Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayers For Baby Harper

This mama is living my biggest fear.

Lora is a mom to twin girls and her baby boy, Harper, came Sunday night - 13 weeks early. He weighs 1.9lbs and is expected to be in the hospital until December. I was terrified my whole pregnancy something like this would happen to my babies so I can only imagine what Lora's family must be going through. My heart breaks for Lora.

Lora's maternity leave will expire long before her baby comes home.

Harper wears the tiniest diapers folded in half - that's how small he is.

Baby Harper can use your help.

Some other bloggers have set up a fund to help with medical bills or anything else the family needs. They have a goal of raising $1,000 but I think we can do better than that. I'm sure we will do better than that. 100% of the money goes straight to Lora's family.

If you cannot donate, please pray for them. A former classmate posted this conversation with her almost four year old the other day:

If we all pray together we can lift Harper's family up like wings on water. I know I pray for them every time I get a chance, I hope you will too. 

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