Friday, July 12, 2013

A Ramble On Finding Balance

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find balance lately. The other day I mentioned that I was doing wedding planning on the side and a girl who has a position comparable to mine asked, "How do you have the time for that?"

I started going through everything in my head:

I'm a mama
I work full time outside the home
I just became a licensed MixxedFit instructor
I try and update my etsy shop when I can (I have about 25 unfinished projects in the works)
I intern at wedding planning
I'm a girlfriend

No wonder my blogging has suffered lately.

Of course, my two biggest priorities are being a mama and girlfriend; I've fallen hard for MixxedFit and do that as much as I can (although I've been slacking these last few weeks) and I love the wedding planning. But I really miss blogging.

I miss all the connections I've made with you. I have probably 5 different posts that I've started but just haven't finished and yet somehow I still find myself at a loss as to what to write. Does anyone ever read what I write anymore?  If you do, will you leave a comment and let me know? And if no one does, I won't be upset, there's something kind of freeing about being able to write what ever you want knowing that no one reads it.

But....back to the balance thing. I feel like I need a planner to keep everything organized. I keep everything in my phone, but it's not a good visual of everything that's happening. I'm a super visual person. Do any of you guys have a favorite planner? (And not Erin Condren, it's just too big, in my opinion. I used the one I had only a few months.)


Do you have any other tricks to keep yourself organized? The biggest thing that would help me is if I only worked part-time outside of our home but that's not going to happen anytime soon. I'm not willing to give up any of the things I mentioned above either. I feel like each of those parts make me whole.


  1. Awww girl this is the story of my life... It's crazy... I wish I had some advice or magic for you - but it basically is what fits you. I get up and work out early in the morning or late in the evenings - blog after working out at night - work - then all the rest of the stuff being a mama and soon school. Plus then training for this full marathon. I am scared. I am very scared - it's hard.

  2. I am the same way- and blogging has been super neglected lately. (I'm trying to get back into it and have been taking advantage of the "schedule" tool) ...hardly anyone reads my blog, and I kind of like it that way. Only a handful of people that I know even know about it. I wanted a place where I could just BE, and not have to worry about people I know reading it/judging it/etc. It IS freeing- but at the same time it's hard to stay motivated sometimes when I know only a couple of people will even read it. Pros and Cons, I suppose...
    I use a dayplanner. I have to. And I buy mine at Walmart. Nothing fancy- just a yearly planner. I also keep things in my phone, and on my desk calendar at work. I am like you- super visual- and I'm also a list person, so I totally relate. Best of luck- and remember you are NOT alone! :)

  3. I hear you girl. This is one of my biggest fears about this baby coming... how will I still be me? And yes, I definitely still read what you write. I get excited when I see your posts come up in my feed!!

  4. I still read your posts as well. I've fallen behind since I've taken a new job, but I'm in the process of catching up on your posts. Speaking of, I love the gift you gave your 80 year old grandma. I find my grandparents are always hard to buy for, but I may have to steal your idea. ;-)


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