Friday, November 22, 2013

Hip Hop Saved Me

"Lindsay, he's not coming." Our music director told me Tuesday afternoon.

My stomach dropped.

"Are you kidding me? I don't believe you." I responded.

He showed me his phone, "They're stuck on Mercer trying to get over the bridge, by the time they'd get here, it'd be after 6." He'd already told us once that they weren't coming because of  "artist delays" and then told us they'd worked it out and were on their way so it took me a bit to believe he was serious.

A bunch of us were sitting in our radio station's lobby waiting for Lupe Fiasco and his label rep and they.weren't.coming.

B even made shirts for the boys.

I'd been waiting for this for weeks. Probably a year ago I told our Program Director (the head honcho) that I'm afraid to quit because I'm afraid they'll bring T.I. or Lupe in and I'll miss my chance to meet them. My love for those two artists is un.real.

My face dropped and shortly after the Program Director came around the corner, greeted us with, "Lupe!" before I cut him off. He didn't believe me so he asked the Music Director (the PD's assistant) if I was messing with him. The MD explained and was promptly instructed to get on the phone with the label rep and get me a meet & greet. "Don't take 'no' for an answer." ......It pays to be well-liked by the PD :)

The MD took "Maybe" as an answer.

 But I got three free tickets out of it.

We wasted some time at work catching up with a former co-worker, Zac, who is now the PD of a station in Spokane. I told him I worried they didn't come because Lupe's "difficult." If he's a douchebag in real life I'd be so disappointed. My sister's boyfriend said, "That's why you don't meet your heroes."  I understood the point but really hoped he wasn't a DB.

After getting dinner with B and the boys, we hung out at home for awhile where I'd pretty much given up hope of meeting Lupe. Armed with the label reps number, my sister, her boyfriend and I arrived at Showbox Sodo right after Lupe went on stage. I couldn't believe that B chose to stay home. We had a very slight chance of meeting Lupe Fiasco!

Originally, I didn't really care about seeing him perform, I'd seen him twice before but I'm so glad we went! He did a bunch of songs from my favorite album and this time he even did Paris Tokyo!

During the concert my sister and I headed to the bathroom, juggling my phone, my clutch, my jacket and the shirt I just bought, I set my phone on top of the toilet paper dispenser and then left it in there.


I panicked. I knew it was a long shot that we'd get a meet & greet but what if it came through and I didn't have my phone?! A quick search in the stall I'd been in turned up nothing. I took a chance and asked a bouncer who pointed me to lost and found. I made my way to lost & found where the guy asked me to describe my phone.

Hallelujah they had it! Thank you God. Seriously, I thanked God.

And then when I walked away, I left the shirt I'd just bought.

I was a completely sober mess.

The lost and found guy returned my shirt to me and I enjoyed the rest of the show. After it was over, I texted the label rep inquiring about the meet & greet. She told me to meet her and Zac at the side bar which we could not get to - the bouncers were pretty much corralling people out of the venue and didn't care who Sherry from Atlantic was. I was worried they'd force us out, but Sherry came down and rescued us.

One of Lupe's guys escorted us upstairs and brought us into a holding room where as we sat on the couch waiting, my heart started speeding. It was happening! I was going to meet Lupe Fiasco! Lupe's guy took us into a tiny little room connected to Lupe's dressing room. A few minutes later, Lupe squeezed through the door.

Sherry introduced my former co-worker and explained he'd been playing Lupe's new song with Ed Sheeran, Old School Love, a ton. Lupe thanked him a bunch and took a picture with Zac and his girlfriend. Then it was our turn!

My sister, her boyfriend and I all took one together, but I can easily crop them out. Sherry was smart enough to take four with her phone to ensure she got a good one. I debated about whether I was going to ask for Lupe's autograph (the last person I asked for an autograph was Bill Cosby when I was 7 or 8.) I decided to go for it. When else would I have the chance to have him sign the jacket of my favorite album?

