Thursday, June 20, 2013

Live With What You Love

Yesterday, I mentioned that I overhauled a wall in our home. It didn't take very long and I'm in love with the result.

In my old apartment, Roomate had styled this box on a shelf in my room and I loved what she did. So, when I had a blank wall I wasn't sure what to do with, I copycatted: I found some similar boxes at Target and had B hang them up.

Immediately, I hated them. I knew I hated them, but I didn't want to admit to B that I hated them. They hung, mostly unused and unstyled for months. Occasionally I'd make a lackluster attempt at putting something in them, but I just didn't like them.

After my epiphany I decided I wanted a bunch of prints that reflect who we are. So, I turned to Google images and made a bunch that are completely different and random but seem to all go together.

I found the perfect shelves at Target and some letters at Joann's. I found a bunch of frames at the Goodwill and did a lot of spray painting. I took down the boxes so only the molly's and screws were left. I measured out where I wanted the shelves and left blue-tape markings for Boyfriend so he could hang them while I was at work. He even spackled the holes and touched up the paint before I got home. I am so in love with the change.
This, reflects our style, not some weird, too-modern, floating boxes that are too small to actually put anything in. Now, when I walk into our home, it feels light, and airy. It feels balanced and it feels like us.

An unknown person said: Live with what you love. And I'm really beginning to love what I've done to the place. I know people will walk out of our house feeling like they know us better than when they walked in. And they might just be surprised to learn a thing or two!

I love that.

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  1. Like the revamp the boxes are hard to swing.. I like the pictures better! :) Nice work!

  2. We got a set of those boxes as wedding gift and we haven't figured out what to do with them either. They're sitting in the garage :\ I LOVE the frames!

  3. I love those little prints! They look like the perfect thing for me to put in a baby room.... hmmm :)


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