Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mama's Eximo....

(Sunday, October 6th - vacation day 3}

Hi Everyone! If you're visiting from Holly's blog, welcome, I'm catching up on posts about our family vacation to the Oregon Coast earlier this month, I hope you'll join me!

I didn't plan anything for Sunday the 6th, I knew rain was in the forecast but didn't realize it wasn't until later that night. It felt good not to have anything planned and to just relax and spend time at the timeshare.

 It was stormy, but not raining yet. I was amazed that you couldn't even see Twin Rocks out our window that morning. The waves were seriously mesmerizing, I started to get sleepy from laying on the couch watching them out the back door.

Boyfriend built a fort with the boys and then he built what Bug called a "canano," (volcano.) I tried to teach Peanut have to give Eskimo kisses (you know the kind where two people rub the tip of their noses against each other) but he kept calling them, "Mama's Eximo piss," so I stopped. I don't wan to think about what kind of predicaments that could cause.

Swoon! I came out of the bathroom to find Peanut in Boyfriend's lap and I bolted to get the camera. I posted this on Instagram already but Bug is such a Daddy's boy that he hogs B's attention. Sometimes I wonder if Peanut feels left out so I had to get this tender moment between them on camera. Moments like these are few and far between because Bug does not leave B's side. He was actually laying on the floor playing by himself just out of the camera's shot and plopped on top of the two of them shortly after I took this. I think I fall in love with B just a little bit more each time I look at this photo.

I fell asleep on the couch from watching the waves so B let me sleep while the boys napped. Once they woke up and we fed them, we hung out in our timeshare a bit and then decided to check out the rec room. It smelled a little old (not really musty, just old.) We started out playing shuffle board but Bug picked out a 500 piece puzzle he wanted to put together.

Never in his life has he put an actual puzzle together but we took a stab at teaching them how. Peanut lost interest right away, but Bug hung in there for a little while. Finally, after they both lost interest in sliding pieces to the floor, they went to play with their trains in the shuffleboard sand and we completed as much as we could before deciding to call it quits.

At one point, Bug came over with a handful of puzzle pieces from another puzzle, said, "I want puzzle" and dropped them right onto our pile of unused pieces. B almost got worried but I pointed out that the back of Bug's pieces were colored light blue and ours weren't. That's when we decided they were bored and to go back to the room.

Did I not tell you yesterday that Peanut loved his starfish? This is the next day after sleeping with it in his Pack n Play he woke up that morning to carry it around with him all day.

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