He was super cool and agreed to sign it. He even wrote To: Lindsay which is more than a lot of other artists do. I have a personalized item signed by Lupe Fiasco! Pretty much everyone else in the room asked him to sign something and I started rambling. I remember telling him I loved him and something about seeing him before and being so happy he did Paris Tokyo. By the end I was shaking.  I wasn't even that dorky when I met Kristen and Dax.

He was nice and listened to me, but he profusely thanked Zac over and over for playing his record. It's completely understandable he would pay more attention to the people playing his record, it's those people that expose his music to the rest of us. He was not a DB at all. He was super nice and chill. He wasn't some arrogant jerk like some artists, he didn't seem like he's the type to be "difficult" at all. I wouldn't say he's my hero, but I'm thrilled to have met him.

I floated down the stairs where my sister made fun of me and said it was the "least chill" she'd ever seen me. I shot back that a few years ago she cried when I told her we had Lil Wayne tickets. I know I made a dork of myself but I find comfort in the fact that he won't remember me or what a dork I was.

We thanked Sherry, hugged Zac and his girlfriend goodbye and crossed the street to my car when I stopped, ran back across the street with my sister's boyfriend following me and proceeded to tear down the banners of a competing radio station from the side of the venue.

Once a Promotions Person always a Promotions Person.

How cute were the boys in their shirts? I didn't blur/smudge Peanut's hand, he was waving it.


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Un-Home Tour

You know how bloggers share photos of their beautifully, immaculate homes and you think, "Wow! Their home is so cute, I love seeing pictures of their home."

Yeah, that's not me.

I mean, I like seeing photos of other people's homes, I'm nosy like that. But, I don't have a beautiful home to show off share.  But in an effort to always keep it real, I thought I'd share our home anyway. And who knows, maybe someone from #HGTV will see it and decided to help us out.

I wish the internet had hashtags and there was a possibility HGTV might actually find this post through the hashtag above, but I know it won't happen. Anyway....

I bring you:
Notice Peanut in the window - gosh I love that kid!
Imagine some big, drastic, booming voice saying, "The un-home tour!!!" mmmkay?I feel like I need to have our voice guy at work cut something.

Let's start with the front door. It's pretty much smack in the middle of the house. The worst part is, B chose to put it there. When he moved in, the only door was in the carport which is now a garage.

So this is what you see when you walk in our front door. You have no idea how much I hate the brown wall. When I moved in the brown wall was crimson (don't go Cougs!) and the other walls were white. Knowing nothing about interior design, I chose brown and a tan color so the walls matched B's green couch.

How sad is that couch? Can you tell how saggy it is in the pictures? B's had it for probably close to 8 years and who knows how long his mom had it before that....have I mentioned that almost all of our furniture is hand-me-downs? Boyfriend refuses to get rid of it because at 6'1" he can actually lay down on it.

News flash! He'd be able to lay down on a sectional too. And a sectional wouldn't look so gargantuan in our tiny house.

When I moved in, we needed more seating so we got another free couch. I hate it. And don't even get me started about how they overlap and waste a sitting spot.

I've done what I can to make the accessories decent since I can't do much about our furniture at this point. But I need to learn how to style everything better.

Somehow this mirror always has smudges
A few years ago, this mirror got another paint job, which I love, but none of this stuff goes very well on the sofa table B made me. I get tired of messing with it and just end up setting everything down without being "staged." I have plans to steal  ask for a pallet from work and make a little planter box with succulents inside.

The boys' toy box lives under the sofa table so there's always toys in the "entry way." It's a pain when actual people come to visit.

The other big piece of furniture is the bookshelf my mom gave me when I moved into my apartment. It used to hold DVDs but I couldn't stand the clutter so I switched them up when we got our last set of family pictures. Except, now, Boyfriend keeps filling them with clutter :)

It's topped with kids DVDs, my favorite fan that I got on vacation,  a birdhouse is sitting on top because I have no idea where to put it and what to put inside it ( a bird is too expected,) the picture Claire sent me from when she visited, toys, and the dog I recently thrifted and spray painted. 

I still kind of think it looks like Teddy, don't you?

Overall, the pieces on the shelves are ok - except for the clutter- I just need to learn to style them better. But then we move to the other side of the living room where we see the TV (which reflects in the mirror - a feng shui no-no) and the sad, ugly TV stand that serves pretty much no purpose.

