Friday, June 21, 2013

"Go M's!"

Take Me Out To The Ball Game! We tried getting the Bambinos to sing this on the way to the Mariners Game on June 8th but they weren't having it.

Work had some extra tickets to the Ms vs. Yankees game and I was fortunate enough to get the Saturday pair. We knew we'd be a bit late as the game started at 1:10am and we're still pretty strict about keeping to the Bambinos' schedule so there was no way we were waking them from their nap just to go to the game.

We got to the game around 3pm and stopped to get a "first game" certificate for each of the boys and then buy them shirts at the team store (I couldn't find any in their sizes at sports stores near us.) I thought we'd be at the game for 2-3 hours which would be perfect because they wouldn't sit for much longer than that. When we went to our seats it was already the 8th inning. Oops!

I felt horrible, but B said he'd never seen a game go so quickly. At least our tickets were free; I'd have felt worse if we paid for them.

Being late to the game actually worked out because the Bambinos were squirmy little children and were constantly up and down in the two free seats next to ours. We were surrounded by Yankee fans, but  everyone was super nice and B's friendly enough that he makes friends with people within minutes anyway. Peanut was a little confused because he'd clap every time the people around us clapped. But really, who can resist a happy little guy wearing the wrong shirt enthusiastically clapping for your team?

Overall, we had a blast, three of us participated in the wave (Bug was more interested in driving his cars on his seat,) they yelled "Go M's!" and "Go Mariners!" and we just enjoyed being in each other's company.

I love Safeco Field, the weather was perfect and we get views of the mountains and the ocean. And, former Mariner Ichiro was playing for the Yankees. It was good seeing him back on our field even though they beat us. But....I really can't wait until football season. I hope we get to take the Bambinos to a game before the weather gets too bad.

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  1. It sounds like a great time with the family making memories with great photos of all of you. The boys look so cute in their M's shirts. :)

  2. We went to that Fridays Yankee game, but we won that evening! I love Safeco, too. It's so gorgeous!


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