Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Humps My Humps Her Lovely Camel Lumps

What a whirlwind this weekend was! Boyfriend was asked to work at the last minute (okay so really it was Thursday but still...) which totally put a cramp in my plans to go to the fair, but I like when Boyfriend makes money.

Since Boyfriend had to work, I got him back by going thrifting with my mom - and sending him pics of everything I wanted. I passed up a coffee table - which my mom bought - still giving her the side eye on that one - and ended up with a ginormous chest of drawers. I have big plans to paint this baby.

Never mind that it doesn't match the style of anything in my house right now. I have plans to slowly make our house into a "big girl house" over the next year or so. And show you what a wreck it currently is.

When did my boy get so big?!
After the boys napped and we stuffed our faces, we headed out to the fair. Right away we cruised to the humongous slide because I just knew the Bambinos would love it. B took Bug while Peanut and I waited with the stroller. Apparently Bug said it was scary but wanted to go again in the end.

When it was Peanut's and my turn, he fussed as I went to the back of the line, "I swide...I swide," he kept repeating. I explained that we had to wait in line but to a two year old who doesn't understand turns and patience very well...I was just happy the line moved quickly. The girl at the front thought Peanut was Bug so she didn't measure to make sure he was tall enough which is good because I  think he would have barely squeaked by the height requirement.

After walking up 486380291 increasingly swaying stairs lugging Peanut and our two burlap sacks and then having visions of the stairs detaching from the platform yes I know I'm crazy we made it to the top. After a little effort we made our way down.

"Woah!......Woah...woah!" Peanut cried at every bump; by the end of the ride I was cracking up. He wanted to go again but it already cost us $14 for the four of us to ride it and Mama's not willing to spend that much money on just a big slide.

We did let them go on a car ride which ended up a bust because they weren't even big enough to see over the padded steering wheel. I couldn't get good pics until they were right beside us and by that point it was too late.

After stopping for strawberry shortcake made out of scones we happened upon the camel rides by accident. I wanted to ride the camels last year and didn't get to, so I made B cough up some cash so we could do it. B hates animals bigger than him (horses, cows, camels, elephants) so I agreed to go and both boys said, "Yeah," when I asked if they wanted to ride. The four of us patiently waited for our turn, but Peanut decided to cling to Daddy instead so only Bug & I went. Bug didn't seem too impressed but I got to check one thing off my bucket list. 

Our only decent family picture. How cute is my pregnant co-worker?
He's got the one finger touch down.
 The only other thing we wanted to do was the petting zoo. Peanut was not interested at all in petting the animals, he was just happy we let him run free for a minute. Bug had fun at first but became too preoccupied with the sawdust on his shoes, "Too dirty," he whined, "My shoe dirty!" That kid hates being dirty. I hope he's not as anal as his dad. So we waited out the rain in the petting zoo and then headed home.

Sunday we went to B's mom's house for her birthday. After food and this family tradition they have called "Wacky Cake" we all walked to a nearby school. I think the adults had just as much fun playing on the toys, throwing footballs and shooting hoops. Or at least I did.

Once we walked back to the house to say goodbye and packed the boys in the car, they threw a fit, "Want go park!" Bug yelled suddenly and Peanut cried bloody murder half the way home. Seriously, we pulled over to make sure he wasn't hurt or sitting on a toy car or anything. He was fine, just a little melodramatic.

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