rather than something pretty and "Little Mermaid inspired."

Back at home, we just chilled and cuddled on the couch most of the night. Finally, B decided to carve Peanut's pumpkin because he wanted roasted seeds.
 B chose Peanut's bumpy pumpkin. "He'd ask Peanut, do you want a triangle nose?" or "Do you want a big, smiley face?" and each time Peanut would give this big, slow, silent nod. I'm not sure he realized what was happening at first but he was sure proud at the end!

 B will find any excuse to use his drill.

It's a little annoying that I stayed up so late at the beginning of the week making a costume that wasn't even used, but I'm only annoyed at myself for waiting until Monday to make Thomas - I'd known what they were going to be for weeks.

I'm happy Bug feels better, although Peanut ended up with it over the weekend so our house is constant runny noses and tissues right now.


  1. Aww, the Thomas costume looks super cute though!!
    You guys, and your sister, looked awesome! How fun to work somewhere that loves Halloween!!

  2. Get out! I love that THOMAS costume! Where were you when we had a birthday party for my 2 year old this past weekend?! Seriously, a few months ago, I lied to myself and everyone else and said that I would make what you did, a Thomas train for his birthday party and all of his friends to play in. Nope, never happened.
    And your costumes are awesome. I'm super-impressed! Man!
    And I'm sorry your kids are sick. It seems like I can't get my son healthy these days!

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