Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big, Fun, American Wedding

What a GREAT weekend we had! We trekked to Eastern Washington again, for my cousin's wedding. I'm so excited that we've seen her and her husband a few times already this summer as usually it's a once-a-year-thing, if that.

Can we talk about how gorgeous she is? I just kept thinking that she looked like some 1940's starlet.
Yes I totally stole this from her photographers - hope they don't mind.
The thing I love about the weddings I've attended in Eastern Washington is they can be held in people's back yards because over there people have land, rather than houses smooshed together. It completely gives the wedding a laid-back, fun vibe, and that's totally what this was.

It was held in her Dad's back yard, everyone was seated at tables with Sarah and Uncle Dave walking down the aisle between tables. Since Sarah and Chris were already married, they did a quick ceremony of the unity candle and some quick speeches.

The ceremony didn't last long, but of course I was that mom with the toddler who talked through the whole thing. Peanut was sitting on B's lap so I had Bug. He wanted down so he could run around; not even distracting him with Cheddar Bunnies was helping. Eventually he made his way over to B, kneeling on his lap facing him. The tiniest of hummingbirds flitted through the tent (seriously, it looked like a butterfly) when Bug shouted, "A hummin'bird!" We quietly confirmed when he started shouting, "Tweet tweet!  Tweet tweet!" and smiling at B. It was one of those times where you couldn't help but smile which only encouraged him. Thank goodness the ceremony didn't last long or I would have been even more mortified. And then it was time to party!

We feasted on BBQ - at least everyone else did, I more or less inhaled mine because I was chasing Bambinos.

It was a plaid kind of day for the little-boy cousins
They wanted to play in the big front yard most of the time so when it came time for speeches, I bribed them with cupcakes. I told Peanut, "We're going to watch them talk, and then eat cupcakes." So Peanut hopped into a chair at the nearest table and said, "Hey guys, I need a cupcake!" I ushered him to our table and onto my lap where he proceeded to talk about cupcakes the whole time.

I didn't think it was possible for anyone on earth to be cuter than Sarah's husband Chris, but I think his Dad might be. He gave the funniest speech. And, I just love his English accent. I only talked to Chris's parents briefly near the end, but it seems as if Sarah married into a great family.

I didn't see much of the dances, but happiness just radiated from Uncle Dave as he danced with Sarah.

After cupcakes came dancing and of course the minute I mentioned dancing Peanut ran from the front yard to the back deck and joined right in. That boy loves him some music!

Do you see the look of joy on his face?
In a stroke of geniusness, I brought the bambinos pajamas and tooth brushes 'cause I knew they'd fall asleep in the car on the way back to my aunt and uncle's. We changed them and let them dance and run around a little more when Peanut walks by the cupcake table and said, "I need a cupcake," to no one in particular. He's a crack-up.

For once I wanted to be on the other side of the camera. And this is the best we got.
After stalling and staying to hang out with my family as much as possible, we finally decided we needed to leave. On the way home we saw a porcupine which was kinda cool 'cause I've never seen one in "real life."

When my aunt, uncle and cousins came home, they were all chattering about what a great time they had and how much fun everyone was. I guess everyone was dancing - and we missed it! I think my family should have a fake wedding every summer because they're just so fun at weddings and I want B to experience it.

Or I guess we could just have dance parties. I bet my fam would be down for that.

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  1. This looks so fun. I just love your little fam, you guys are so cute!

  2. Hola gorgeous.. Pretty pics! Love the new do!


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