Monday, September 30, 2013

We're Going To Portland

I've mentioned over and over how anal B is. It came as no surprise when a few months ago he admitted that when he was little, he'd hole up in his room for hours on end, separate all his LEGO® bricks by color and build "masterpieces." That explains so much.

When he found out we were having twin boys with a big smile he exclaimed, "I can't wait to play LEGOs with them!"  His excitement hasn't died down either; just yesterday when we were getting the boys' hair cut, he perused the toy store attached to the kid's salon and muttered, "One time they had a Space Needle one, I should have bought it because I haven't seen it since."

And, don't forget that he was a LEGO® "minifigure" (that's not so mini) for Halloween a few years ago

We're going on a family vacation to Oregon soon, so I applied to attend LEGO® KidsFest in Portland and was accepted! The funny thing is, I applied mainly because I thought of how thrilled B would be, with the boys as an afterthought because they mostly play with the big  LEGO® Duplo bricks and not the small ones yet.

Seriously, look at this amazingness. We have some very Cars obsessed twins who will be excited to see this. I think the only thing that could be better is if the event also has Thomas the Tank Engine. They are ob-sessed with Thomas right now.

I've always been in awe of people who have the creativity to pull things like this off.  If Boyfriend ever gets out of radio, I totally think he should work for LEGO® he's really good at engineering stuff like this whereas I  would have no clue. Maybe I should ask B to make a LEGO® structure of me, how cool would that be?! Or maybe just a bit creepy.

I was already excited for our family vacation together (our first one!) but the more I read about LEGO KidsFest Portland, the more excited I get for this part of our trip! I cannot wait to watch B's child-like excitement as he gets to share his love with our boys.

I guess tickets for this event sell out quickly so if you're considering purchasing tickets, do it soon!

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  1. The Lego space needle is part of the Lego architecture series. It is a great series designed for grown-up Lego buffs. They used to be really expensive (like $50-150) but now the prices have come down A LOT. The Lego space needle is $17 in case you are thinking of getting it for B for Christmas.


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