Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's Talk About Bug

Can we talk about Bug for a minute?

 I came home from work on Tuesday to find Bug sleep on our couch with Peanut playing/watching Thomas nearby. I thought it was really cute until he woke up a bit later and we realized he had a 101 temp.

There are a few things this picture points out about Bug:

1. He sleeps like this all the time. My Instagram feed is filled with pictures of both my boys folded in half like this. Bug does it almost every night whereas Peanut doesn't do it as often. When they were little I thought, Oh cute, that must be how he was positioned "on the inside," but now I can't believe he still sleeps that way. They are almost 3. I used to be able to tell when he woke in the middle of the night because he'd sit up and then lean over like that. Now, he does it to fall asleep most of the time! I mean, I'm flexible but his foot is touching his mouth. Ouch.

2: He's wearing his Thomas the Train shirt. He's obsessed with Thomas.  I don't mean that he likes Thomas the way he liked Bubble Guppies or Umizoomi. He is full blown obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  Tuesday night Bug got sick. As Boyfriend was changing his bed sheets, I changed him out of his clothes. I changed his pajama pants and when I got to the part where I have to change his shirt, Bug threw a fit and cried, "I want Thomas shirt!" even though I was changing him into the exact same shirt - just a clean one. We have two Thomas shirts in 4T and one in 5T Thanks Target clearance! And I ended up having to put all three of them on him at some point yesterday. It does not matter that they're too big, just that they're Thomas. When he's not sick, he asks for pants each morning. If I don't hurry and choose a shirt before he has the chance to say, "I want Thomas shirt," he'll settle for nothing else. It's not a race against time for me, it's a race against Thomas.

He wears Thomas from head to toe. On vacation last week, he wanted to wear the same pair of Thomas socks five days straight. He'd ask for them every morning and get very upset when we tried to put one of the other two pairs of Thomas socks on. I think I need to also invest in multiple pairs of those socks just like I did with the shirts. I've already bought Thomas underwear for potty training.

When B was in Washington DC, I bought the boys a small set of wooden Thomas train tracks. It came with a "yearbook" that advertises the different characters and sets you can buy. Both boys love the yearbook to the point where it is now held together by packing tape. I really hope come Christmas time one of our family members gets them a set that comes with another yearbook so they can then wear that one out. Yesterday Bug kept asking for the yearbook and I had not seen it since before vacation, B saved the day by finding it.

And completely unrelated to the picture:

Bug's a clean freak. Thank goodness B put the dirty Thomas shirt in the wash when Bug got sick Tuesday because he spilled Pediasure on himself twice and would not relax until I changed him. This morning, he kept complaining that his Thomas socks are dirty. No, little one, they're fuzzy because you've been wearing them for three days straight.

Before I had kids, I never understood the parents who let their kids wear whatever they wanted. I always thought, You're the parent, instill in them good hygiene habits. Now? Now I get it. I've always been one of those people who believes in picking my battles so if my child wants to wear the same Thomas shirt five days in a row, fine. But, you better believe that after day two we're at least changing to the clean version of the exact same shirt!

How do you handle your child's obsessions?

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  1. I can't believe he sleeps that way!! I've seen the pictures, and it's hilarious every time! I wonder how long that will last!!
    Hey, at least he's getting dressed!! Mine fights me every damn day just trying to get his pajamas off!!


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