Monday, July 15, 2013

Street Walkin'

For once I didn't feel like we were all go go go this weekend. You never really realize how much it takes out of you until you slow down, huh?

Friday night I got my hair cut again.
I'm still getting used to it. I took in this picture of Chelsea Kane

 But sometimes I feel more like Rachel from The Challenge

Although I think Rachel can be pretty, I don't love her hairstyle and don't want to look like her.

Saturday we we trekked to the city where I grew up for their street fair. We've had amazing weather lately and hallelujah we finally got the Bambinos to wear sunglasses!

Bug only kept his on for a few minutes but I'd still call it a success.

 We took a pic with our favorite Seahawks. Ok, maybe not really our faves, but we used all the cut outs they had. There's only 50-something days until football season - can't wait!

I didn't realize this picture was so blurry until just now, but they enjoyed hangin' out in the fire truck. And, can we talk about how fun it is now that we smile at them and they give us a big one back?

On the way home we stopped and got mini Blizzards and gobbled them up as soon as we got home.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with a new church, naps, the Cars movie and more sprinkler action. I'm not sure why, but I could not keep my eyes open for a while yesterday (no, I'm not pregnant.) I actually fell asleep with Bug laying on me watching Cars. That never happens, if the Bambinos are awake, I am too. Luckily B was home or else I wouldn't have let myself fall asleep.

It felt so good to have a somewhat relaxing weekend since these next few weeks won't be. Next weeeknd I have another wedding and the weekend after is my cousin's American wedding.

Speaking of my cousin, she just started a blog about her adventures with her British husband and their life together. She's super cute, check it out!

How was your weekend? I want to hear all about it.

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  1. I think your hair looks super cute! Not like that pic of Rachel at all!

  2. Those cut outs are hilarious.. Cute hair cut - doesn't look like Rachel..


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