I hate that you can see the cords. It drives me batty. Have you noticed that there are literally toys everywhere you look? We go through and get rid of them all the time, but we just lack storage....I haven't even shown you the train table yet.

Lastly, we have these shelves. I like the way I used to have the shelves styled better. I don't know why I don't change them back. The bottom one is ok, but the top shelf needs serious work. Bonus points if you get the reference in the far left pic.

So, that's our house. I plan on going room by room just because I think it's kind of funny. I'm so envious of people with beautifully decorated homes...or even just "big kid" furniture - a.k.a. not hand-me downs.

I primered on Sunday night...maybe I should have left the brown - one coat of primer looks horrible!
 Okay, I lied. This is actually what our living room looks like right now. After working on him for close to a year, B finally agreed to paint the living room - and I picked up paint chips the very next morning before he changed his mind.

10+ paint samples later, we still don't have a color and I'm feeling defeated. I want a grey but nothing with too much of a blue or green undertone. I want a charcoal gray couch and to bring some color in with painted furniture so I want to do a pretty neutral wall, but nothing boring like beige. I want to open up our small living room and make it seem bigger, but I don't want anything too stark. We don't get a lot of natural sunlight either so there's that. I feel a lot of pressure to get the color right because I know Boyfriend will not readily paint again as long as we live here, most likely.

Do you love your house? What color are the walls?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Time

I can't wait to get back to blogging. I've been feverishly working on my Etsy shop the last few days so blogging has taken a back seat.I even skipped working out last night and I always work out on Mondays.

I've been doing a lot of these lately which has been so fun....I might even be doing one of someone's dog! I can't wait. And I want to make one of Teddy. I've finally designed business cards although when I asked Boyfriend about them, he said he's not a fan of the colors so now I'm rethinking that :/

I'm hoping I'll have time for a real, proper post tomorrow, I have a kind of fun one planned. In the meantime, scroll down to read the last post I wrote, it's much better than this one!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Need To Be Honest

Honestly, I use the word "dope" in everyday conversation. I get made fun of like I'm a 1980's breakdancer but I just can't help it. When I'm on social media, or writing blog posts, I stop myself and write awesome instead. But what I want to say is, "That's so dope!"

Honestly, I like my beat down low down low down low. If you don't know what that's from, we can't be friends. Honestly.

Honestly, I loooove rap music and can't stand country. I like music with a dirty, filthy beat. If I can feel the beat all the way to my core, that's my kind of song.

Honestly, I can't pass up Red Vines. Ever. I'll go to the vending machine at work intending to get chocolate and walk away with Red Vines every.single.time.

Honestly, I don't have a best friend. Growing up, my two best friends were guys. I envy the girls who have an amazingly good bond with a girl.

Honestly, I wish I could ship some of my blog friends to Seattle and force them to be my bestie.

Honestly, I've almost used Peanut and Bug's real names about 2347216487 times lately on this blog. But that scares me. I know people can get it from facebook and stuff but I feel like I want to protect some part of them as much as I can.

Honestly, I'm getting breast  implants someday. I wanted them before kids so imagine how I feel now. My chest is wrecked!

Honestly, I lost almost 15 pounds and gained it aaalll right back. That's why I haven't done any weight loss progress updates.So now I'm working on that again.

Tell me something about you, honestly.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm A Sucker For Antiques

I always do this, I start writing about a vacation or holiday and then get bored and never finish. I told myself this time I wouldn't give up so bare with me while I write about our last two days at the ocean.

{Thursday, October 10th - vacation day 7}

How lucky were we to wake up to this every day?

Right after breakfast, we downed "hot chocwate."

Our last full day at the ocean, I was determined to find a whole sand dollar so I walked waaaay down the beach until I was almost in front of twin rocks.

Afterward, I decided to head to the Little White Church Antique Store because I could not get the vintage fan I'd seen a few days ago out of my head.

How cute is this shop? It's a converted church (obviously.) But look at these awesome finds! My mom still has a vintage Coke crate like that one, I hope one day she'll give it to me.

