Friday, October 25, 2013

Heeeey Youuuu Guuuys!!!

{Wednesday, October 9th - vacation day 6}

I'm super sentimental. It causes a lot of problems. I want to hold on to everything because of the memories it brings up or the emotions it invokes. I'm also a sucker for tradition and making memories with my children doing something that I did when I was younger. Basically that was the long way of saying I couldn't wait to go to Cannon Beach with B and the boys. 

I mean, seriously. How gorgeous is that view? 

The last time I was in Cannon Beach I was 6. I remember waking up early in the morning and driving from Seaside to Cannon Beach so we could go hunting for sand dollars. My dad and I found a ton of sand dollars, some smaller than my fingernail, and I couldn't wait to do the same with my boys (all three of them.) 

I seriously could have squealed. 

   So much of our trip was spent with Peanut's head down watching himself shuffle tracks in the sand. I'll forever remember that about him and this trip. It's so funny how the simplest things make him so happy.

We were trying to hurry and get as close to Haystack Rock as we could because we showed up at low tide. We figured we could walk the rest of the beach as the tide came in so I had to drag Peanut away from the water.

Finally making it to Haystack Rock, we asked a woman to take the first family picture we'd taken our whole trip and finally wrangled the toddlers to look at the camera when a big wave came in and got our feet wet. I'm actually quite surprised Bug is the only one reacting, I was worried she clicked the shutter when we were running away from the water. 

I had no idea you could get so close to Haystack Rock. Last time we went, we were quite a bit North of it and in The Goonies, it almost looks like it's in the middle of the ocean so I thought it was surrounded by deep water. We loved being able to check out the starfish, sea urchins, small fish and everything else hanging out in the shallow pools. 

Dad and his ducklings
Boyfriend pointed out that we should head back because it was getting closer to nap time. Of course, Peanut lagged behind because he was too busy making tracks in the sand. I was perfectly content sharing in the experience with him and taking a ton of pictures. 

We had to stop to change Peanut's diaper. I debated about whether it was a good idea to change it right there on the beach and although it wasn't ideal, I just couldn't let him walk around in it. We  headed away from the water, I found a nice sunny spot that was somewhat shielded from the wind. I laid out the mat from the diaper bag and laid him down instructing him to move as little as possible. B leaned over him and said something as he tried to block some of the wind, "It's ok, Stickers," he responded.  A look of confusion passed over our faces as B and I looked at each other. A few seconds later I let out a big laugh as I realized Sally calls McQueen "Stickers" in Cars. I just love Peanut's little personality - he's so funny and radiates happiness. 

This. This is what I remember of Peanut on our trip. Head bowed, arms flung out, halted steps as he shoves his toes in the sand. I don't ever want to forget how mesmerized he was by the sand. I've always loved the outdoors and especially the beach, but seeing the beauty of the outdoors through a child's eyes makes it all that more special.

With some hesitation, our time at Cannon Beach came to and end, but I had to get a few more photos in. How amazing would it be to live in a own with this view? I was sad that we didn't find any whole sand dollars, especially the teeny tiny ones. I was so looking forward to experiencing that with our boys. 

After a quick stop for doughnuts and a short trip to an antique store, we headed to the timeshare to put the boys down for a nap. After nap and lunch, can you guess what we did? We headed out to the beach again.

Check out Peanut's face.
We attempted to build sand castles for a while before we took a walk down the beach. We walked a long time with Peanut lagging behind again as he shuffled his feet in the sand. We were all really amused that the sand almost squeaks when you sweep your feet across it. At some times, you'd hear both B and I squeaking sand while the boys shuffled. 

We agreed on some pool time before dinner. B amused the boys by swimming from one side of the pool to the shallow end where the three of us were parked on the stairs. Bug kept commanding, "Dada, do da blue fissh," as he pointed to the water. Then he pointed again and said, "Mama, do do pink fissh." Silly kid. 

We ate dinner with this view and then enjoyed another cup of "hot chocwate." I love how much they love hot chocolate. I hope we get to drink many many cups of hot chocolate with each other over the years. Maybe that'll become our thing. 

After a little fashion show and some bedtime stories, the boys went to bed while B and I watched reality TV and I researched best places to find whole sand dollars. B suggested finding a place to get sand dollars the next day because it was our last full day in Oregon, but I thought that it might be less stressful to do it in a few years when the boys were a little older and we didn't have to worry about them stepping on jellyfish and stuff. I was disappointed I didn't find any whole sand dollars but this day was still my most favorite day on vacation.

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  1. I LOVE haystack rock! I have been there so many times I can't keep track! My family lives in Portland so we always make the trip when I'm up visiting! So many fun memories there!


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