Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm A Sucker For Antiques

I always do this, I start writing about a vacation or holiday and then get bored and never finish. I told myself this time I wouldn't give up so bare with me while I write about our last two days at the ocean.

{Thursday, October 10th - vacation day 7}

How lucky were we to wake up to this every day?

Right after breakfast, we downed "hot chocwate."

Our last full day at the ocean, I was determined to find a whole sand dollar so I walked waaaay down the beach until I was almost in front of twin rocks.

Afterward, I decided to head to the Little White Church Antique Store because I could not get the vintage fan I'd seen a few days ago out of my head.

How cute is this shop? It's a converted church (obviously.) But look at these awesome finds! My mom still has a vintage Coke crate like that one, I hope one day she'll give it to me.

How kickass is this old oven? It's from the 1920s.

And this ice box? (Swoon! Although it doesn't match anything at all in our house.) Does anyone else's Grandma say "ice box?" hearing someone say ice box reminds me of both my grandmas.

Funny story about this piano. The other day when we stopped by this shop, this piano was down low on a small stool. Of course, Boyfriend let Bug play with it and Peanut got in on the action. When it was time to go, Bug was super upset and cried in the middle of the store. When I went back by myself, it was up on the shelf out of the reach of little hands. I felt kind of guilty that they did some rearranging due to my kids.

If you're ever in Rockaway, Oregon stop by this shop. I bought a cute little journal and want another one. Even though they don't ship items out, I called a few weeks ago and asked if they might be willing to. They're trying to hunt another one down for me - I love good customer service!  And the woman working when I bought the fan was so incredibly nice, I seriously left with a smile on my heart.

By the time I left the antique store, it was pouring rain so I headed back to the resort and we headed to the rec center to see if our puzzle was still there. No one had put it away yet so we finished it and headed back to the room where Peanut yelled, "It's good to be home!" When we opened the door.

We ended the day with bedtime stories...look at Peanut's face!

 That night I reflected on our vacation and everything that's happened to us as a family. We had an amazing time, B and I didn't have any disagreements, we relaxed and re-energized, all four of us thoroughly enjoyed spending time together as a family and B and I both dreaded having to go back to work and "real life." It was wonderful being mostly unplugged for the week (we still had phones) and I think we've decided to unplug at any future vacations.

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  1. I love it that he said "it's good to be home"!!! Kids are awesome!
    I need to go to that antique store!! I love stuff like that!


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