Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cool Dudes, A Puppy and Ball Playing

Last Thursday, I skipped MixxedFit because I was just having too much fun with the Bambinos. We started out in the bouncy house and I'm in awe of the fearlessness of children. You'd think after last Wednesday's injury that Peanut would have been scared but he hopped into the bouncy house without a second thought the very next day.
 Peanut was super into making faces in my sunglasses so I did what any good mama would do: gave them to him to play and took a million pictures. The very last picture makes me smile because in the background Bug's saying, "Cool dude."

Bug is the best at listening and repeating what you're saying when you think he's not listening. It cracks us up every time.

I'm really hoping that Peanut's interest in my sunglasses means he might actually wear some this summer. Last summer was the summer of hatred for sunglasses and hats.

I hope they like hats. Hats on toddlers are adorable!

Those eyes.

And the face in the last picture.

These make my heart happy because neither Bambino really interacts with Teddy that much. I'd brought a ball out to throw for him which Peanut just thought was the most fun thing ever. Half the time he chased the ball down too. He wanted to throw Teddy's animal so bad, but Teddy wouldn't give it up. 

My persistent little Peanut finally wrestled it away from Teddy and squealed with satisfaction. After giving his best sideways, toddler throw, Peanut only threw it a few feet but Teddy still ran/hopped to get to the toy. That dog will chase anything no matter how close or far you throw it :)

These make my heart even happier. They're completely oblivious that they're being followed because Bug has Teddy's ball. There's just something so sweet and happy about kids and their dogs. And I love that both Bambinos are on the same mission; I have no idea what they were saying to each other but it doesn't really matter, they make my heart swell.

Of the 260 pictures I took that night, this one's my favorite. Peanut has Teddy's ball and is pounding it against the shed. He has no idea that Teddy's patiently waiting for it behind him. Teddy's little tail was going a million miles a minute waiting. Poor little guy.

I have no idea what this face is but it makes me laugh.

We ended the night back in the bouncy house for a few last jumps before getting ready for bed. At the end of the night, Teddy was worn out, the Bambinos quietly went to bed without much talking amongst themselves and this Mama was happy. 

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  1. So cute!! i'm so happy to see Teddy in the pictures too. I can just imagine his little tail. Bronx does that too. Looks like you guys had so much fun...those little faces are just too cute!

  2. They're so precious. "Cool dude" cracks me up!!!!! Glad Teddy got to have some fun with the boys. :)


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