Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Child's Love

In two months my Bambinos will be 2.5. Where did the time go?!? The other day I was thinking about how this is the month they've grown up....

They're speaking longer sentences and their vocabulary has exploded. The other day, Peanut walked up to me and randomly said, "Suitcases." I don't even know where he learned that word. They've started saying "I wike" this or "I wike" that. They have opinions and tell us when they don't want to eat something. Sometimes they use, "My" and sometimes they use "Mines."  They are so funny. Peanut loves to dance. Bug walks around with at least two (usually three)  Hot Wheels at all times.  They've started playing together more. They've become more stubborn. They challenge me by whining and not using words I know that they know or by constantly wanting to be held.

I do my best to hold them whenever they want me to but there are times when I just don't have time. I need to get dressed and I can't do that one handed, or I'm in the middle of simultaneously making pancakes and peeling carrots (yes that happens) when I remind myself that I need to stop and give up a task so I can hold my baby. They won't be small enough to melt into the curve of my neck forever, they won't weigh little enough that I can hold them forever, they won't want me to hold them forever. As I remind myself of this, I'm met with a "Hey baby," by Peanut as he reaches his arms up for me. 

I found this video of Kid President the other day and it helped change my perception. When I feel frustrated because they're whining, demanding to be held, it's because they love me.

They love me

A child's love is so very special. It's flowing and free, without boundaries or stipulations. My love for them is the same. They have not yet learned the pain of heartbreak or rejection. They haven't learned to withhold their love. They love us more than anything. More than anything I love them. I can take a few minutes to hold them while I'm half dressed or I can stop peeling carrots and finish the pancakes one-handed. I can savor the smell of their baby shampoo and delight in the feel of their soft skin and rosy cheeks pressed against mine. These moments won't last forever. I'm not going to be frustrated when they're demonstrating their love. I'm going to drink it up and soak it in because when they're crying for me it's because they love me and it won't last forever.

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  1. Ahhhhh, what a great post!! I completely agree!! Love on them as much as you can now, because in a blink of an eye they won't want us touching them. So, so sad!

  2. aww this is so sweet. I'm looking forward to those feelings!!!


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