Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I've Got A Pocket Full Of Sunshine Part II

"They're so grown up!" I heard over and over while we were in Eastern Washington.
"Don't remind me," I always replied.

As someone who sees them every day, it would be easy to overlook the differences in my children, but these last two months they've really grown up. Every single day I'm amazed at their vocabulary and how much it's growing. They're using longer, more complex sentences. I can just imagine how my Grandma feels since she hadn't seen them since Christmas.
This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures I've taken of Peanut
Stopping at my Grandma's Sunday, we ended up filling the house with family. A few aunts, uncle, cousins, kids, cousin's new husband, there were so many of us there. We laughed, we ate, we reminisced, we teared up....it was a house full of love.

My cousin gave my Grandma her 80th birthday present early....
 a newspaper from the day she was born! How cool is that? I think it's cool that there's enough old newspapers around to actually make a business out of it. I can think of a few people who I'd like to give one of these. And I wish I had picked up a newspaper the day the Bambinos were born. Or, had someone else pick one up 'cause, you know, I had just been cut up and everything.

One of my Aunt's pulled out some Legos, but the Bambinos and my couisn's daughter, Avery, were just to young to play with them. They mostly pulled them apart and tossed them around. Bug likes pouring out the big Legos we have and listening to the sound of them as they tumble out of the bucket. He also likes the feeling of pouring them on his lap. Silly kid.

It was so, so, so warm in my Grandma's house with all the people in there. If my children actually liked being naked, I would have at least taken off their shirts. Bug laid down, put Legos on his forehead and would gently shake his head to make them fall off. A few minutes later I glanced over and saw this.
The warmth must have gotten to him because he slept on the Legos for a good 15-20 minutes before I woke him up so we could leave. I tried getting all the Legos around him, but couldn't get the ones actually under him without waking him.

As Bug slept on his bed of Legos, we were going through some of my Grandma's old papers (she still has ration books from the war!) when I turned to see this tender moment between her and Peanut.
 She was tickling him and he was soaking up the attention. I'm so glad they've gotten to spend time with my Grandma the way I did when I was younger. My Aunt Jill would probably be astonished to know this, but Eastern Washington is my Happy Place. It's where I go to unwind, relax, slow down, listen to the songs of the birds, the lapping of the waves at the lake, the bouncing of the basketballs on the court, and the giggles of my children in the background. It's where I go to be surrounded by love.

I just wish that the Bambinos got to spend even the tiniest amount of time with their Great-Grandpa
 It's because of him that I call Peanut, "Peanut." It's because of him that Peanut has the middle name that he does. It's because of him that I'll always think of twinkie and ding-dong as a swear word. I thought about him a lot while we were at his house this time.

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  1. Oh Linds, I absolutely ADORE everything about this post. Those kiddos of yours sure are cuties. I love family time....nothing can top it in the long run. :) p.s. your grandpa was a might fine fellow.

  2. What a beautiful post, Lindsay. It made me laugh, smile and of course brought tears. I'm so glad you enjoy yourself when you're here. I love every minute we spend together and that you put such effort into making sure the boys will know their family here. I too, wish Dad could be here to know his precious great grandsons. What JOY he'd experience with all of his great grandkids just as he did with all of you. It's always kind of melancholy at the times when everyone is together. We have fun yet feel the emptiness of those who are gone. I love you and can't wait until 'the next time'.


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