Monday, August 5, 2013

Have You Ever Seen a Drunk Unicorn?

What a great weekend we had! Friday night, we attended our first gay wedding. The weather was crappy so the picnic and ceremony part was cancelled. B didn't find out until he'd already come to work to pick me up so we had an impromptu date and went to dinner.

After dinner we headed to the grooms' house for the reception. They had a caricature artist who asked us to be their first "victim" How funny did it turn out?! I think it only somewhat looks like us, but I smile every time I look at it.

The reception was so fun! A few guys from Benny's softball team were there and we had the best time goofing off and making jokes with them. He's going to DC with them in a few weeks for the Softball World Series and I just know he's going to have a blast.

Saturday my cousin Jess was in class learning to become a midwife so Jess' sister Adrienne and mom (my Aunt Theresa) were staying with Jess' son, Silas. After being cooped up in a hotel for four days, Aunt Theresa was more than happy to meet up with us at a nearby park and let Si run.

 It's not until we're around younger kids that I realize how much the Bambinos are growing. They were fearless climbing up things, going down slides, running across on of those shaky bridge things - it makes me happy but so sad at the same time. They even did a great job sharing their new Thomas train with Si.

After about an hour and a half all three boys were pooped and slowing down so we parted ways and headed to a birthday party.

I never realized what a big back yard our friends Brian and Melissa have.

There are a bunch of secret "gardens" for the kids to run and play in; the Bambinos had a blast running after the big kids.

The adults had way too much fun with animal masks.

And we kept the Bambinos up way past their bedtime which we paid for yesterday. All the adults kept mentioning how well behaved they were for being up so late, but I knew there'd be repercussions.

Sunday morning, we met up with friends for Seafair brunch. We planned on watching the hydroplane races at Doofer's, but Bug was completely melting down. First he wanted his shoes off, then he wanted his socks off, then he wanted out of the high chair to walk around but he didn't want to put his shoes back on, so he cried. When my children are crying in the middle of a restaurant I know it's time to take them home. They never cry like that.

I took the Bambinos home and put them to bed while B stayed to visit a little more with Erin, Rachel and Rachel's son, Owen. Eventually Bug woke up, proceeded to wake up his brother and then B and Erin came back to our house so we could all go to Seafair.

I haven't been to Seafair since I was 6 years old so I was super excited and hoped the boys would be too.

The shuttle we took dropped us off right by a fire truck so Bug hopped right in whereas Peanut was still trying to wake up from the nap he took in the car.

Poor Erin, we're always trying to find her a nice, single man (know of anyone?) so I insisted we wear hydroplane hats. What better way to draw attention to her. But, after a while, we realized the hats made us feel like it was 95 degrees and not 85 so we deflated them and shoved them in the stroller. 

Seafair's never complete without the Seafair Pirates but I didn't take into account how scary a man with a gravelly voice getting in your face might be, even if he's trying to give you some treasure. Look at how terrified Peanut looks.

As soon as I realized he was scared I hurried us away, cuddled him and wiped the tears from his eyes. Poor little guy.

We ended up with Pit Passes so we went down to the pits where we got to see the hydroplanes up close. A guy from the Navy boat gave the Bambinos a Navy hydroplane that they haven't let go of yet. The first thing Peanut said to me this morning was, "Good morning, I dropped my boat," as he pointed to the space between the wall and his crib.

In the pits we also got a pretty good view of the Boeing Air Show, but only stopped to watch for a few minutes as it was getting entirely too hot and I wanted to go to Bahama Breeze for dinner.

At dinner we had the best server. If you're in the area and you go to the Tukwila Bahama Breeze at all ask for Tyler- he's seriously good. After a long, full day, we came home to play with trains and hydroplanes for a little while before it was time for bed.

After the Bmabinos were read to and kissed, B and I started watching Philadelphia on TV when I fell asleep. When he woke me to tell me to go to bed I thought it was close to 3am or something like that but it was only 9:45pm. Oops. I guess I needed my sleep, I think I even fell asleep before 8.

How was your weekend? I want to hear all about it!

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