Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chigawahgah at Lego KidsFest

Our trip to Portland's Lego KidsFest started out with both boys bawling. What you can't see is that Bug is clinging to my neck also bawling. I took both boys into the bathroom with me. As I finished, I saw Peanut moving closer to the toilet so he could flush, "Peanut, stay back, don't touch," I warned at the exact same time the toilet auto-flushed. He jumped outta his skin and immediately broke into tears. Bug followed for no other reason than he was nap-deprived and his brother was crying. As I comforted them, I couldn't help but smile and wonder if we'd made a mistake stopping in Portland for Lego KidsFest.

Immediately after we entered, Bug headed toward the gigantic pile of LEGO® Duplo bricks and jumped right in. Peanut was a little more hesitant as announcements of lost children kept being made overhead and then loud voices kind of startled him. I think if he wasn't tired he would have jumped in right alongside Bug.

Once we finally tore them away from the Duplo bricks, we checked out the LEGO® structures coming across Lightning McQueen first. People were swarmed around Lightning. I'm seriously amazed at the structures.The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mural below consists of 1x1 LEGO® Bricks. I couldn't even begin to think about how long or how many people it took to put it together.

Is it weird that I thought, "I gotta take a pic with my boyfriend Johnny." This is the closest I got because again people were swarming this one. I wonder what the secret is. How are the arms not heavy enough that they fall right off? They also had a giant Hagrid from "that one popular movie" as Boyfriend called it. I wanted to take a pic next to it just to show how big it was, but I wasn't about to jump in and take some kid's turn just so I could get a picture. Maybe I should have.

We moved on to the regular sized LEGO® Bricks where Bug sat in the pile repeating, "I wuv bwocks," over and over. Peanut tore little structures people left behind apart. It was the first time we'd let them play with regular sized LEGO® Bricks and not the Duplos; they're still a little young for the LEGO® Bricks and don't understand the concept of building stuff yet, but Bug sure had fun.

Out of all the stations they had for us to do different activities, my children were most excited by the spots in the reading area.

Of course they played with these things for about 15 minutes counting the colors and lining them up. Finally we tore them away to this other station where kids could build something out of LEGO® bricks and have it put into the display case which is kind of cool that they then become part of the show.

Our build was a boat shooting flames driven by Harry Potter. Boyfriend did most of the work, naturally :)

After the boat we made, we headed to the marketplace where B bought the Space Needle he wanted along with three key chains "to keep the boys entertained in the car." Pretty sure he just wanted an excuse to buy them.  B bought Boba Fett, Chewbacca and Yoda minifigure key chains. Peanut calls them "Bobo Baff," "Chickabawcka," or "Chigawahgah," and "Yo-ah." We've asked him Chewbacca's name about ten thousand times already.

We skipped the Ninjago and other stations that were a little too old for the boys and headed to the LEGO® City. There were skyscrapers built already and the kids were supposed to build cars and other things to add to the city. When we felt like the boys had enough and we should leave, Bug threw a fit and cried, "I want tracks!"

We went back and let them play for a bit longer but then finally we had to go. We still had a three hour drive ahead of us, we needed dinner and the boys were seriously nap deprived because checkout at our resort was at the exact time the boys go down for a nap. Against my better judgment I agreed to let them try to nap in the car and just like I thought, it didn't work. Bug was already upset about having to leave, but when we made him put the little cars they'd made down (no one could take bricks home) he freaked out! The guy giving out re-entry stamps seemed shocked we turned one down but there's no way were were staying as tired as they were.

Overall, Lego KidsFest was fun, and even though they're young, there was still plenty for them to do. It seemed to have enough activities that catered to both boys and girls (we didn't check 'em out but we saw plenty of pink) If we knew what Ninjago and a Chim-something else was the boys probably would have had even more fun.If Lego KidsFest comes to your area, I would definitely suggest taking your children.

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to attend the event, but all opinions are mine.

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  1. That place looks incredible!!! Lego heaven! What a great place for the boys to play! (all three) :)


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