Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6 Reasons Why I Fail At Father's Day

I pretty much failed at Father's Day this year. If you ask B, he'll said it was fine, and he doesn't need much. But, I love holidays, I love doing things for people and I generally just planned poorly this Father's Day.

Actually, I thought it was the next weekend.

It wasn't until Friday I realized my mistake.

I think I added too much pressure on myself because B did such a good job at Mother's Day this year.

I woke up when I overheard the Bambinos on the monitor, and almost asked B to get up, I was seriously sleep deprived all week getting our house ready...and then I remembered what day it was.

I almost asked B to get up and let me sleep in on Father's Day.

Fail #1.

I got up and gave each Bambino a different colored pen so they could draw in B's card....the card I'd picked up just the day before.

Fail #2.

Then, I put the Lowe's gift card I'd picked up on Saturday (are we seeing a pattern here?!) in the card and gave that to one child while I gave a chocolate bacon lollipop to the other child. I opened our bedroom door to let them give the gifts to their Daddy and followed with day old doughnuts left over from family pictures the morning before.

Fail #3. Day-old doughnuts?! It was supposed to be funny. No one ate them. And B didn't get the joke.

I suggested Kona Kitchen for breakfast and thankfully B agreed.

Fail #4. We went to my favorite breakfast place on Father's Day.

On the way to breakfast, I convinced B to look at a couch (HELLELUJAH!) so after a yummy breakfast of Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast (me) and their version of Pigs In A Blanket (boyfriend) we were stuffed and headed home. I kept asking what he wanted to do with the day, and the only thing he came up with was go to the park or something low-key. How cute is that? ! He could have said anything and he picked something simple like the park.

But first, B suggested we stop by my dad's work so we could wish him a Happy Father's Day and then we looked at a couch at World Market. We decided to keep looking but at least B's agreeing to look, I've been trying to convince him for months that we need to get a new one so this was huge.

Back at home, I finished planting the flowers I started planting the day before. Somehow, Boyfriend ended up raking up all our beauty bark.

#5. He ended up doing yard work.

I tried stopping him; I told him he should be sitting in the hammock relaxing with a beer, but he pointed out that the hammock is broken and we don't have beer.

Fail #6. Isn't it un-American to be without beer on Father's Day? That's like a dad-right or something.

After yardwork, we went to (where else?) Doofer's for dinner. That was his choice.

After dinner we played in the backyard for a bit and then we ended the day with B reading the Bambinos a bedtime story.

I think this was the most heart-warming part of my day, watching the three of them read the story.

After the Bambinos were tucked into bed, we cuddled on the couch and decided not to watch a movie because we'd both fall asleep so we were lame and flipped through the TV channels until it was bed time.

All in all, I'm sure B would say he was ok with the day and he had fun, and all that really matters is that he was with his family, but I know I can do better. He's the most amazing dad; he deserves to be spoiled. I feel like Dad's get one day the whole year and I didn't spoil him the way I would have liked to. But, I'm still kind of new at this Father's Day thing too, so all I can do is plan better in the coming years.

I just now realized that I didn't hang the Father's Day banner I made for B's first Father's Day  and I wanted to recreate the Bambinos mustache pic. (Are those reasons #7 and 8?) Oops!

I really want to start some kind of tradition too. Do you have any kind of Father's Day traditions? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Aw - it still sounds like a good day! And he got to do the most important thing, hang out with his bambinos!


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