Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome To The Goondocks

{Friday, October 4th - vacation day 1}

I'm going through vacation withdrawals already. I was getting a headache yesterday at work and told my boss it's from lack of ocean air and I need to go back.....she was not amused.

Once we got into Astoria, B decided he wanted to make a detour and find the house from Goonies. I was totally down for that so off we went.

We'd heard the street was closed off so we worried we'd have to 007 that ish and sneak our way close to the house but it's only closed to cars.

Of course I took one photo with my camera and then the battery died. That would happen to me. Luckily I brought my phone even though I wasn't going to at first.

I felt more than a little weird taking pictures of the house because one of the owners was outside doing some work on the side of the house. It must be really weird to live in such a famous house and have people taking pictures of it all the time. They had a sign outside that said, "Welcome to the Goondocks" and a small container for donations. B only had a dollar on him but he helped one of the boys donate. We kept trying to instill in them what a cool moment this was (we'd been talking about seeing the house and sites where Goonies was filmed forever) but the moment was totally lost on them.

Once we coerced the boys back into the car, Boyfriend suggested we let them stretch their legs for a bit so we stopped at the Columbia River Maritime Museum which has a courtyard and a HUGE anchor out front. Heading back to the car after letting the boys run around a little bit,  we noticed and old trolley running along the waterfront which only cost $1 for each of us to ride. After paying our fare, we hopped on and learned a little history about Astoria.

Being the train lovers that they are, we thought the boys would love the trolley. Bug did at first, but I think the 45 minute ride was a little too long. I love his little face in this picture, I wish I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Peanut, on the other hand, liked the trolley for about 5 minutes. He was just too tired and grumpy. He didn't appreciate us ruining his fun at the courtyard of the Maritime Museum and he was sure to let us know.

The trolley conductors (is that what they're called?) were sure to point out Astoria's only sandy beach to us!

 After we'd taken the full ride, we hopped off and managed to get the boys into the car by bribing them with chocolate. They'll do almost anything for "chocwate."

We headed through Seaside, past Cannon Beach, through Middle Earth to Rockaway where we were staying. We got our first glimpse of the ocean and it was breathtaking! It's funny how some place not too far from where you live (about 4 hours maybe?) can seem like it's a whole world away.

 I'm not normally one to take a ton of landscape pictures - maybe I just take Washington's beauty for granted (except for Mt Rainier, that mountains the bomb) - but I couldn't help taking picture after picture of Twin Rocks and the sunset from our room. We literally stared out at this view for a whole week. The ocean's waves were mesmerizing.

All week long I just kept thinking about how blessed I was that I got to share in this experience with my three favorite people, how blessed I was that my dad let us use his timeshare for our first family vacation, and how blessed I was that Oregon is just a short drive away. I counted my blessings all week long.

What blessings are you counting?


  1. Beautiful pics, Lindsay! It looks like a wonderful way to spend a vacation. I have wanted to go to Astoria forevvvverrr! After I got married I even sent away, (before internet) to the chamber of commerce to find out more about it, because I wanted to move there, sight unseen. I hope all four of you had a great time and made some unforgettable memories. Your dad's timeshare looks amazing right on the beach!

  2. What a gorgeous trip! We've done it before, stopping at The Goonies house too! And we plan to do it again next summer with the boys! It's so beautiful!


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