How kickass is this old oven? It's from the 1920s.

And this ice box? (Swoon! Although it doesn't match anything at all in our house.) Does anyone else's Grandma say "ice box?" hearing someone say ice box reminds me of both my grandmas.

Funny story about this piano. The other day when we stopped by this shop, this piano was down low on a small stool. Of course, Boyfriend let Bug play with it and Peanut got in on the action. When it was time to go, Bug was super upset and cried in the middle of the store. When I went back by myself, it was up on the shelf out of the reach of little hands. I felt kind of guilty that they did some rearranging due to my kids.

If you're ever in Rockaway, Oregon stop by this shop. I bought a cute little journal and want another one. Even though they don't ship items out, I called a few weeks ago and asked if they might be willing to. They're trying to hunt another one down for me - I love good customer service!  And the woman working when I bought the fan was so incredibly nice, I seriously left with a smile on my heart.

By the time I left the antique store, it was pouring rain so I headed back to the resort and we headed to the rec center to see if our puzzle was still there. No one had put it away yet so we finished it and headed back to the room where Peanut yelled, "It's good to be home!" When we opened the door.

We ended the day with bedtime stories...look at Peanut's face!

 That night I reflected on our vacation and everything that's happened to us as a family. We had an amazing time, B and I didn't have any disagreements, we relaxed and re-energized, all four of us thoroughly enjoyed spending time together as a family and B and I both dreaded having to go back to work and "real life." It was wonderful being mostly unplugged for the week (we still had phones) and I think we've decided to unplug at any future vacations.

In case you missed it:
Wednesday, October 9th -  Hey you guuuys! Haystack Rock
Tuesday, October 8th -  Tillamook Cheese
Monday, October 7th - Sand Castles
Sunday, October 6th - Beach Day
Saturday, October 5th - Seaside Aquarium
Friday, October 4th - Welcome to the Goondocks

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Halloween That Wasn't

Thank goodness my work loves Halloween!

After slaving away for hours on the boys' costume, we didn't even end up using it. Bug got sick again the night before Halloween. I thought we'd gotten over being sick a few weeks ago. So now we have a sad little Thomas the Train sitting in our garage waiting for their birthday.

All my creativity had been sucked out of me for the boys' costume so I didn't come up with the idea for mine until 4:30 on Tuesday when I posted this video on my facebook page. Really, it came down to me having a black dress, the little dog purse and red shoes already. The only thing I had to buy was red gloves, the cigarette holder, fake fur and white hair spray. I spent less than $20 on my costume. Score!

B, on the other hand, knew what he was going to be for weeks. He'd decided to be the Geico money man and had finished gluing the money on his costume the week before Halloween (overachiever.)

He tied for 3rd at our Halloween party, the girl who got first had a pretty great costume and there was a lot of competition this year...and our newish neighbors probably think that we're crazy. B was running up and down the street in his costume when they came out their front door. And some other neighbors came out to see what he was doing - but those ones know we're loco.

A lot of the older people didn't know what she was, we had to show them! She still ended up with first though.
How amazing is my sister's makeup though? Since her hair's short right now, she decided to go for Urusla and she went. for. it. I hate when people decide to do a theme and don't go for it all the way, so I was thrilled she chose to do this makeup rather than something pretty and "Little Mermaid inspired."

Back at home, we just chilled and cuddled on the couch most of the night. Finally, B decided to carve Peanut's pumpkin because he wanted roasted seeds.
 B chose Peanut's bumpy pumpkin. "He'd ask Peanut, do you want a triangle nose?" or "Do you want a big, smiley face?" and each time Peanut would give this big, slow, silent nod. I'm not sure he realized what was happening at first but he was sure proud at the end!

 B will find any excuse to use his drill.

It's a little annoying that I stayed up so late at the beginning of the week making a costume that wasn't even used, but I'm only annoyed at myself for waiting until Monday to make Thomas - I'd known what they were going to be for weeks.

I'm happy Bug feels better, although Peanut ended up with it over the weekend so our house is constant runny noses and tissues right now.


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