Monday, October 21, 2013

Splish Splash The Seals Were Takin' A Bath

{Saturday, October 5th - vacation day 2}

When we left off, we'd just gotten to our "resort" I say "resort" because when I think of a resort, it's full of nice, outdoor pools, beautiful landscaping, and drinks with umbrellas in them. This was nothing of the sort, the room was very 80s/90s looking, the pool was tepid and there was almost no landscaping, but we had a fantastic view.

Who would have known that the chair's footrest is such a fun toy?!

We made a habit of going to the beach before the boys' nap and then doing whatever we were going to do for the day after they woke up and we had lunch.

Still in the room, we got the boys dressed, put on Bug's rain boots and told Peanut it was time to put on his. He stopped, puffed out his chest, and outed, "No fank you." We made him put on the boots and with just a little adjustment period, he was ready to go downstairs and see the ocean for the first time.

 Neither of the boys have spent much time in the sand. Notice Peanut wiping his sandy hands on Daddy.

 I can't explain how many pictures I have like this with twin rocks in the background.

 We let the water tickle our toes which the boys got quite the kick out of. As I was trying to take a picture of them from the side, the water came a little too quickly, Bug looked down and lost his balance. I jumped up and swooped him as quick as I could but we decided to head back to the room even though he wasn't that wet.

Daddy picked up a walking stick which Bug was not interested in at all, but Peanut loved it. It was a pain getting him to leave the beach alone so we could get Bug dried off.

"C'mon Peanut, we gotta go back to the room we'd say."
 "No fank you," he'd reply. This repeated over and over until I finally took his hand in mine and guided him to the stairs back up to our resort. At least he's a polite little one!

 After their nap, we headed  about 45 minutes North to Seaside so we could go to the aquarium. I last visited Seaside when I was 6 and I remembered feeding the seals so I was ecstatic to share in this experience with my own children.Of the two thing sI wanted to make sure we did on this trip, this was one of them.

 The seals are behind the mesh to our left. It's so fun! For just a dollar you buy a small french fry container full of cut up fish. A bunch of seals live in the enclosure and they splash you until you feed fish to them!

 I was actually really shocked because Peanut was the adventurous one. He's the one who was all up on the benches looking into the pools to look at the octopus, the starfish and everything else whereas Bug was not interested at all. He'd look at the fish in tanks from a distance, but he was not interested in getting up close and personal.

I made the mistake of showing a dried starfish  to Peanut so when I told him it was time to put it back he didn't even turn to face me and said, "No fank you." Of course I bought it and bought Bug one too because I didn't want him to look back and feel left out a few years from now.

 We headed out to the beach in front of the aquarium. I have so many good memories of this beach last time we were there.....I was a little disappointed. It was packed and there's been a ton of hotels built in the 24 years since I've been there. It wasn't the calm, serene beach I remembered, but it was still fun. The boys had a blast shuffling their feet in the sand and Peanut didn't let go of his starfish.

 See? He's still got the starfish.By the time we stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner, it was pretty close to their bed time so they were getting a little worn out - plus we'd had an exciting day. We decided not to fight it and just let them watch Thomas on Boyfriend's phone....and fill themselves with chips.

On the way home, we stopped at this lookout so I could take some pics, I would never get tired of this view if we lived here!

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  1. These are such great pics of the boys!! These are definitely ones to put in a frame!


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