Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pump Pump Pump It Up!

Sunday started out not as I'd hoped because I ran over a screw and got a flat tire on my way to get spray tanned. B was outside using the saw as the Bambinos napped so I knew his phone was on the counter in the kitchen.

I called my sister and asked her to come over a few hours early so she could explain to B what happened and stay with the Bambinos while he came to help me. In the meantime I went and got my spray tan. B's a saint and put my spare on my car in no time.

We planned on stopping by B's softball game before we headed up to the birthday party. Since I had a spare on my car, my sister had to drive and she has no air conditioning right now. Grrrrreeeeeat. I was sweating just from putting the car seats in her car!

By the time we got off the freeway to head to the game, we decided to make a detour and get the Bambinos a mini Blizzard. Both of them were slumped in their car seats about to sleep when we pulled up to the drive through. As we got to the menu board, Bug popped up and said, "I get cookie?!" in his high, little voice. I think even the DQ worker laughed.

Unfortunately by the time we got to B's game it was almost over so we only saw a few minutes of it and got to visit with him for a few minutes before we headed to Pump it Up for the Party. We'd never been to Pump It Up before, but the Bambinos loved it. My sister and I got quite the workout going on everything with the Bambinos too. Bug loved the slide, he had the cheesiest grin the whole way down.

We only jumped for an hour but let me tell you, I'm not sure we'd be able to go much longer than that. It is work trying to help toddlers up and down inflatables.

This was supposed to be a group picture but Peanut settled himself down way in front of everyone else.
At one point, Peanut and I were trying to go through this obstacle course when I'd already helped him onto this hill and needed to climb over it myself, unable to jump and hold onto Peanut at the same time, I let him go not realizing it was as big of a drop as it was. I heard giggles of happiness when I let him go but I was mortified when I hopped over myself - I think he went down head first!

Going to the party just reinforced that I need to get the Bambinos into preschool. As all the 6year olds were sitting down watching Taylor open her gifts, Peanut plopped himself right down in the back of the crowd like a big boy. I am not ready for him to be so big yet.

We left before the gift opening was finished because it was the Bambinos bedtime, but not before they were given awesome goodie bags. They fell asleep in the car, but the minute we got home they woke up and wanted to enjoy their goodie bags. They roped my sister into blowing bubbles for them and then they just ran around or sat on our laps until we finally put them to bed at 9pm!
Bug looking for airplanes

Afterwards my sister and I sat up drinking Lime-A-Ritas while B enjoyed his Tecate....once B went to bed, my sister and I might have stayed up until 11pm eating a pretzel bread baguette from Whole Foods. Oops!

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