Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Want Cows

These last two weekends have been filled with sports. And the zoo. But mostly sports.

We started out the Saturday before last at our first Sounders soccer game. B and I had never been and got to use a guy at work's tickets so we were looking forward to our first match. We were a tiny bit nervous 'cause we were told that section was really rowdy and would hassle us if we didn't sing along and do the hand motions and stuff but it really wasn't that bad.

The next day, we decided to go to the zoo: as I got the boys up from their nap, this happened:

Me: Do you want to go to the zoo?
Boys: Yaaay!
Me: They have a baby giraffe.
Bug: Horse?
Me: And we can see elephants
Bug: And sheep.
Me: And tigers.
Bug: Horse.
Me: You know we can see those animals any day, are there any exotic animals you want to see?
Bug: I want cows.

So we trekked around looking at all the different animals and finally saw the cows at the end....I'm still trying to figure out why cows are at the zoo but oh well.  When we finally left around dinner time, we decided to head to Red Mill Burgers because I keep hearing about how good it is. Of course, the boys kept saying, "We go zoo?" #facepalm.

Red Mill was pretty good, but I got just a basic burger so I didn't it was amazing or anything. It reminded me a lot of Dick's (where Macklemore filmed part of his White Walls video.) Maybe I wasn't blown away because I thought we were going to a brewery and this was definitely not one. They have another location that I think does include a brewery so we'll try that one next time. Even thought Red Mill wasn't what I expected, I would still go back. 

I already wrote way more than I intended to, so I'll write about this last weekend (the other half of our sports weekends) tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me during my sporadic blogging!

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  1. Is that the Seattle Zoo? If it is, we went last summer and loved it! We plan to go again, soon, now that Oliver is bigger maybe he will not it more!


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