Monday, June 3, 2013

I've Got a Pocket Got A Pocket Full of Sunshine

Don'tcha just hate when you take an unintended blog break? These last two weeks at work have been nuts, and I haven't even been able to write on my lunch break....I haven't been taking lunch breaks! Let's talk Memorial Weekend......

Friday we headed over to Eastern Washington where we immediately went to the rodeo again, juts like last year. And then left. The Bambinos are just too young to go to things where they need to sit still and not drop their Hot Wheels under the bleachers. Maybe next year.

Saturday we attended my cousin's bridal shower. She married a guy from England last fall (it was just the two of them, how cool!) They had a ceremony in England a few months ago, and they're having one here in July. My Aunt and other cousin (the brides sister) went with an English tea theme and it ended up being so cute!

How cute is my cousin! I don't think she takes a bad picture. Can I tell you how good those chocolate raspberry sandwiches were? That's why there's hardly any left in the photo.

While I enjoyed the party, the Bambinos hung out with my uncle and cousins doing boy things: basketball, rocks and dirt. Bug gets such a kick out of the free- range chickens, especially when they're in the front yard in the morning. He loved looking out of the window exclaiming, "Tickens!"
How gorgeous is my aunt & uncle's back yard? They have 6 acres.

 Just like last time, they love the "tampeen." They'd run around and around with a little jumping thrown in. Peanut was still getting his trampoline legs and looked like a little drunk man trying to navigate his way :)

More than once he leaned too far over and lost his balance.

It's a day wasted unless it involves playing in dirt! I love that my aunt and uncle's has so much for them to do and explore. Having two boys of their own, my aunt is super laid back and doesn't care if the Bambinos are rolling in dirt or playing with small rocks. "Throw 'em in the bath!" is what she says.
The day ended with ice cream in the back deck after a bath. Why I didn't give them a bath after the ice cream I'm not sure, but the mini drumstick ice cream cones are pretty cool.

I'll update on Sunday tomorrow, this post is already long.

And now you've got that song in your head.
You're welcome.

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  1. They are just too darn cute. I think I have mentioned this before, but we so have to go visit there when WE finally come visit YOU. It looks like what the doctor would order. :)

  2. They are looking so big!! They look so mature!


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