Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nee Nee

Today I wanted to share with you someone very special: my sister.

Sisters are a very special thing, aren't they? My sister used to be my very favorite person in the world.  I say used to be because now my Bambinos are with Boyfriend and my sister coming in a very close second. And the cool thing is, my sister would completely understand this.

My sister is my rock. She's seen me through break ups and make ups, she's willing to help me pack up her car after a break up and then drive everything back five days later when we make up. She's willing to drive to my house at a moments notice. She's willing to not make too much fun of me because she cooks better than I do. And we get tattoos together.

She's responsible, has a flair for fashion, she makes me laugh until I cry, she lets me call her just to vent, she was the first person to watch my Bambinos, she chases her dreams, she handles her money well, she's the most stubborn person I've met, she's a hard worker, she talks way too much when we watch movies at home....and in my office when I'm trying to work, she takes vacations with me, she's ballsy enough to chop off all her hair.

 I always wanted a little sister. After 7 years, I was SO excited for her to come along. I'd tell my parents that  I was going to change all of her diapers. I always felt like her second mom. I still remember the first time I scared her and made her cry as an infant. I felt so bad. I remember when she bit through her lip and her imaginary friends and what they looked like. We played dress up. I did her hair every morning at daycare.

And then we grew apart. With 7 years between us we didn't have a lot in common. At 12 years old, she was 5 and annoyed me when my friends were over and she insisted on hanging out with us. My best friend still brings up how she used to stick her tongue out at him. We spent a few years being more annoyed at each other than liking each other but I always loved her.

When she went to Nationals for cheerleading, I made sure she had film for her camera and some spending money. She spent some of that money bringing me back a Stitch doll from Disneyland. She has a big heart and the best sense of humor.

As she entered high school and we had more of the same interests, we grew so so close. She became exactly the sister I'd always wanted. She was one of the first people to know I was pregnant - she gave me the sweetest card and a present. She was the 2nd person to find out we were having twins. She helped me tell my dad because I was scared. She planned a baby shower for me from the other side of the state. She spent hours at the hospital cuddling her new nephews and now she comes over all the time because she's practically their second mom the way I was hers. And she'll be the only bridesmaid at my wedding.

Why am I telling you all this?
This was just last night
Because today is her 23rd birthday and I just want to say Happy Birthday Nee Nee! We love you so very much and hope you have the best day ever even though I scheduled you to work :) I hope this year gives you even more opportunities to chase your dreams than last year.

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  1. How sweet! I actually never wanted a sister growing up because, quite frankly, I didn't like girls! I loved my brother and was (and still am) very close to her...but now I LOVE having sisters-in-law who feel like real sisters to me!


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