Monday, June 24, 2013

The Time The Mailman Saw Me In Lingerie

A few weekends ago, I decided to surprise Boyfriend by being in a cute little slip when he returned from the post office. My plan was to continue getting ready for the Mariners game and act like it's an every day occurrence for me to wear a slip.

A bit later, Teddy was barking incessantly and since the Bambinos were napping, I walked into the living room to calm our good little guard-dog down.

I got about half way into the living room when I noticed our super tall mailman look up from putting mail in our box. He could see straight through the windows at the top of our door.

We totally caught eyes and then I scampered into the kitchen. After a few minutes seconds, I headed for our bedroom. But, I did it in the crazy, awkward, slow, backwards way people do in movies. You know, the one-step-backwards-at-a-time-with-a-small-pause-between-steps one.

The slip wasn't super revealing but I was embarrassed and didn't come back out of the room until after B came back home.

How did B react? I barely got a 2nd glance out of him. He thought "maybe you ran out of stuff to wear." Seriously. We were going to the Mariners Game, I wasn't planning to wear just a slip and sneakers.

Silly boy :)

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  1. Lol this is so funny! I would have been so disappointed if LoLo said nothing about me wearing that, but guys can be so dense sometimes!!

  2. I bet it made the mailman's day! :D

  3. Too funny! I bet all mailmen have tons of stories to tell. They should have a blog :-)


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