Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Full Circle

I have a ton of memories hanging out at my Grandparents' with my cousins when I was little running through the sprinkler. Our shrieks of joy as the cold water hit our legs was something I couldn't wait for my Bambinos to experience. I couldn't wait for them to run in circles trying to avoid the cold, pulsing water the way we did.

This weekend we got to introduce them to the great childhood pastime. Seattle got some unusually warm weather so naturally we set up the sprinkler and ran through it. All of us.

When we set it up Saturday, Bug was way more interested than Peanut. Peanut was too busy playing at the water table. Both boys kept saying, "It's waining! It's waining!" Yes little guys, usually that stuff that comes from the sky is rain. But this is so much more fun.

Sunday was blazing hot for June (I got burned!) so we set it up again and all four of us got in on the action. Again, Bug was a little more enthusiastic but they both enjoyed themselves.

 Mr. Smarty Pants Peanut would run through just the tail end of the sprinkler. Every time we'd count, "One, two, three, go!" He'd run the other way shrieking. Every time the sprinkler actually made contact, he'd gasp and shudder. But he kept going back for more.

We debated going out for ice cream Saturday but we knew everyone within a 75 mile radius probably had the same thought so B brought some home for them. The Bambinos ate their cones ok Saturday but Sunday it ended up a drippy, sticky, soggy mess, especially when they took them through the sprinkler.

Every night since then, they've asked for the "Spinker," just the way we did. I so look forward to more days running through the sprinkler as a family, watching our children experience and get joy from the same things we did as children. It's moments like these where my heart is so full that I feel like everything's come full circle.

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  1. This brought tears of joy to my eyes, Linds. These photos are priceless! Thank you so much for sharing them. It makes me feel not so far away and removed from their little lives...and brings back the memories of you and your cousins. I love your blog. What a great post!


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