Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wrangling Chaos

It just occurred to me yesterday that I never shared our family pics with you even though we got them back almost a month ago. We had them taken in June and the weather was wonderful! You never quite know with Seattle at that time of year.

The same photographer that took our pics last year showed up at our house bright and early to start shooting our family. I'm in love with the lifestyle photoshoots people do so I worked like a madwoman to redecorate our living room I was worried because a lot of work needs to be done on the house, but Barbie captured the good parts so well :)

I love this one because it is so my boys. I can almost always find Peanut standing on the back of the couch....and Bug is sometimes not too far behind.

 Why are boys always blessed with long eyelashes? Mine are pretty long but I'd kill for thick ones like they have.

This one shows how happy Peanut is in the morning. He takes after his daddy by being a morning person. It's not unusually for him to be smiling, bouncing and dancing first thing in the morning.

I love this one so much.

Peanut was not trying to hold still. It's not my favorite pic, but she did a great job capturing the best parts of our house. 

After we did a few photos at home, we headed out to Coulon park which is close to our house. 

I was going for an Abbey Road type of thing with us marching instead. We often get the Bambinos to do what we want by marching.


 They wanted to be near the water, not where they were supposed to be.

 I had a cute little banner hung behind us and we were going to have a "pimik," as Bug says, but we struggled so hard to get them to sit still.

Finally we gave up and tried to change locations in the park.

I'm loving the wall color behind us - it's just an Ivar's Restaurant!

I told B not to let the bubble wand be visible in the photos. And what do you see in almost every single photo? B's hand and the bubble wand or at least the bubble wand. Is anyone really good at photoshop?

I was worn out after the session. It was constant, "Come over here," "Stay over there," "Look at the camera," "B make sure they can't see your hand," "Sit down that's not safe...." Last year was so much easier because only Peanut was walking and he was still pretty unstable. It was easy to put them somewhere and know that's where they'd stay.

Last year we were able to get me alone with both boys and with each boy individually. B did the same thing and then we did family pictures. This year, we got some bad ones of B with both boys but we didn't even attempt me with them.

 The other thing I would change is I wouldn't have worn the white cardigan, I like the colors I chose for everyone to wear and then there's this stark white blob which also did nothing for my figure. I should have at least belted it.

I think next year we'll do photos in our home; some of my favorite pictures from this day are the boys just being themselves at home. Maybe by then we'll have a cute bedroom and the backyard will be landscaped a little better so we will have plenty of options.

If you want to see some of the "good" pictures, check out my facebook page.

And, pretty please go check out my guest post on Sarah's blog today. 


  1. These are awesome! I love how she came to your house and captured some of the normal routine. The pictures are great!

  2. This age is SUPER tough for pictures - she did a great job! Also...the lashes - I know!

  3. Such great pictures!! Your boys are so adorable!


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