Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For Every Child On The Beach That Day Stands A Castle Tall And Proud

{Monday, October 7th - Vacation Day 4}

Knowing that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were supposed to rain, I didn't plan a lot for those days. We spent Monday morning like we'd spent the morning two days before: at the beach playing in the sand.

I have so many photos of the boys walking hand in hand with Boyfriend. It's just the sweetest, most heart warming thing though I do worry that when they get older they'll wonder why I have so many photos of the back of them and not their faces.

It was pretty windy and stormy out, but nothing these Seattleites can't stand - we're used to a little rain...and it didn't start raining until that afternoon anyway.

We were so fortunate that we literally walked out of our room, down some stairs and to the beach. The boys nap at 11am so it makes doing anything in the morning difficult. Hanging out at the beach was the perfect way to spend our mornings.

Every sand castle we made was promptly destroyed. Peanut would dig his shovel in and Bug stomped on 'em. I guess we won't be winning any sand castle building awards any time soon.

I'm not sure if the wind was in Peanut's eyes or if he was just making faces, but this picture sure shows his personality! He's got a ton of it and thinks it's so funny to squeeze his eyes shut. He loves getting a laugh out of me when he does things like this.

When we told Peanut it was time to come in, he kept saying, "No fank you." One way we get them to do what we want is to get them to march so they were "marching in" in the bottom left picture.

The marching trick didn't last very long as Bug and Boyfriend were already up the stairs when I turned around to find Peanut scooping sand again. Again, I had to gently guide him up the stairs and back to our room...or I might have bribed him with hot chocolate. I'm not above bribing.

We'd gotten hot chocolate at the store a few days before so we thought it would be a fun time to experience (lukewarm) chocolate. Our boys only drink milk, water and homemade juice so hot chocolate was a real treat and they absolutely loved it!

 After the boys napped and were fed, we stopped by this cute antique store where I fell in love with an antique desk fan. 

As if the boys hadn't had enough sugar, we stuffed our faces with ice cream after the antique store. I got some kind of chocolate peanut butter and as Bug says, it was "Dee-wish-us!" We were sitting across from the Rockaway info center which was really a caboose "Stuck in da bushes!" and a pirate ship park.

Peanut was totally down for the park, but Bug wasn't really interested. He kind of kept his distance but I took some pretty cute pictures!

Why does Peanut look like he's five already?!
So much for not having plans that day, we decided to head home so we could sneak in some pool time before dinner. It was barely warm, but the boys loved it. I think we're going to put the boys in swimming lessons this winter.

As we opened the door to the timeshare, Peanut piped in, "It's good to be home!"

It sure is, Peanut, it sure is.

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  1. What great photos, Lindsay! They look professional. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all and some great memories made. Love, love, love those boys and their parents! So happy to share your lives through your blog. :)


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