Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coug Tailgating

Every year, we go to the WSU Coug game played in Seattle. I'm not a Coug fan at all (go Huskies!) but it's a fun time out anyway. Our original plan was to tailgate but we woke up to pounding rain on Saturday. Picture Boyfriend outside wearing no socks or shoes, jeans rolled up over his ankles, wearing just a sweatshirt with a bucket in hand trying to scoop all the water out of our drains so the garage didn't flood. When he came back inside he actually said, "Well, there's my 2nd shower today."

In between the torrential downpour we ran to a bar near the stadium, J&M. I used to spend quite a few nights at J&M back in the day so I was leery, but the new owners have really improved it.

The Coug's got spanked by Stanford (big surprise) so we left early and got pizza at a bar closer to home. It was a fun night and I wasn't wasted so I felt great the next day! Unlike some other friends....

Sunday we got the boys' hair cut - they're sit still soooo well - and Tuesday I got my own hair cut again, you can see it in tomorrow's vlog.
Happy Thursday friends, I'm almost off work for a whole week!

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